Todd Hamilton Salon

6 East State Street, Redlands, CA
1 review

I'm usually really picky about who cuts my hair, but this place is fantastic. A little more expensive so I only go about once every 3 or 4 months. Prices range depending on who your stylist is. Anywhere between $45 and $70 for wash, cut and style.

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    0.11 mi

    The Dregs

    0.11 mi from Todd Hamilton Salon
    2 reviews

    A great place to relax, kickback and enjoy an amazing glass or two of fine wines from around the world. Join their wine club and keep the good-times flowing...

  • 2
    0.13 mi

    Wilson's Classic Barber Shop

    0.13 mi from Todd Hamilton Salon
    2 reviews

    Best place in Redlands to get a cut & a shave! Ol' School Barbering!

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  • 3
    0.04 mi

    Redlands Galleria

    0.04 mi from Todd Hamilton Salon
    1 review

    The best antique shops in Redlands. I could (and have) spend hours looking around this place. Most of the stuff is silly little trinkets for reasonable prices. However you can find some pretty nice antique jewelry, if you are willing to pay a little extra. Long wait for a table at one of the restaurants on State Street, check out ...

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  • 4
    0.14 mi

    AK Smiley Public Library

    0.14 mi from Todd Hamilton Salon
    1 review

    You don't need to be looking for a book to visit this library. The architecture is absolutely stunning and it is an incredibly well kept historic building. A little secret of Redlands, I didn't venture to this place until 6 months after I had been living in Redlands. They have an interesting Redlands Heritage room, It's like a little history ...

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  • 5
    0.02 mi


    0.02 mi from Todd Hamilton Salon
    1 review

    This is a great store if you are on a budget but want to keep up with the trends. I love how all the clothes in the shop are organized by color. They also have a great selection of shoes and jewelry. Dresses range from $25-35 dollars and most shirts are around $15. I can honestly spend HOURS in this ...

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  • 6
    0.05 mi

    Royal Falconer British Pub

    0.05 mi from Todd Hamilton Salon
    1 review

    The best fish and chips you can find in Redlands! I love the atmosphere here, rowdy and playful with all types of characters. Pretty good selection of draft beers but they don't do too many fancy cocktails, most people who go here probably don't order them anyway. Wednesday night is usually LGBT night and recently they had a drag queen ...

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  • 7
    0.23 mi

    Redlands Bowl

    0.23 mi from Todd Hamilton Salon
    1 review

    The upside of Redlands being so warm all the time outdoor theaters just make more sense. I went here for an outdoor performance of Love's Labour's Lost at the end of the Shakespeare festival in Redlands (happens every May!). Performances are generally FREE, so if you can make one definitely do it, bring some food and drink!

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  • 8
    0.03 mi


    0.03 mi from Todd Hamilton Salon
    2 reviews

    I like this shop a lot, but it's very expensive. They have a lot of brand names like American Apparel, Toms, and Free People. They can have good sales, especially on jeans so I would take advantage of that. They have a selection of mens clothes as well as womens clothes. Dresses can be anywhere between $30 and $80 dollars.

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  • 9
    0.26 mi


    0.26 mi from Todd Hamilton Salon
    1 review

    Cool little antique shop. They have some REALLY old stuff here. It can be a little overwhelming because every surface, every corner, every part of bare wall has something on it. They even have stuff hanging from the ceiling. If you are an adventurous collector, I would recommend this place.

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  • 10
    4.03 mi

    Solana beach

    4.03 mi from Todd Hamilton Salon
    3 reviews

    Cute beach. Free parking. Note: They are have tons of construction. It has a little park for little ones.

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  • 11
    1.18 mi

    University of Redlands

    1.18 mi from Todd Hamilton Salon
    3 reviews

    Where I went to school! Check out our campus because I have to say, it's absolutely gorgeous. In the campus events office in Hunsaker plaza anyone can get day/week passes for the school gym and pool, a week pass for both is $20.

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  • 12
    3.34 mi

    Crosswalk Sda Church

    3.34 mi from Todd Hamilton Salon
    1 review
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    1.33 mi

    Kimberly Crest House & Gardens

    1.33 mi from Todd Hamilton Salon
    1 review

    Call ahead to check the times this place is open, they have very weird hours but if you are lucky enough to get there when they are open... it's amazing. Built in 1897 for Cornelia A. Hill and later purchased by John Alfred Kimberly, co-founder of Kimberly-Clark paper company. The Estate was left to "the people of Redlands" in 1981. ...

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  • 14
    1.51 mi

    Ford Park

    1.51 mi from Todd Hamilton Salon
    1 review

    Dog friendly park with a cute duck pond! I always see people fishing there but I'm not even sure fish actually live in this little pond. Throughout the park there is also a Frisbee golf course that's pretty challenging. If you know what Frisbee golf is, this is the place to go!

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  • 15
    4.7 mi


    4.7 mi from Todd Hamilton Salon
    1 review

    Costco… What is different about this location than any other one? Nothing that I can think of. It is your typical great Costco. Its fairly sizeable, quick efficient and has decent service. Well unless it’s the day before a major holiday or super Sunday. At those points expect it to be anything but quick efficient or good service. None the ...

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  • 16
    3.29 mi

    Ritual Brewing Co

    3.29 mi from Todd Hamilton Salon
    1 review

    Brand new brewery, only bottling three of their beers right now (Fat Hog, Extra Red, and Hellion). If you want an extensive taste of their beers you pretty much have to travel to the brewery! Soon to be bottling their crisp and delicious Hop-O-Matic, a well balanced beer for that IPA lover. In a weird location and very very spacious ...

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  • 17
    1.31 mi

    Prospect Park

    1.31 mi from Todd Hamilton Salon
    1 review

    Great park in Redlands, you can overlook the whole city with a beautiful view of some orange groves. There is an outdoor theater as well that often does performances during the summer.

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  • 18
    1.93 mi

    Precious Times Antiques & Gardens

    1.93 mi from Todd Hamilton Salon
    1 review

    I've been here multiple times just to browse and get lost in their isles and isles and isles of random things. It's more like a museum of Redlands history, showcasing individuals day to day activities than a simple antique store.

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  • 19
    4.7 mi

    Costco Gasoline

    4.7 mi from Todd Hamilton Salon
    1 review

    I love stopping by this Costco when I am cruising back into LA via the 10. It is seriously one of the easiest Costco gas stations to go through anywhere. Everytime I head up to Snow Summit, Big Bear, Palm Springs, or somewhere further down the 10, this is where I stop to fill up on the way back. Its ...

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  • 20
    1.29 mi

    Deja Vu Erotic Ultra Lounge

    1.29 mi from Todd Hamilton Salon
    1 review

    Make sure you don't wear a plain white t-shirt when you go here or else you won't get in. My friend made that faux pas, so it's always good advice to have an extra in the car so you won't have to keep guessing at every place you go. Once inside, after the $10 cover of course, it was largely ...

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