The Huntley Hotel

1111 Second Street, Santa Monica, CA 90403
14 reviews

The Huntley Hotel is one of my favorite hotels in Santa Monica. You can't beat the location. It's a block away from the 3rd Street Promenade & while it's a block away from the beach, you will still experience one of the most spectacular views of Santa Monica & the Pacific Ocean from the Penthouse level of the Huntley. Also ...

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  • 1
    0.01 mi

    The Penthouse

    0.01 mi from The Huntley Hotel
    26 reviews

    GREAT $20 DineLA lunch especially with the view and decor of this lovely restaurant! You get a Starter, Entree, and Dessert. Such an awesome deal! I chose: Starter - Vine Ripened Gazpacho - This was a chilled tomato soup with chunks of avocado and croutons. This was OK, I should've ordered the Crab Cakes like everyone else. Entree - Crispy ...

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  • 2
    0.12 mi


    0.12 mi from The Huntley Hotel
    7 reviews

    #BeTipsy One of the Best Boozy Brunches! If you like to defy stereotype and guzzle beer like a frat boy, Fig’ll give you an endless pint and an entree for $25.

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  • 3
    0.2 mi

    Musha Restaurant

    0.2 mi from The Huntley Hotel
    7 reviews

    Musha is one of California’s best Japanese izakayas (Japanese pubs serving tapas-style dishes that go well with beer, shochu or sake). There are so many stand-outs in the menu that it is best to go with a group of friends so you can share and try more dishes. Favorites include Musha Fried Chicken, fried rice, pan-fried somen, clams in sake ...

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  • 4
    0.22 mi

    Rockenwagner Bakery Cafe

    0.22 mi from The Huntley Hotel
    4 reviews

    a bit pricy, but BEST bakery I've been to in a long time. I only stoped here to takeaway and grabbed some sandwiches and enjoyed every bite!

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  • 5
    0.25 mi

    Vanilla Bake Shop

    0.25 mi from The Huntley Hotel

    I love cupcakes and was so excited to see Vanilla Bake Shop open a store in the Century City Mall! The cupcakes all look so good, it's hard to just choose one or two. The dark chocolate cupcake is my favorite.

  • 6
    0.17 mi

    Cabo Cantina

    0.17 mi from The Huntley Hotel

    Went here for a birthday party. Happy hour from 4-8pm. 2-for-1 drink deal. The sliders are rather big for sliders, and that's a good thing. The queso and chips look delicious, as well. Also, you can help yourself to water, so you don't have to wait for refills.

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  • 7
    0.21 mi

    Tender Greens

    0.21 mi from The Huntley Hotel
    4 reviews

    In out group of four diners we had a vegan and a carnivore. Each of us was able to order a satisfying salad. I had seared albacore on a simple green salad. The tuna was cooked just barely and just right. However my friend who ordered the salad with bacon pieces said some of the bacon crumbles were too tough. ...

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  • 8
    0.23 mi

    Stefano's Pizzeria: Third Street Promenade

    0.23 mi from The Huntley Hotel
    5 reviews

    Yummy pizza by the slice -- perfect shopping break snack or pre/post movie meal. Try the stuffed meat or vegetarian slices.

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  • 9
    0.11 mi

    Hillstone Santa Monica

    0.11 mi from The Huntley Hotel
    3 reviews

    Santa Monica 202 Wilshire Blvd Santa Monica, CA 90401 Phone number (310) 576-7558

  • 10
    0.22 mi

    Angelato Cafe

    0.22 mi from The Huntley Hotel

    goodness gracious how can you decide !!! over more then 20 flavors spread like a snake shape in a pearl white atheistic your A.D.D def will set in. thought they limit you to only 3 samples, they were nice enough to let us sample way more than that! Good thing they did because how the heck are you going decide ...

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  • 11
    0.13 mi

    Monsoon Cafe

    0.13 mi from The Huntley Hotel
    2 reviews

    go there all the time for happy hour specials, a definite great place to check out, the outdoor seating isn't too bad they have heaters that keep you pretty warm and the food is great

  • 12
    0.11 mi


    0.11 mi from The Huntley Hotel
    2 reviews

    I'm never disappointed by Houston's. It's just a restaurant where I can get a consistent experience--great food, great staff, clean restaurant. I like how the food options range from burger and shoestring fries to inside-out tuna sushi salad. This is the perfect stop if you need a break from the crowds on the Promenade.

  • 13
    0.22 mi

    Locanda Del Lago

    0.22 mi from The Huntley Hotel
    3 reviews

    Decent to good Italian food not quite worth the price. But it's a highly enjoyable experience to dine on the patio and people watch.

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  • 14
    0.12 mi

    Chipotle Mexican Grill

    0.12 mi from The Huntley Hotel
    1 review

    I go to chipotle all the time. It's a great spot to get a burrito. Usually long lines but definatly worth the wait. Make sure to get your burrito quisidilla style.

  • 15
    0.24 mi

    Whole Foods Market

    0.24 mi from The Huntley Hotel
    1 review

    at the corner of 15th and Montana Ave. (approx. 3 blks. from home)

  • 16
    0.09 mi

    California Pizza Kitchen

    0.09 mi from The Huntley Hotel
    1 review

    After eating a big meal of Thai food and getting some ice cream, I didn't think I'd be hungry however we spent a good 3 or 4 hours browsing the Barnes and Noble nearby after a while, I was feeling hunger pangs again. We got here about an hour and half before closing. The promenade was mostly empty by this ...

  • 17
    0.2 mi

    Monsieur Marcel

    0.2 mi from The Huntley Hotel
    1 review

    Great french food!

  • 18
    0.21 mi

    Burger Lounge

    0.21 mi from The Huntley Hotel
    1 review

    I've had the Grass-Fed Spring Lamb burger twice last week for lunch and washed it down with a Ginger Brew. You HAVE to try it while it is still in season! It was juicy, succulent, and seared to perfection! Did not taste game-y at all and the buns were toasted to have the perfect crunch on the outside and soft ...

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  • 19
    0.74 mi

    Father's Office

    0.74 mi from The Huntley Hotel
    50 reviews

    The Office Burger, signature burger at Father’s Office, gets a lot of hype. But there is a reason why: It’s supremely flavorful, juicy, and delicious.

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  • 20
    0.57 mi

    Umami Burger

    0.57 mi from The Huntley Hotel
    43 reviews

    Tasty burgers and sides, but so expensive! I've been here once when an employer was buying lunch for the office. I really enjoyed the Umami Burger and the Truffle Burger, and our shared side of tater tots were also quite good. But I don't think I will return, now that I've ad the experience. Unless someone else is buying. =)

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