The Beehive

Via Marghera 8, 00185 Rome, Italy
16 reviews

A stylish hostel that is steps from Termini station, but feels like a little oasis of modern cool. A vegetarian cafe graces the basement and rooms range from larger dorms to privates. One of the best ever value for money hostels.

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  • 81
    1.58 mi

    Circus Maximus

    1.58 mi from The Beehive
    43 reviews

    Nothing much to see here by Rome standards. Give it a miss if you are short of time.

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  • 82
    1.11 mi

    Via dei Fori Imperiali

    1.11 mi from The Beehive
    23 reviews

    I had a live-in guide with me when I went to the forum, but you should go and read a guidebook or take a tour. Too much important history happened here to miss it. At least 30 min to over an hour needed.

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  • 83
    1.24 mi

    Via dei Condotti

    1.24 mi from The Beehive
    27 reviews

    This is one of the most famous streets in Rome. There are beautiful shops, Prada, Vuitton, Bally, Stuart Weiztman.... But also surrounding streets are the ones of luxury shops. It is very relaxing talking a walk there and fully getting into shopping.

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  • 84
    1.64 mi

    Fountain of the Four Rivers

    1.64 mi from The Beehive
    25 reviews

    I like this fountain more than Trevi. Not as large but it is much less crowded and more approachable. Gorgeous in every detail and not so crowded that you can't take an extra moment to really enjoy it.

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  • 85
    1.65 mi

    Moro Fountain

    1.65 mi from The Beehive
    24 reviews

    Secondary to the other sights in Piazza Navona but nice enough and a bit less crowded.

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  • 86
    3.39 mi

    Basilica di San Paolo Fuori le Mura

    3.39 mi from The Beehive
    20 reviews

    Most travelers don't make it out to Rome's fourth papal basilica, but it's their loss. Consecrated in the 4th century AD, the church is said to be constructed on the burial place of Saint Paul.

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  • 87
    1.63 mi

    Tiber River

    1.63 mi from The Beehive
    20 reviews

    Less a center piece than the Siene or the Thames but a nice source of atmosphere and point for navigation.

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  • 88
    1.57 mi

    Jewish Ghetto

    1.57 mi from The Beehive
    17 reviews

    We loved strolling through the Jewish Ghetto while in Rome. Yes, that's what it's officially called, and it's a term embraced by the residents. Ironically, it's becoming a more upscale part of Rome. Some great Kosher Roman restaurants here, some bistros, and the museum in the Temple here is worth a visit.

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  • 89
    1.29 mi

    Via del Corso

    1.29 mi from The Beehive
    18 reviews

    When I lived in Rome, I had an apartment by the Colosseum so Via del Corso was an easy walk away. I would come here whenever I needed clothes or souvenirs. Naturally, they had a bunch of Italian and European stores that I'd never heard of, but from what I can recall, they were relatively affordable (especially in comparison to ...

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  • 90
    2.63 mi

    The Vatican

    2.63 mi from The Beehive
    16 reviews

    vatican is the home of hell. and where children can be abused .

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  • 91
    1.69 mi

    Capitoline Museums

    1.69 mi from The Beehive
    16 reviews

    The best museum in Rome. Behind it is the start of the roman forum.

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  • 92
    2.36 mi


    2.36 mi from The Beehive
    15 reviews

    Climb the Gianicolo for one of the best panoramic views of Rome.

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  • 93
    1.4 mi

    Basilica di Santa Maria sopra Minerva

    1.4 mi from The Beehive
    15 reviews

    Santa Maria Sopra Minerva a Michelangelo statue of Christ holding the cross. You can go right up to the Michelangelo statue and touch it, unlike the Pietà in St. Peter’s which is behind bullet proof glass. Outside the church is a Bernini statue, a small elephant with a small obelisk on its back.

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  • 94
    2.63 mi

    Pope Benedict XVI

    2.63 mi from The Beehive
    12 reviews

    Taken Sunday June the 26th, 2011. I love this picture (and the accompanying video) because it annoys my sister to no end - she's been to Rome five times and never got a peep at the Holy Father, my first time and bingo, there he is! (well, technically the second time in Rome, first time was a quick flight in, ...

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  • 95
    1.57 mi

    Santa Maria in Cosmedin and the Bocca della Verità

    1.57 mi from The Beehive
    15 reviews

    Add this to my short list of over-hyped things in Rome. The church itself is wholly modest compared to pretty much all other churches you'll be seeing in Rome. There's a neat crypt underneath that adds a bit of spooky history, and it requires one euro for admission. It was quite interesting to see such a modest church, though it ...

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  • 96
    1.5 mi

    Torre Argentina Ruins and Cat Sanctuary

    1.5 mi from The Beehive
    12 reviews

    Just the cutest use of ruins I've ever seen anywhere in the world. Cool ruins + cute cats. GO.

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  • 97
    2.04 mi

    Porta Portese

    2.04 mi from The Beehive
    12 reviews

    This is one of those places where you need to handcuff yourself to a friend to avoid getting lost. It may not seem that big at first, but the market winds itself around back alleys and streets until all of a sudden you end up on the other side of the river. They have everything here at this second-hand market ...

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  • 98
    1.51 mi

    Ara Pacis

    1.51 mi from The Beehive
    11 reviews

    I'm not sure exactly how cost effective this attraction is. Ara Pacis is certainly important and cool, it just seems like you get very little of a building for the ticket price. Sure, it's preserved well (the building protects it from the elements) and it's important to fund this preservation. Best to come during an art exhibition and opt for ...

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  • 99
    1.56 mi

    Santa Maria del Popolo

    1.56 mi from The Beehive
    10 reviews

    Caravaggio! Boy, do I love this guy's work. Chiaroscuro is one of my favorite techniques from painting, the contrast of light and dark. Dramatic! Visitors to the Chiesa di Santa Maria del Popolo get two (not one, but two) paintings by Caravaggio. Aside from that, it's a beautiful church, though not the most beautiful in Rome.

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  • 100
    1.16 mi

    Scala Santa

    1.16 mi from The Beehive
    10 reviews

    Indulgence granted for climbing the steps on your knees. Difficult but surely rewarding. Recently however some deterioration is happening with the wooden steps which came from Jerusalem so the church is asking for some donation for its rehabilitation.

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