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The Environmental Activist's Guide to DC

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Want to change the world?  First, you're going to have to find your way around Washington, D.C.  The U.S. capital is not only the legislative center for US environmental policy, it is also home to many of the world's largest environmental groups, funding agencies, research institutions, resource management agencies and natural history media centers.  Environmental Insiders know that one way or the other, whether it's money, politics or scientific resources, all roads lead back to Washington. Here's a beginner's guide for getting started as an environmental powerhouse.

Oceana, International Headquarters

An international ocean organization with a slight activist edge. Oceana is probably better known in Europe and southern South American than in the US, but the global headquarters are here in DC. Actor Ted Danson plays an active role in this organization....

Ocean Conservancy Headquarters

America's leading non-profit dedicated uniquely towards oceans.

National Aquarium in Baltimore

As much as I love the Monterey Aquarium and all they do for conservation, it really - in my book - cannot hold a candle to the National Aquarium in Baltimore. Beautiful architecture, stunning exhibits and a world class walk-through rainforest make this one of the most entertaining venues in...

Environmental Film Festival

One of the DC's best film festivals, dedicated to nature and the environment. A great place to see and showcase world-class leading films in natural history and environmental documentaries. Venues are spread throughout downtown DC and hosted in association with the American University....

Discovery Communications Inc

It's probably no coincidence that Discovery headquarters sits over in Silver Spring, away from the DC downtown haunts of their largest competitor, National Geographic. Nevertheless, Discovery is one of the world's greatest natural history powerhouses, with a plethora of television...

National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA)

Love America's oceans, this is the your temple of power. One of the biggest government administrations to be located outside of DC, NOAA oversees the US weather service, national marine sanctuaries, ocean exploration and many other weather and ocean functions. Their building is expansive and...

Pew Charitable Trusts - Environment Group

Over the past decade, Pew has emerged from being a strong but somewhat silent donor organization, to one of the biggest global powerhouses in the environmental conservation movement. If something big is happening in the environment world, Pew's name is never far behind. Their offices are sharp...

The Jefferson, Washington DC

One of the classic DC hotels. A lot of moving and shaking goes on here, particularly at the bar and restaurant on the ground floor. Very convenient to National Geographic Headquarters as well as the White House. An iconic DC venue.

The Mansion on O Street

Very cool, eclectic hotel in the heart of Dupont Circle. Each room has a different "theme" and my favorite (by far) is the "cowboy room". It's a ranch-style, 2-story loft room with an enormous saltwater fish tank separating the bed from the bathroom - AMAZING! It's also possible to book meeting rooms...

Tabard Inn

Beautiful boutique hotel in northwest DC - an excellent lodging option. Great pub-style restaurant as well.