The Glendon Bar & Kitchen

1071 Glendon Ave
7 reviews

Location: Westwood Village Easy to find: Hard to find. car GPS had us driving around in circles. Even after parking, phone GPS had us walking around in circle. Parking: Street Parking. Pro Tip: Be careful on weekend. Read the signs carefully. Some street parking cost meter money until midnight. Weekend parking: use the flat rate $5 parking lots. Ambiance: The ...

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    0.19 mi

    Diddy Riese Cookies

    0.19 mi from The Glendon Bar & Kitchen
    37 reviews

    One word: OVERRATED. I honestly don't think Diddy Riese is that great. I lived in Westwood for an entire summer, and just recently moved back to West LA, and I'm pretty sure that I haven't ever felt like I was DYING to go. WHAT THEY SELL: 1) COOKIES: - 1 for $0.35 - 3 for $1 - 6 for $2 ...

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  • 2
    0.1 mi

    800 Degrees Pizzeria

    0.1 mi from The Glendon Bar & Kitchen
    17 reviews

    My go-to pizza place in Westwood. It's set up like Subway except you make your own pizza, not sandwich. I love how all the pizzas here are thin-crusted. I usually get the Margherita pizza and then add random toppings every time. They have a wide variety of toppings and they're a dollar each. Although the pizza isn't that big, I ...

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  • 3
    0.12 mi


    0.12 mi from The Glendon Bar & Kitchen
    11 reviews

    I like this place. The inside is nice, the food and drinks are pretty good and the prices are fair. I can't believe i just found this place. The inside is pretty spacious. when u enter, the right side is the bar area and the left side is the dining room. Pretty sure I'll be back. Great happy hour spot ...

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  • 4
    0.22 mi


    0.22 mi from The Glendon Bar & Kitchen
    9 reviews

    This is one of my favorite places to visit when I get that craving for some good ol korean bulgogi meat and kimchi. The food here always comes in a take out box because people normally come here to buy the food to go since there is very minimal seating area. I would say that the amount of food they ...

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  • 5
    0.1 mi

    Panini Cafe

    0.1 mi from The Glendon Bar & Kitchen
    4 reviews

    Located across from palomino and next to denny's, the panini cafe is a nice little sit-down restaurant in westwood. Been here a bunch of times now cause its not too fancy, but it still has a nice relaxing vibe to it. Breakfast omelets are HUGE! The veggie omelet was stuffed with vegetables and the side salad was pretty big, unlike ...

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  • 6
    0.13 mi

    Native Foods Restaurant

    0.13 mi from The Glendon Bar & Kitchen
    7 reviews

    A bit pricey and I'm usually hungry not too long after I eat here, but the dishes are really good and creative and the drinks very refreshing. If I could eat like this every day, I *might* contemplate going vegan... for at least part of the time! :)

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    0.08 mi

    Chipotle Mexican Grill

    0.08 mi from The Glendon Bar & Kitchen
    7 reviews

    These are all over the place.

  • 8
    0.25 mi

    In-N-Out Burger

    0.25 mi from The Glendon Bar & Kitchen
    5 reviews


  • 9
    0.11 mi

    Le Pain Quotidien

    0.11 mi from The Glendon Bar & Kitchen
    2 reviews

    Le Pain is a nice escape from the loud, crowded streets of Westwood... its a nice, calming atmosphere, although its a bit cramped at the tables. At each table, they have a selection of chocolate/nut spreads and jam, and the waiter was nice to find me the dark chocolate spread when I asked if I could try some different ones. ...

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  • 10
    0.07 mi

    Yamato Restaurant

    0.07 mi from The Glendon Bar & Kitchen
    7 reviews

    I have had better sushi but it is a really convenient place for UCLA college students to come satisfy their sushi craving. I would suggest coming here with a group of 4-5 friends during the happy hour time so that you could all have a taste of the selections they have. (Just keep in mind that they do not have ...

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  • 11
    0.24 mi

    Ramen Yamadaya

    0.24 mi from The Glendon Bar & Kitchen
    4 reviews

    Prettt yummy ramen! They have a great deal where if you are a college student then you can get extra noodles free of charge! All you have to do is show them your student id and then they'll give you the extra noodles on the side. I didn't even get to the extra noodles and I was already full so ...

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  • 12
    0.06 mi

    Espresso Profeta

    0.06 mi from The Glendon Bar & Kitchen
    5 reviews

    If you were to imagine living inside a tree, you would think it would be rough, dank, murky, an unpleasant home that you would prefer not to live in. But think of the branches and leaves that nature has allowed to take its course; it stimulates all your senses, reviving it with the crisp, clean air, the natural light, the ...

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    0.13 mi

    Barney's Beanery

    0.13 mi from The Glendon Bar & Kitchen
    3 reviews

    I love the fact that this sport's bar restaurant is so highly decorated with license plate signs and whatnot. It really makes the ambience feel so festive and warm. I also really love the car seating theme for the people who sit at the bar, and not to mention that those car seats are REALLY comfortable. You can really tell ...

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  • 14
    0.18 mi

    Mr Noodle

    0.18 mi from The Glendon Bar & Kitchen
    5 reviews

    Mr. Noodle is my go-to spot in Westwood when I'm craving Thai food. Although they serve other types of Asian dishes here, they mostly serve Thai dishes. The food here isn't the best, but it's decent for West LA. I really enjoy eating the Tom Kha Noodles and the Tom Yum Noodles here. They're served in a huge bowl and ...

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  • 15
    0.11 mi

    AMI Japanese Restaurant

    0.11 mi from The Glendon Bar & Kitchen
    3 reviews

    When I lived in Westwood, my brother and I always loved coming here. We got a student discount which was about 10% off, which was totally useful since the prices here are kind of high. Let's start with service. The service here is actually a toss up. Sometimes it could be good while sometimes extremely horrible, which is why I ...

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  • 16
    0.05 mi

    pressed juicery

    0.05 mi from The Glendon Bar & Kitchen

    this is probably the greatest chain ever. I adore their flavors and their approach to healthy and filling frozen treats. their products are also really wonderful for (sensitive) digestive systems. everyone should give them a try!

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  • 17
    0.02 mi

    Westwood Brewing Co

    0.02 mi from The Glendon Bar & Kitchen

    I never came here a lot, because I usually went to Palominos (this place down the street). But when I did come here with friends we always had a good time at their little backdoor house on the second floor. Awesome, fun music. Good old tracks and current music. Now entertainment! We totally got a kick out of the karaoke ...

  • 18
    0.15 mi


    0.15 mi from The Glendon Bar & Kitchen
    2 reviews

    If you're near UCLA and need a burger, then this is a spot you must go visit. The only reason it doesn't get five stars is because I no longer eat this way, but I would frequent this Fatburger often. They make custom burgers, made to order and it tastes fresh. They also have great french fries and shakes. If ...

  • 19
    0.24 mi

    Bella Pita

    0.24 mi from The Glendon Bar & Kitchen
    2 reviews

    My favorite place to eat at in Westwood! The food here is cheap and delicious. I don't really mind that the place is small since I'd rather go to small places that serve BOMB food than huge, fancy places that serve mediocre food. My favorite here is the Burger Wowshi. They have an unlimited salad bar with the most delicious ...

  • 20
    0.09 mi

    Napa Valley Grille - Westwood

    0.09 mi from The Glendon Bar & Kitchen
    2 reviews

    Happy hour here rocks! Get the wine and the flat bread pizza!

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