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Tiny Tokelau has one of the smallest economies in the world. A territory of New Zealand made up of three coral atolls, there’s no airport or seaport, so the only way to reach Tokelau is via a 20-hour boat ride from Samoa that drops anchor offshore. Aside from Christian traditions, locals and visitors also partake in fishing, canoeing and cultural events like the Fiafia dance. Tokelau only has one hotel housing its sole public eatery, a result of minimal tourism, so you may as well enjoy your ika mata -- raw fish marinated in lime juice with tomatoes, onions and coconut cream -- and kumara sweet potatoes at the beach. The attraction of Tokelau is simply that there are so few “attractions,” yet what exists remains remarkably preserved. This may not last long, however, as most of Tokelau is low-lying, making it at risk against ever-rising sea levels.


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Aliases: The Union Islands