The Stafford Hotel

16 - 18 St. James's Place, London SW1A 1NJ, England
6 reviews

The Stafford Hotel is one of our favorites as well as our correspondent's. With a charming courtyard lined with rooms in converted stables (two-part doors intact) and an old wine cellar filled with great vintages and some WW1 artifacts, and attentive, but not obsequious service, the Stafford is a hotel worth returning to again and again.

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  • 21
    0.58 mi


    0.58 mi from The Stafford Hotel
    13 reviews

    If you like Chinese Food and Dim Sum, sure you will enjoy the most delicous food here. Various type of food can be chosen whatever you like. Try it yourself or you will be regret.

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  • 22
    0.82 mi

    Hawksmoor Seven Dials

    0.82 mi from The Stafford Hotel
    11 reviews

    Get your meat sweats on with the best steaks (melt in your mouth), best cocktails (some lethal) and service (free drinks if you sit next to rude customers!) in town.

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  • 23
    0.75 mi

    Meat Liquor

    0.75 mi from The Stafford Hotel
    11 reviews

    With all the menu items under £10 and greasy enough to satisfy the most insatiable appetite, Meat Liquor is a great choice for the budget traveler looking for a hip meal out. The menu boasts two categories - the Meat and Liquor of the name. Big, juicy, and served without plates, this was an early contender on London's gourmet burger ...

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  • 24
    0.72 mi

    L'Atelier de Joël Robuchon

    0.72 mi from The Stafford Hotel
    12 reviews

    Wonderful culinary experience paired with amazing service in a very modern and sexy environment. Yup, we enjoyed Joël Robuchon's atelier in London very much.

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  • 25
    0.73 mi

    Dishoom Covent Garden

    0.73 mi from The Stafford Hotel
    10 reviews

    Absolutely loved this indian spot! Our waiter was extremely patient with us - we ended up trying all new things because he talked us through it all. Also...I love places which are themed around sharing plates. It makes the meal more of a social experience. I enjoyed everything and I'll definitely be back! Dishoom takes its decorative cues from the ...

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  • 26
    0.74 mi

    Wahaca - Covent Garden

    0.74 mi from The Stafford Hotel
    14 reviews

    Mexican food is coming to London, and Wahaca was one of the first exponents. Kids love the simpler options and adults will enjoy the more inventive options. Wahaca is easy, affordable, and great for the whole family.

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  • 27
    0.47 mi


    0.47 mi from The Stafford Hotel
    10 reviews

    Viennese cicchetti (small plates) are all the rage in London these days because of Polpo. For added chic, have a cocktail in the Campari bar downstairs while you await your table.

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  • 28
    0.93 mi


    0.93 mi from The Stafford Hotel
    10 reviews

    Great place, good service, fantastic food. I highly recommend the black cod, superb!

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  • 29
    0.61 mi

    Patisserie Valerie

    0.61 mi from The Stafford Hotel
    11 reviews

    Located near Harrods, same side of the road...a wondeful french Patisserie. Kids of all ages will love the menagerie of Marizpan animals in the showcase along with all the other confections. Brunch here is ALWAYS on my to-do list anytime I find myself in London.

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  • 30
    0.59 mi

    Ping Pong

    0.59 mi from The Stafford Hotel
    10 reviews

    Really yummy dim sum! Missing several traditional dishes but it makes up for it with some fun and really delicious combinations. Good prices, too, for what you get.

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  • 31
    0.88 mi

    Bar Boulud @ Mandarin Oriental

    0.88 mi from The Stafford Hotel
    10 reviews

    We loved our lunch at Bar Boulud. The calm and spacious environment and Delicious and innovative food make this a place I know I will want to visit again.

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  • 32
    0.85 mi


    0.85 mi from The Stafford Hotel
    9 reviews

    Rich, chocolatey coffee without a hint of bitterness, courtesy of Square Mile beans and a deft barista touch. Service is friendly, and I hear the pastries are delicious. I saw the Portuguese egg tarts almost sell out...they appear to be the dessert to get!

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  • 33
    0.86 mi

    Food For Thought

    0.86 mi from The Stafford Hotel
    10 reviews

    Fresh, healthy, home cooked, vegetarian take out place. Not for everyone, I admit, but if you are into that sort of thing it is pretty amazing. there is also a small room with tables in the basement where you can eat in if you can find a place to sit.

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  • 34
    0.4 mi


    0.4 mi from The Stafford Hotel
    8 reviews

    This was one of the most brilliant meals I have ever had in London, or anywhere. The flavors of the food were extraordinary, and the wine list was outstanding. Service was impeccable and I would rank this as one of my best dining experiences ever. Which is saying a lot because I've eaten in a lot of great places.

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  • 35
    0.6 mi

    Princi London

    0.6 mi from The Stafford Hotel
    10 reviews

    High end cafeteria/cafe style place. Lots of variety to choose from - pizza, salads, sandwiches, hot pasta, desserts, drinks. Pick out what you want from behind the counter, get rung up, grab a table or counter and enjoy. Open late and located in Soho. Great to stop by for a casual dessert or a quick snack.

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  • 36
    0.84 mi


    0.84 mi from The Stafford Hotel
    12 reviews

    Located behind Marks & Spencer just across from the Convent Garden Tube. This restaurante is literally underground. Patrons need to take a freight elevator under the street. Delicous Belgian treats, especially their roast chicken done to perfection and french fries. Best part is that they offer early dining prices making it a great spot if you're on a budget.

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  • 37
    0.94 mi

    Dinner by Heston Blumenthal

    0.94 mi from The Stafford Hotel
    7 reviews

    Mr. Burrell was searching for a great, typically British restaurant recommendation and this is his top choice. "Why? Because it is not ridiculously expensive and all the recipes are taken from ancient English cook books. He also owns my local pub and the food there is wonderfully good value!"

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  • 38
    0.66 mi


    0.66 mi from The Stafford Hotel
    7 reviews

    The fantastic quality tapas at this tiny, personable restaurant in Soho is well worth the wait and the moderately expensive price. Whilst you wait to be seated at the counter (there are no reservations) you can enjoy a snack and drink and watch the action in the kitchen - before the real fun begins. The menu features Spanish classics, often ...

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  • 39
    0.52 mi

    Fernandez & Wells

    0.52 mi from The Stafford Hotel
    7 reviews

    A gem of a coffee shop in bustling Soho. Latte was smooth with no bitterness. Recommend!

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  • 40
    0.72 mi

    The Ivy

    0.72 mi from The Stafford Hotel
    8 reviews

    always reliable for celeb spotting - famous for their industry clientele and English cuisine - a nice little place for lunch or dinner.

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