The Getty Villa

17985 Pacific Coast Highway, Pacific Palisades, CA 90272
80 reviews

Perfect companion to the Getty Center (a 30 minute drive away), the villa offers a wide variety of Greek and Roman artifacts and art. The multimedia iPod guide as well as walking tours are free and offer deeper insight into the collection. What I personally found fascinating was how many of the sculptures had been "restored" in the 18th century, ...

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  • 1
    0.01 mi

    Getty Villa Cafe

    0.01 mi from The Getty Villa
    3 reviews

    My first time at the Getty, crazy right? My whole life I lived here and never experienced one of the top most visited spots of what LA had to offered! My guy took me here for a nice date, we had wine at the cafe and ordered a delicious pinni to share, soup and salad for the appetizer. Good portion ...

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  • 2
    0.75 mi

    The Reel Inn

    0.75 mi from The Getty Villa
    4 reviews

    Cajun Ahi Tuna steak with Cajun rice & home style potatoes. Side order of scallops was delicious.

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  • 3
    0.68 mi

    Gladstones Restaurant

    0.68 mi from The Getty Villa
    3 reviews

    definitely not what you'd expect out of an SBE owned restaurant, well besides the price that is. This is no Cleo, Bazarr, XIV... 9P on a Friday and the place may have had half a dozen people, if that. Sat outside to watch the waves crash on shore and a few tourist snap some pics of themselves - service was ...

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  • 4
    0.5 mi

    Chart House Restaurant - Malibu

    0.5 mi from The Getty Villa
    2 reviews

    Nice view; mediocre food. The Chart House appears in virtually every tourist guide. It has a Malibu address, is located on top of the beach and has or had an outstanding marketing guru. The service is well scripted verbally but leaves much to be desired in implementation - food is not necessarily brought out at the same time, waiters reach ...

  • 5
    0.68 mi

    Gladstone's 4 Fish

    0.68 mi from The Getty Villa
    1 review

    Long an LA staple, Gladstone's has recently undergone a major makeover courtesy of hotel/entertainment management group SBE. Once a dive with a view, the restaurant maintains its authentic feel while upgrading just enough. It has rapidly become a very popular nightlife spot, trendy and positive without the insane Hollywood elitism.

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  • 6
    0.96 mi

    Cholada Thai Beach Cuisine

    0.96 mi from The Getty Villa
    1 review

    my go-to thai spot. great veggies and noodle dishes. plus, you can't beat the drive up to malibu!

  • 7
    4.71 mi

    Umami Burger

    4.71 mi from The Getty Villa
    39 reviews

    Umami Burger shares a spiritual godfather with one of my other favorite LA spots, the SLS Beverly Hills. And by spiritual godfather, I mean investor team, so you know it's going to be good! My usual order is the Manly Burger (beer-cheddar, smoked salt onion strings, bacon lardon), but I'm just as likely to order from the chain's Artist Series, ...

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  • 8
    3.97 mi

    Inn of the Seventh Ray

    3.97 mi from The Getty Villa
    6 reviews

    Hungry yet? MMMMmmmmm me too. Amy Semple Mcpherson's early chapple is a gormet/macro-veggie/brunch/dinner bonanza, situated on a dry creek, it's fun in the rainy season as well... Lordy, this place is sweet!

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  • 9
    4.07 mi

    Father's Office

    4.07 mi from The Getty Villa
    48 reviews

    Hands down the best burger I've ever had. i think it tasted 100 x better for me and my date because we were starving AND were craving for meat. I'm really curious how they made it so delicious. This is probably the first burger I enjoyed without ketchup. We were lucky enough to find a place to sit at the ...

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  • 10
    4.79 mi

    Bay Cities Italian Deli & Bakery

    4.79 mi from The Getty Villa

    Save some money by ordering the chicken salad or tuna salad thats already pre-packaged and a fresh slice of bread! It'll come out to less than 4 bux for an awesome chicken salad sandwich.

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  • 11
    4.69 mi

    The Lobster

    4.69 mi from The Getty Villa
    16 reviews

    yummmm this place was so good!!! My bf at the time and I turned into 12 year olds quickly devouring the 2 pound lobster in a fancy restaurant with our paper bibs around our neck! Nice view of the Santa Monica Pier, great atmosphere, and I just had such a great time dining there. I would go back there again... ...

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  • 12
    4.14 mi

    The Penthouse

    4.14 mi from The Getty Villa
    22 reviews

    great restaurant/bar! definitely get a seat where you a view of Santa Monica! It is beautiful at night, I can only imagine the sunset views! The food and drinks are what you expect from a hotel bar....expensive

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  • 13
    4.56 mi

    Real Food Daily

    4.56 mi from The Getty Villa
    10 reviews

    Vegan food so good you won't miss the non-vegan elements. There aren't a lot of vegan places I'd feel confident taking my non-vegetarian spouse, but this is one of them.

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  • 14
    4.43 mi

    Sweet Rose Creamery

    4.43 mi from The Getty Villa

    a lil about me: - I love food with unique names or flavors - I could eat a large carton of ice cream in a day or two (that's how much I love it) Reason this is my #1 ice cream place: - quirky original flavors that are surprisingly tasty! ie. avocado, figs, sweet corn, basil - they use organic ...

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  • 15
    4.64 mi


    4.64 mi from The Getty Villa
    9 reviews

    you must go to Saturday Brunch! yummy food, tasty drinks, DJ, CA sun, and party people everywhere on this beautiful restaurant patio... for $35 its unlimited tapas and drinks for two hours! favorite thai chicken empanadas and steak benedict!

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  • 16
    4.42 mi

    BOA Steakhouse

    4.42 mi from The Getty Villa
    8 reviews

    Going out to West LA for me has always been a pain for me because there seems to always be traffic when I want to go out there. And when I come back, there is always some sort of road work being done(later at night when the freeways SHOULD be clear). So I rarely come out to these neck of ...

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  • 17
    2.93 mi


    2.93 mi from The Getty Villa
    8 reviews

    I love coming to brunch or drinks at Moonshadows. You can't beat the views since the patio is literally right over the water. There are comfortable lounge seats and booths and sometimes you can even see dolphins playing out in the ocean. The food and drinks are both always great - I haven't ever been disappointed here.

  • 18
    3.92 mi

    Duke's Malibu

    3.92 mi from The Getty Villa
    7 reviews

    Go to the bar side, get the fish tacos. Save money, enjoy the view and savor the yummy fish tacos - my favorite in LA.

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  • 19
    4.47 mi

    Misfits Restaurant

    4.47 mi from The Getty Villa
    6 reviews

    They had the best presentation I've seen for an Irish Whiskey. It was served in a wine glass with a side of french press! This is probably my favorite bar near 3rd st promenade, especially because they spoil you with their famous complimentary sea salt cookies :) A bit crowded at the narrow lightly-dimmed bar on a Sunday night. We ...

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  • 20
    4.76 mi


    4.76 mi from The Getty Villa
    5 reviews

    After a night out on the town on the west side, this is where you go when you are hungry or need something to soak up that alcohol! Open late with breakfast all the time, it's your typical diner but several steps better. Not everything is great but everyone is sure to find something they will like.

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