8140 East Santa Ana Canyon Road, Anaheim, CA
1 review

Yay I wanna be a toys are us kid... more games, more toys, OHHHH BOY!!! I wanna be a toys are us kid... so sings the munchkin just as I used to do 30 years ago... This particular Toys R Us is one of my favorite locations in the chain. The selection of most stuff is totally average and they ...

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  • 61
    10.69 mi

    Radiator Springs Racers

    10.69 mi from Toys
    8 reviews

    2 1/2 hour wait if you don't have a fast pass but to most people it's worth the wait. This is the ride that everybody wants to enjoy in Disney California.

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  • 62
    19.94 mi

    Pelican Hill Golf Club

    19.94 mi from Toys
    8 reviews

    Great place for close by golfing!

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  • 63
    6.47 mi

    Peters Canyon Regional Park

    6.47 mi from Toys
    8 reviews

    The hills are alive with the sounds of bikes and stomping feet... wait that isnt how it goes is it??? o_O hmmmmmmmmm... NOPE! But who cares it’s still fun to go hiking or biking and this is a definite rollercoaster route! No loop de loops but definitely lots of up and down action... not the drop and give me 20 ...

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  • 64
    7.51 mi

    The Bruery

    7.51 mi from Toys
    7 reviews

    Cool tasting room! 5-glass beer flights where you choose the kind of beers you want to try. Mischief and White Oak were my personal faves. Plenty of free parking in the front lot, plus there was a food truck outside if you got the munchies. A great place to meet with friends after work.

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  • 65
    10.54 mi

    Disneyland Resort

    10.54 mi from Toys
    7 reviews

    Recommended for Adults and families alike. If you've never been to a Disneyland Park...go. Also included is a Disney's newer theme park California Adventure. It's right next door.

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  • 66
    10.43 mi

    Mad Tea Party

    10.43 mi from Toys
    8 reviews

    I'm coming back just for the party! And the Mad-Hat-Ito!!!!

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  • 67
    9.02 mi

    Grove of Anaheim

    9.02 mi from Toys
    7 reviews

    What a great venue! It's so small and intimate - and only a mile away from where I live. We didn't want to pay $10 for parking, so I had my dad drop us off and we took a $2 bus ride back. We came here to see Courtney Love live, and I was surprised at how small it was. ...

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  • 68
    10.5 mi

    Aladdin Disneyland

    10.5 mi from Toys
    7 reviews

    A musical within a theme park? I believe that they do this show about two to three times a day. That's a lot of work for those actors in the show. It is a shortened show and the production values are actually fine. There is an extra song by Jasmine that is not in the movie. Any seat in the ...

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  • 69
    9.79 mi

    Buzz Lightyear Astro-Blasters

    9.79 mi from Toys
    7 reviews

    you sit in a car and go throughout a track shooting at targets. Your gun will light up and make a noise if you hit a target. The circle target is worth the least, with the square, diamond, and triangle targets worth more, in that order. If a target is lit up, you get more points than you would if ...

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  • 70
    14.75 mi

    Nordstrom Rack Metro Pointe at South Coast

    14.75 mi from Toys
    7 reviews

    One of the largest malls in the OC.

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  • 71
    10.69 mi

    Splash Mountain®

    10.69 mi from Toys
    7 reviews

    The wildest ride in the wilderness WILL get you WET! You can buy a poncho in the park, or bring your own, remember to protect electronics. You usually won't get soaked, but if you are wearing jeans, you'll be uncomfortable for a while! On a hot day, this is the place to be. On a cold day, the line will ...

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  • 72
    10.13 mi

    Disneyland Monorail

    10.13 mi from Toys
    6 reviews

    The pro way to get into Disneyland. You can get on from Downtown Disney and get dropped off in Tomorrowland.

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  • 73
    10.41 mi

    Matterhorn Bobsleds

    10.41 mi from Toys
    7 reviews

    This has almost always been one of my favorite rides here at Disney. It is very fun to experience with friends and family. It is also one of the most iconic places at Disney. There are a number of special things involving this ride here at Disney: *There is a basketball court on the 5th story *There is a mickey ...

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  • 74
    10.44 mi

    Buzz Lightyear Astro Blasters

    10.44 mi from Toys
    6 reviews

    i love this ride! It's like a moving video game. You shoot at targets while moving along in a little vehicle. You can spin the vehicle as well. TIP! You can continuously shoot by holding in the trigger which will score you more points (provided you have decent aim), and save your arm from some pain from pulling the trigger! ...

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  • 75
    10.48 mi

    Sleeping Beauty Castle

    10.48 mi from Toys
    6 reviews

    Princesses love to visit Sleeping Beauty's Castle.

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  • 76
    14.88 mi

    24 Hour Fitness

    14.88 mi from Toys
    6 reviews

    They need to build more 24 hr fitness clubs in OC.. they can afford to build more with all the people that go to these gyms =) Classes are great here =) +1 Just wished that they had built the Group X room bigger, classes here get full fast =( Instructors here are awesome =) +1 Staff here are helpful ...

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  • 77
    13.56 mi

    Round One Entertainment Inc

    13.56 mi from Toys
    8 reviews

    Eh. This place isn't the best place to go to. I think that the bowling balls are terrible, they have absolutely no real weight to them. They feel horrible when I throw them into the bowling lanes. Aside from bowling, there is also a really large selection of arcade games and japanese photo-booths. There's also pool tables, ping-pong tables, and ...

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  • 78
    10.79 mi

    California Screamin'

    10.79 mi from Toys
    6 reviews

    Great roller coaster ride in California Adventure. The fast launch at the beginning is the best part...and going upside down as you go through the part where the track is tracing the Mickey Mouse face. Wheeeee!

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  • 79
    10.73 mi

    World of Disney

    10.73 mi from Toys
    6 reviews

    One of your last chances to buy Disney items before you leave Disney! I don't think the prices are any different than inside the park...but they have a ton of items to look through. The kids will go wild. Good luck to your wallet!

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  • 80
    10.64 mi

    Disneyland Railroad - Main Street Station

    10.64 mi from Toys
    6 reviews

    See Disneyland by Rail.

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