The Carolina Inn

211 Pittsboro Street, Chapel Hill, NC 27516
3 reviews

My husband & I stayed at The Carolina Inn on New Years Eve for a romantic getaway. The hotel was absolutely beautiful. It felt like a place you could live and not just a cookie-cutter upscale hotel. However, it was very eloquent. As you walk around the hotel you see the history of this building b/c they have portraits of ...

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  • 41
    11.98 mi

    Mami Nora's

    11.98 mi from The Carolina Inn
    1 review

    Cheap and delicious rotisserie chicken. Make sure you try some yellow and green sauces.

  • 42
    14.81 mi

    General Store Cafe

    14.81 mi from The Carolina Inn
    1 review

    If you're driving down Hwy 64, this is definitely a place to stop. The food is good. They have music sometimes in the evening. There are crafts for sale, and it's a very artsy little restaurant, right on the courthouse squart.

  • 43
    17.84 mi

    Tony's Pizza

    17.84 mi from The Carolina Inn
    1 review

    Great food!

  • 44
    17.51 mi

    Ashworth Drugs

    17.51 mi from The Carolina Inn
    1 review

    Great family owned drugstore in the heart of Cary. Still serving at the old-fashioned soda fountain. Sandwiches, ice cream and more. Good place for a lunch and good conversations.

  • 45
    5.78 mi

    Allen and Son BBQ

    5.78 mi from The Carolina Inn
    1 review

    This is the best food in the Universe—the Carolina-style vinegar barbeque pig with hush puppies—and this is the place that does it the best. If you haven't been out there before, keep your eyes open as you're driving out since it's set back in the woods a little.

  • 46
    18.52 mi

    Min Ga

    18.52 mi from The Carolina Inn
    1 review

    It's the only Korean restaurant we know around the area and we're glad they have it because I was craving Korean food for awhile. I had the tofu stew but they don't bring an egg out for you. You have to ask for it. I was used to this when I lived in San Diego. My husband got the soybean ...

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  • 47
    10.95 mi


    10.95 mi from The Carolina Inn
    1 review

    This Biscuitville has the companywide best biscuit maker. Most of the menu is something—bacon, egg, etc—between a biscuit. The biscuit is good, but more bread-like than flaky.

  • 48
    14.16 mi

    Dim Sum House

    14.16 mi from The Carolina Inn
    1 review

    We came to Morrisville just for dim sum because we found it as we were searching during our road trip. The exterior of this restaurant is the most sophisticated I've seen for a dim sum restaurant. The food was cooked fresh to order and the service was excellent. They don't have the long shrimp crepes/noodles during the weekdays so that ...

  • 49
    10.08 mi

    Cosmic Cantina

    10.08 mi from The Carolina Inn
    2 reviews

    I have a soft spot in my heart for Cosmic Cantina. It is a hole in the wall kind of place where you walk up an interior graffiti-ed staircase to a not much more polished dining room with an open kitchen where you order and wait for your west coast style burrito. I think the food is better than Moe's, ...

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  • 50
    10.25 mi

    Tobacco Road Sports Cafe

    10.25 mi from The Carolina Inn
    2 reviews

    The restaurant is located in what used to be a major tobacco industry area. I think most of the buildings have been converted into restaurants or offices. One of them must of (or is currently) Lucky Strikes Cigarettes (not the bowling place!). The restaurant has an awesome location! It is overlooking a stadium so there is a big outdoor patio ...

  • 51
    11.69 mi

    Hillsborough BBQ Company

    11.69 mi from The Carolina Inn
    2 reviews

    I was really craving some BBQ! My friend took me Hillsborough BBQ and it was great - a bit out of the way and parking is in a dirt lot. The wait was pretty long but we were lucky enough to get a spot at the bar counter (they have a full bar). It's a really small place so you ...

  • 52
    10.21 mi

    Elmo's Diner

    10.21 mi from The Carolina Inn
    1 review
  • 53
    14.95 mi

    Saxapahaw General Store

    14.95 mi from The Carolina Inn
    1 review

    Really good food in a really different setting -- the former convenience store attached to a gas station. Saxapahaw is a former mill town turned arty, and this place is a great addition to the town... My parents currently live about 30 minutes away from Saxapahaw, and we ran into a few of their friends while here -- it's a ...

  • 54
    9.93 mi


    9.93 mi from The Carolina Inn
    1 review
  • 55
    19.93 mi

    Cook Out

    19.93 mi from The Carolina Inn
    1 review

    Cookout is just that: a place that has burgers that taste like they were cooked by your uncle right off the charcoal grill. And it's yummy! They also have great sides, and in the summer they have a watermelon shake, sooo good! The corn dogs are good, fries are excellent, and you can't beat the price! One of the chains ...

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  • 56
    6.58 mi

    Shiki Sushi

    6.58 mi from The Carolina Inn
    1 review

    Great food

  • 57
    9.07 mi


    9.07 mi from The Carolina Inn
    1 review

    Great for lunch. Lots of variety. Can get very busy.

  • 58
    18.05 mi

    Udupi Cafe

    18.05 mi from The Carolina Inn
    1 review

    You know an Indian restaurant is good when your South Indian friend visits you from the next state over, chooses this restaurant from online research, and says it's some of the best Indian food she's ever had in the South and maybe even the US. The vegetarian restaurant caters to the large Indian population in Cary, so the expectations run ...

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  • 59
    6.7 mi

    Neo -China

    6.7 mi from The Carolina Inn
    1 review

    The decoration of this place is really nice and the place is well lit. The food was great except the walnut shrimp is not the traditional walnut shrimp I'm used to. There was no mayonnaise and the shrimp isn't battered and then fried. I'd come back for the sesame beef.

  • 60
    14.99 mi


    14.99 mi from The Carolina Inn
    1 review

    i love the location. i can fill up my rental car gas tank right before i turn it in.

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