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  • 1
    0.09 mi

    House of Prime Rib

    0.09 mi from The Cinch
    46 reviews

    What a unique dining experience! Be sure to make reservations because this place is SUPER busy especially on the weekends. I'll never forget my dinner here because once you walk in, it's very hot because it's bustling with people waiting to get seated, but the atmosphere and ambiance feels like you're in some kind of old school movie where the ...

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  • 2
    0.22 mi

    Nick's Crispy Tacos

    0.22 mi from The Cinch
    26 reviews

    Nick's is definitely the place to go on Tuesday night! Not only for the amazing drink and taco specials, but the bar/restaurant fills up with a good crowd and it's always a fun night.

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  • 3
    0.13 mi

    Swan Oyster Depot

    0.13 mi from The Cinch
    20 reviews

    I came here around 10:30 A.M. and I still had to wait in live for about half an hour. This line might be one of the worst in the city, so be aware. I'd only come with a party of two. This place is sort of like a hole in the wall. I was swatting flies away while trying to ...

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  • 4
    0.06 mi

    Bob's Donut & Pastry Shop

    0.06 mi from The Cinch
    18 reviews

    Cheap, tasty and open 24/7; stop in any time for fresh donuts. A line forms out the door when the bars close.

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  • 5
    0.18 mi


    0.18 mi from The Cinch
    10 reviews

    Olea makes a mean french toast. It's a tiny restaurant, so don't go with a big group. The portion sizes are generous so one order of the french toast can feed two people.

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  • 6
    0.21 mi


    0.21 mi from The Cinch
    12 reviews

    Shamilar, which also specializes in Indian & Pakistani cuisine like Pakwan, is a bit richer than Pakwan - but I personally love it! The nan here is super thick and chewy, very delicious. They have plenty of specials that are only $6-$9 (sometimes, part of their "daily" specials). One of their famous dishes is the Goat Karahi, which is actually ...

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  • 7
    0.0 mi

    Miller's East Coast Deli

    0.0 mi from The Cinch
    7 reviews

    For anyone that's spent any time in NYC, the minute you walk into Miller's you get transported back to Manhattan or Brooklyn, without the East coast accent (or dare i say attitude). The employees are super friendly. And there were several cute older couples who are obviously regulars--, ordering Matzo ball soup and potato Latkes without needing to see a ...

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  • 8
    0.09 mi

    Acquerello Restaurant

    0.09 mi from The Cinch
    6 reviews

    Everything was exquisite!!! Must check out in SF. :)

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  • 9
    0.17 mi

    Contraband Coffee Bar

    0.17 mi from The Cinch
    6 reviews

    This is one of my favorite coffee shops around the city. They have managed to get the right balance of quality and atmosphere. There are a handful of food and pastry options, along with a huge list of available coffees. They also have free wifi that actually functions quickly and consistently.

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  • 10
    0.17 mi

    Ruth's Chris Steak House

    0.17 mi from The Cinch
    6 reviews

    This was quite the popular spot to hit up during SF's Dine About Town event. Of course, I'm not an exception to that. So glad I opted for the 12 oz. instead of the petite filet because I was starrrrrrving! And the mashed potatoes? Oh my goodness, they literally melted in my mouth. The dessert is the only part that ...

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  • 11
    0.23 mi

    Escape From New York Pizza

    0.23 mi from The Cinch
    8 reviews

    Solid NY style pizza. Grab a slice of pepperoni or a simple cheese slice on a paper plate and you're good to go. With good crust, good sauce, and good cheese... you don't need much more than that.

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  • 12
    0.1 mi

    Bell Tower

    0.1 mi from The Cinch
    7 reviews

    My wife and friend were greeted at the door by one of the most friendly waitresses ever. She told us it would be a "short twenty minute wait" and as we glanced at the food being served up on the tables were sold that this would perfect for us. Our "twenty minute" wait turned into no more than 10 and ...

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  • 13
    0.22 mi


    0.22 mi from The Cinch
    6 reviews

    Amazing happy hour ($3.50 wine, for example) and an intimate space with lots of food. Definitely worth a visit!

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  • 14
    0.15 mi

    Cordon Bleu Vietnamese Rstrnt

    0.15 mi from The Cinch
    5 reviews

    Cordon Bleu is the greasy diner equivalent of a Vietnamese restaurant. Low prices and big messy plates of comfort food means it'll heal your soul while it sticks to your ribs. Service is great, but be warned that the kitchen is right around the dining area, so you're likely to come out smelling like sweet grilled meat. Located next to ...

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  • 15
    0.02 mi

    Crepe House

    0.02 mi from The Cinch
    5 reviews

    There's nothing to dislike about Crepe House. While it's not as unique a brunch experience as some of the fancy restaurants, it's unassuming and comfortable for a group or solo dining. Everything they have tastes delicious. In fact, I would even come here at night.

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  • 16
    0.9 mi

    Gary Danko

    0.9 mi from The Cinch
    42 reviews

    Great atmosphere - much more lively than most restaurants in this class. And the food is always amazing!

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  • 17
    0.85 mi

    Tony's Pizza Napoletana

    0.85 mi from The Cinch
    34 reviews

    Tony's Pizza lives up its reputation as being a world-class pizza joint. They have five different pizza ovens (wood fired, coal, gas, etc) to make all the different styles appropriately. I've been going since they first opened and the quality is consistently top notch. There is always a long wait, so visit the slice house next door if you're pressed ...

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  • 18
    0.86 mi

    The Cheesecake Factory

    0.86 mi from The Cinch
    51 reviews

    Such a convenient location, great food, great cheesecake. I love their sweet corn tamales cake, thai chicken lettuce wraps, kobe burger, and ahi tare tare! I usually have to get it all the time! Yes, all of them because I can never decide!!!!! Food is very consistent, always the same. It's the service that always changes. Sometimes good, sometimes it ...

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  • 19
    0.7 mi

    Brenda's French Soul Food

    0.7 mi from The Cinch
    36 reviews

    Creative - fun- delicious, innovative. Done Right. Brenda's has it down. Open from breakfast to late night dining - they know their stuff. Chicken etouffee - moist, rice-y...hearty and filling. Sweet potato dumplings and Garlic Shrimp Gratin - creative use of familiar ingredients - it works! BFC - Fried Chicken - to die for. Moist, well fried, and collard greens ...

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  • 20
    0.89 mi

    Ghirardelli Chocolate - Ghirardelli Square

    0.89 mi from The Cinch
    36 reviews

    Firstly, seating is impossible. Its pretty cramped inside the ice cream shop. I dunno, I really didn't find the desserts here amazing. I tried some of the mint chocolate shake and sundae (with the chocolate syrup? Maybe it was called grasshopper or something), and the berry sundae. None of them stood out and made me want more. It was numbingly ...

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