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    • Tom Andrus commented on this trip

      My son is going to Oxford and I plan on going to visit him at some point. I need to be fully armed with all the "parent" things we need to do.

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    • Pro 2014
      Alex L commented on this trip

      Hi Tom! I was in Oxford about five years ago and loved it. Keep an eye out for the student newspaper or flyers; there are all sorts of musical performances, events, etc throughout the year. Find the right flyers, and you can catch a concert in a 300-year-old church. Very cool. What specifically are you interested in? History? Architecture? Outdoors?

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    • The Eagle and Child49 Saint Giles', Oxford, United Kingdom
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      Travis Katz recommended The Eagle and Child
      This is the pub where the inklings (an oxford literary group that included CS Lewis and JRR Tolkien) used to get together to discuss their fantasy worlds. The pub itself is nothing amazing, but ... read more
      sitting where those guys sat is pretty cool nonetheless!
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    • Pitt Rivers MuseumSouth Parks Road, Oxford, United Kingdom

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