The Westin Resort Guam

105, Tamuning, United States
5 reviews

Nice modern option that is well located. Definitely a bit institutional but everything you'd expect from a Westin.

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    0.18 mi

    Sails BBQ

    0.18 mi from The Westin Resort Guam
    1 review
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    0.52 mi

    Pika's Cafe

    0.52 mi from The Westin Resort Guam
    2 reviews

    Their burgers are mixed with coconut milk then cooked to your desired level. Burgers are in a toasted Ciabatta bread then again a spread of special coconut milk dressing & string beans. The flavor is really unique and definitely local. Side order of Watermelon salad and Chai Tea to wash it all down. The place is busy on breakfast

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  • 3
    0.52 mi

    The Kracked Egg

    0.52 mi from The Westin Resort Guam

    Red velvet hotcakes! Most everything is good here, but I do recommend you try the red velvet hotcakes...and the seasonal pumpkin variety if it's available. The S.O.S Island Style is also tasty - I'd never have thought to serve a creamy chorizo gravy over brioche, but there you have it. The odd business hours (12am - 12pm) draw locals and ...

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    0.52 mi

    Meskla Dos

    0.52 mi from The Westin Resort Guam
    1 review

    Their specialty are Chamorro bbq burgers. I first ordered their Tanini. Two choices of meat and the Guam beer. It tasted good but what got my attention is the beer. Sweet and different but with a kick.

  • 5
    0.52 mi

    Fisherman's Cove

    0.52 mi from The Westin Resort Guam
    1 review

    You guessed it -- seafood. Has outdoor seating and a night show with hula dancers and fire dancers. Just a few steps to the hotel pools, all connected by cute little bridges and surrounded by greenery.

  • 6
    0.36 mi

    Islander Terrace

    0.36 mi from The Westin Resort Guam
    1 review

    Right below the hotel lobby. Popular with Japanese tourists. Adjacent to the Fisherman's Cove restaurant. Different buffet theme nightly. Mondays is steak and lobster. Perhaps could be better, but it's still steak and lobster and what can you expect from a buffet. Still, it isn't bad. Lots of seafood. Mahi is pretty good.

  • 7
    0.69 mi


    0.69 mi from The Westin Resort Guam

    Overyberry? I saw the sign on this place and it looks like Overyberry. WTH? For a frozen yogurt place? Here's a conversation between a Chomorrita and U.S. Airmen from the nearby AFB in Guam: Where do you like to eat your Fro-Yo from? Oh I like OvaryBerry! Huh? Ovaryberry! You mean you eat frozen eggs or something? Is that like ...

  • 8
    1.62 mi

    Proa Restaurant

    1.62 mi from The Westin Resort Guam
    2 reviews

    Local/sustainable restaurant near the Hilton Resort Guam. Long-ish wait if you go during the lunch hour (long wait by Guam standards, anyway). Try the Calamansi Cooler and the Big Feller Trio - a tasty plate of BBQ chicken, shortribs, and spareribs. It's right by Ypao Beach, so you can walk or nap by the water if you please.

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  • 9
    4.49 mi

    Katre Bistro

    4.49 mi from The Westin Resort Guam
    2 reviews

    Continental cuisine with Mediterranean & Asian flare. Try the steamed yellow fin catfish. The sweet soy broth makes it deliciously good. I also recommend the grilled ahi. Closed on Sundays.

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  • 10
    4.98 mi


    4.98 mi from The Westin Resort Guam
    2 reviews

    I'm writing a different review for this location because it feels like a different vibe. The Ypao Beach location is more of a tourist crowd and a lunch place. The Hagatna location is more of a local crowd and, while popular for lunch as well, is a great dinner place with live music and happy hour from 5-7pm. It's a ...

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  • 11
    4.6 mi

    Jamaican Grill

    4.6 mi from The Westin Resort Guam
    1 review

    You've got to check this out when you're at Guam. Mahi-mahi in coconut milk is delicious. Its cooked enclosed in aluminum foil with the coconut milk, spice, & fish in it. They have reasoble tables & seats. This is in Chamorro Village & they also have one at Tamun bay.

  • 12
    4.49 mi

    Chamorro Island BBQ

    4.49 mi from The Westin Resort Guam

    Fried Mahi-mahi is excellent and cheap. They have other local food menus to choose from but i recommend the parrot fish and mahi-mahi. They have aircon and a bar. Open at lunch through dinner.

  • 13
    3.09 mi

    Table 35

    3.09 mi from The Westin Resort Guam
    1 review

    Cute little place near GPO, right along Marine Drive. The lunch menu is good, but the dinner menu is much better. If you come for dinner, try the Coffee Skirt Steak or Pan-seared salmon; you can't really go wrong with the Fresh Catch either - the mahi-mahi is good. Service is always cordial and there always seems to be a ...

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    1.64 mi

    Roy's Restaurant & Lounge

    1.64 mi from The Westin Resort Guam

    Interestingly enough, my first Roy's dining experience was not in Hawaii or the mainland, but in US Territory, Guam. Of course the experience was a happy one...ending with the molten lava cake!

  • 15
    1.35 mi

    Jamaican Grill

    1.35 mi from The Westin Resort Guam
    1 review

    Right across the Pacific Islands Club Hotel. In a less prominent complex along the Tumon strip, but hard to miss the Jamaican colors. Good for lunch (if you're pressed for time, it's a short wait for both food and a table). Casual. Most popular item is the bbq chicken and ribs.

  • 16
    1.92 mi

    Seoul Restaurant

    1.92 mi from The Westin Resort Guam
    1 review

    Seoul Restaurant is on the main drag along Tumon Bay in the tourist/hotel/shopping area of Guam. It has a small storefront and red sign, but inside it is quite spacious with many tables. The owners are from Korea, but have been here several years. Was her name Lee, Park, Kim, or Chong? There are only about 6 last names in ...

  • 17
    1.92 mi


    1.92 mi from The Westin Resort Guam

    Well, if good old American Dreyer's Ice Cream and Coffee aren't your after dinner thing, why not try the Asian version? Milk Teas! aka Bubble Teas! aka Pearl Drinks! aka Tapioca Smoothies! aka Boba! Yes, the craze of little brown tapioca balls in the bottom of your milk teas, supposedly started in Taiwan and spread all over the world where ...

  • 18
    3.1 mi


    3.1 mi from The Westin Resort Guam
    1 review

    Garlic Chicken Napu and Beef Tofu Mapo are among the tastier items. It's a bit of an odd location, but it's a good place to find local fare. They close at 9 pm, so plan on an earlier dinner.

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  • 19
    7.04 mi

    Eggs & Things

    7.04 mi from The Westin Resort Guam

    They have unique guava & coconut syrups for the pancakes. If you are Asian it will bring out your taste buds that have so missed those flavors . So awesome I just poured it lavishly. There will be a line as early as 7am so just go and be early.

  • 20
    8.16 mi

    Palm Cafe

    8.16 mi from The Westin Resort Guam
    1 review

    Lunch buffet offers a wide sample of many local flavors, including influence from Japanese, Chinese, Chamorro, Korean, and Filipino cooking. (It sounds like a lot, but it's all subtle and goes together nicely.) If you sit by the window, you get a great view of the water -- surfers, banana boaters, coconut trees, and all. It really does feel like ...

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