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  • The Oinkster
    Jennifer N.
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    3 Nov 30, 2013

    Oink! Oink! Oink!.. that's how I felt after I ate here.

    Hmmm, If Guy Fieri from Food network recommended this place, you'll think it's going to be the best Pastrami sandwich ever, right?

    Well, I tried their Oinkster pastrami sandwich and the pastrami were thinly sliced and fatty!! But it's not as salty as most pastrami sandwiches out there and with the red cabbage and sauteed onions , it went great with the sandwich. To me a good sandwich also depends on the bread. I wasn't fond of their bread. The pastrami sandwich came in a french roll cut in half. The sandwich was huge though. I ate half and took the other half togo.

    $4 extra to make it a combo?? Really? $4 extra for a medium drink and a small side of fries?! It's a little bit pricey in my opinion. The french fries were amazing! After a few hours passed, it didn't even get soggy. The garlic dipping sauce that came with the fries were amazing. It was very rich and flavorful.
    I wasn't fond of their ketchup though. It was infused with some other flavor.

    Well, a few thousand calories later, my stomach wasn't feeling too well...

    Parking is easy but gets full fast. So consider street parking when you have to.

    Recommended for:Foodies
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  • The Oinkster
    Erin K
    First to Review
    4 Oct 16, 2013

    I first saw this "slow fast food" joint on Diner, Drive-Ins & Dives, and couldn't wait to try one of their delicously greasy dishes. They're known for their pastrami, but since I'm not a pastrami fan I went for the pulled pork BBQ sandwich. Everything about it was juicy, flavorful, and unique (right down to the orange juice and soy sauce marinade)...the only issue I had with it was that it was stuffed with so much pork that I couldn't pick it up without everything falling apart.

    Oinkster's fries are a wonderful surprise, too (fans of In & Out will love them), but the best part about this place is the homemade ketchup. On the sweet side and with a little kick, it is made in batches daily and puts your devotion to Heinz to the test.

    I would recommend coming here at off-peak hours, since the lines are extremely long, and sitting on their patio if it's a sunny day. Which, let's face it, is every day in Southern California.

    Recommended for:FoodiesLocal Culture
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  • The Oinkster
    Richard P
    4 Jul 05, 2012

    I have been wanting to try The Oinkster for sometime and last week I finally got my chance. Burger was a great time to finally try Oinkster. In fact I ended up going to Oinkster 3 different times in one week! I was quite pleased with my experience.

    Parking: The parking is not that great. They have a limited number of spots on either side of the restaurant. Even if you are lucky enough to snag a spot it may be difficult getting out. Aside from the limited lot spaces you can spark on the street.

    Service: There not much to say about the service because you order you're food at the counter, and they just bring the food to you. The staff is quite friendly and willing to help you out.

    Ambiance: Its a little noisy with plenty of people around. They have two TVs usually showing some sports games. They also have some patio dining. The actual restaurant is a little small and could get very crowded.

    Food: The food is pretty good!
    One Monday some yelpers and I went after an event. On this visit I had the red castle sliders which I thought were just OK. The fries were delicious though!

    I returned again on Wednesday to the their rendition of the Western Bacon Cheeseburger. I loved this one! Even when I was little loved the Western Bacon Cheeseburger. This was just a meatier, tastier version! I also had the chili fries which were delicious.

    On Saturday I returned with the whole family. The special burger of the day was the Pork Adobo Burger. It was very good and reminded me of my mom's home cooked adobo! My family also tried the Oinkster Pastrami, Piggy Fries, Chili Fries, Ube Shake, and PB&J cupcake. I loved it all! I was glad to have others with me, which allowed me to try this awesome array of food!

    My family returned on Sunday because my grandma wanted the Ube Shake again, but I opted not to return as I had consumed millions of calories for the week.

    Overall: I love this restaurant! It is a little pricey ($8-9 for burger or pastrami, $5 shake, $4 chili fries). It adds up, but the food is great and you can taste the quality! I definitely wouldn't mind returning, but not too often. Otherwise, I'd pack on the lbs! =P

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  • The Oinkster
    Laura S
    5 Jul 05, 2012

    I've been here many times - for the pulled pork and now for the only day I can eat a burger - the pork adobo burger.


    * Pulled Pork - get it. Get it! It's SO good. I usually get this when I come here. I get the meal that comes with the fries. It's SO good. The sauce is perfect - not too much and it's just a yummy sandwich.

    * Pork Adobo Burger - It's a pork patty. The ONLY one from Burger Week I can eat because I don't eat beef. :/ It was SOOO good. So worth the wait.

    * Belgium fries: Delicious especially with the garlic aoili sauce. MMM... Get the fries. Seriously. Say yes when they ask "you want the meal?" YES.

    * Ube Shake - okay... tastes EXACTLY like taro. LOOKS exactly like taro... but isn't taro. :/ Very good. A little too thick but pretty good.

    If you are not a beef eater like me, these are good choices :D

    * You order from the front and they bring it to you. Nothing really serving us :) But the guy I bought the adobo burger was SO nice to me. He gave me TWO pins! WIN!

    A bitch. They have limited private parking but you can park in the residential area which isn't bad but if it's a BUSY day like Burger Week... then you will have to walk far.

    They have two TVs, so you can watch games and there are a lot of seating outdoor and indoors.

    I like this place. Yes, it's trendy but they are really tasty!

    Recommended for:Trendsters
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