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    5 Jan 27, 2014

    What a lovely experience we had cruising with Tiger Blue in Raja Ampat! we made the right decision to go with Tiger Blue for our live aboard trip - kudos to the late Wouter, the Captain, Lucas, the Chef and the entire crew who made our 5 nights unforgettable and memorable. The crew was extremely attentive and helpful - making sure we were served well: not only providing fresh towels and lime juice after each dive, but also getting our gears ready for each dive. It was a truly first class service. The rooms and bathrooms are clean; we were provided with fresh towels everyday and laundry services as well. The selection of the dive sites were excellent for both divers and non divers (we got to see a few 3-4 meter mantas at a 'cleaning station' which was not more than 5 meters away and got to see a wobbegong shark as well). The mangrove cruise was fabulous and Bird of Paradise watching was once-in-a lifetime experience. More importantly, thanks to Chef Lucas who made sure we were well fed with delicious food and dessert. if you ask me if I'd come back for this cruise, my answer is "absolutely" - thumbs up! (official website is:

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