The Wooden Monkey

1685 Argyle Street, Halifax, NS B3J Canada
3 reviews

Short walk across the Commons from West Street this place was doing local food long before everyone else jumped on the bandwagon , a Halifax favourite

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  • 1
    0.17 mi

    Old Triangle Irish Alehouse

    5136 Prince Street, Halifax, NS B3J Canada
    0.17 mi from The Wooden Monkey
    2 reviews

    Another one of Halifax's "proper" pubs - the kind that make other Canadian cities jealous! Fantastic food here, I'll often go for their fantastic pub fare when I'm in town.

  • 2
    0.17 mi

    Smokes Poutinerie Halifax

    5236 Blowers St, Halifax, NS B3J 1J7, Canada
    0.17 mi from The Wooden Monkey
    1 review

    Mind-blowingly awesome poutine! If you're not familiar with poutine, it originated as a french-canadian dish, and is now more of a national comfort food with Canadians. It consists of fries (often chunky fries), gravy and cheese curds (a sort of bouncy, unpasteurised cheese). We've created an entire food group around poutine, dressing it up with anything and everything under the ...

  • 3
    0.1 mi

    Maxwell's Plum English Pub

    1600 Grafton Street, Halifax, NS, Canada
    0.1 mi from The Wooden Monkey
    1 review

    A great English-style pub in downtown Halifax serving a dizzying selection of different beers - over 60 to choose from. Great place to hang out with friends for a few pints and the food is alright too!

  • 4
    0.17 mi

    Star Anise Vietnamese Noodles Restaurant

    1571 Barrington Street, Halifax, NS, Canada
    0.17 mi from The Wooden Monkey
    1 review
  • 5
    0.14 mi

    Q Smokehouse & Southern Barbeque

    1580 Argyle Street, Halifax, NS, Canada
    0.14 mi from The Wooden Monkey
    1 review
  • 6
    0.19 mi

    Split Crow

    1855 Granville Street, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada
    0.19 mi from The Wooden Monkey
    1 review

    Good food, good service and good music (when there is a band).

  • 7
    0.5 mi

    Cafe Chianti

    5165 South St, Halifax, NS B3J Canada
    0.5 mi from The Wooden Monkey
    1 review

    swesome food,nice atmospher

  • 8
    0.45 mi

    Ratinaud French Quisine

    2082 Gottingen, Halifax, NS B3K 3B3, Canada
    0.45 mi from The Wooden Monkey
    1 review

    This place is amazing and a foodie's dream. The chef makes his own pates and rillettes. He also makes sausages you won't find anywhere else in this city - likely the whole East Coast.

  • 9
    0.56 mi

    Dee Dee's Ice Cream

    5668 Cornwallis Street, Halifax, NS B3K 1B5, Canada
    0.56 mi from The Wooden Monkey

    Great place for homemade ice cream and sorbet! They make a nice burrito as well :)

  • 10
    0.42 mi

    The Bicycle Thief

    1475 Lower Water Street, Bishop's Landing, Halifax, NS B3J 1S2, Canada
    0.42 mi from The Wooden Monkey
    1 review
  • 11
    0.61 mi

    Just Us! Café

    5896 Spring Garden Road, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada
    0.61 mi from The Wooden Monkey
    1 review

    The Spring Garden road location of "Just Us!" cafe is housed in a lovely old victorian house right next to Halifax's prettiest downtown park. Like any Halifax coffeeshop, it's usually filled with students, as we've somehow crammed 5 universities into our tiny city. It makes up for the swathes of uni students with a ton of character; creaky wooden floors ...

  • 12
    1.28 mi

    Celtic Corner Public House

    69 Alderney Drive, Halifax, B2Y 1E7, Canada
    1.28 mi from The Wooden Monkey
    2 reviews

    Celtic Corner is a truly Nova Scotian experience. This place always has live music...often a fiddler or two, in true Halifax style. They've got local brew on tap and a menu full of proper Canadian pub food. It's a lovely place to spend an evening if you're in the Dartmouth area.

  • 13
    1.65 mi

    Steak and Stein Family Restaurant

    6061 Young Street, Halifax, NS B3K 2A3, Canada
    1.65 mi from The Wooden Monkey
    2 reviews

    good sized meals.frendly staff

  • 14
    1.44 mi

    Two If By Sea Cafe

    66 Ochterloney Street, Dartmouth, NS B2Y 1C2, Canada
    1.44 mi from The Wooden Monkey
    1 review

    This place is AMAZING. It was a desperately needed addition to Downtown Dartmouth, which is slowly coming out of a long economic slump. It's not just the locals who are loving it, either. People from all over the greater Halifax area trek to this place to get their hands on some 49th parallel coffee and some of the best baked ...

  • 15
    1.46 mi

    John's Lunch

    352 Pleasant Street, Dartmouth, NS, Canada
    1.46 mi from The Wooden Monkey
    1 review

    A classic Nova Scotian diner. This place is a trek from downtown Halifax (you'll have to drive or take a bus or a ferry across the harbour), but it's well worth it. Try the fried clams!

  • 16
    1.5 mi

    Cheese Curds

    380 Pleasant Street, Dartmouth, NS B2Y 3S5, Canada
    1.5 mi from The Wooden Monkey
    1 review

    A gourmet poutine cafe. How much more Canadian can you get?!

  • 17
    19.88 mi

    Ryer Lobsters Ltd.

    Peggys Cove Rd, Indian Harbour, Nova Scotia, Canada
    19.88 mi from The Wooden Monkey
    1 review

    Live or cooked lobsters available by weight at this roadside stop. There are picnic benches available and an eating kit including a bib is provided. Nothing can beat the experience of having a cooked lobster just after it had been caught and within a short distance away!

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