8140 East Santa Ana Canyon Road, Anaheim, CA
1 review

Yay I wanna be a toys are us kid... more games, more toys, OHHHH BOY!!! I wanna be a toys are us kid... so sings the munchkin just as I used to do 30 years ago... This particular Toys R Us is one of my favorite locations in the chain. The selection of most stuff is totally average and they ...

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  • 81
    13.62 mi

    85C Bakery Cafe

    13.62 mi from Toys
    9 reviews

    I love the bread from here because they are always super fresh. Since they are pretty popular and customers love to buy in bulk, the bread is always constantly being made so the bread bag is often left open so that the heat in the freshly made bread could be let out until bought. I adore every bread I have ...

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  • 82
    16.3 mi

    Frostbites Crepes & Frozen Delights

    16.3 mi from Toys
    7 reviews

    ,DEEEEeeelicious, why they haven't franchise towards the 626 area yet is beyond me! I love how being a newbie you get treated with tons of samples, although decision making maybe a tad harder. The people working there showed no irritation and continue serving you as much samples as you want with a genuine smile on their faces. I completely appreciate ...

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  • 83
    16.99 mi


    16.99 mi from Toys
    7 reviews

    BEST Japanese BBQ place. You would not think that when you first look at the restaurant from the outside. Basically, don't judge a book by it's cover. When you walk inside the door, it's like you entered into another world. All the meat here are good, all the food here are good, and the beer, THE BEST. I love Japanese ...

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  • 84
    10.82 mi

    Ralph Brennan's Jazz Kitchen

    10.82 mi from Toys
    9 reviews

    This place was crowded on a Saturday Night... service was slow at the bar. We ordered Grilled Medallions of Beef with Crawfish Mashed Potatoes (my favorite) and the Catch of the day.. the food was a little salty for my taste but still pretty good.

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  • 85
    10.18 mi

    Heroes Bar & Grill

    10.18 mi from Toys

    Free peanuts. Throw the shell on the floor. The food portions are huge. You can share one entree/plate with two people. The servers are friendly and nice.

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  • 86
    10.98 mi

    Goofy's Kitchen

    10.98 mi from Toys
    8 reviews

    Goofy's kitchen is located at the Disneyland Hotel, e.g. just a few minutes from the condo and the great part is that for this character breakfast you don't need a park ticket. So on one of your non-Disney days, you can still start off your day with some Disney magic! The breakfast is buffet style with pretty decent food and ...

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  • 87
    15.16 mi

    Ikko Japanese Restaurant

    15.16 mi from Toys
    6 reviews

    BEST SUSHI EVER ~ That's all I gotta say about because YOU GOTTA TRY IT. There's NO OTHER PLACE LIKE THIS! Just a warning, the front looks really SCARY, and might take you a few minutes to determine if you really wanna go in or not, BUT trust me, once you walk in, you feel like you've been transformed into ...

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  • 88
    13.81 mi

    Pho Lu

    13.81 mi from Toys
    7 reviews

    Tried to attend the "One More Disney Day," last week, and after seeing the freeways effectively shut down, we decided to peel off our route in a cinematic fashion, whipping a U-turn in the face of oncoming traffic, with Vanessa H. driving, texting, and sipping tea all at the same time, like Steve McQueen in Bullit. Well, maybe not exactly ...

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  • 89
    9.69 mi

    BJ's Restaurant & Brewery

    9.69 mi from Toys

    Watch your favorite sport and have a beer.

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  • 90
    10.81 mi

    Rainforest Cafe

    10.81 mi from Toys
    9 reviews

    Fun place to grab breakfast, lunch or dinner with the entire family.

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  • 91
    14.53 mi

    Brodard Chateau

    14.53 mi from Toys
    9 reviews

    Nice atmosphere, extremely fast service, tasty food. It is on the expensive side, but I suppose you're paying for the atmosphere. Between 3 people, we got spring rolls, mango and shrimp salad (shrimp were huge!), curry chicken that came with baguettes, and banh xeo. It was a light, yet filling meal. The mango was on the sour side though, and ...

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  • 92
    15.07 mi

    Wahoo's Fish Taco

    15.07 mi from Toys
    6 reviews

    Good fish tacos

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  • 93
    10.81 mi

    Lola Gaspar Restaurant & Bar

    10.81 mi from Toys
    7 reviews

    Very cool place, gothic kind of feel? A great date spot, room on the patio for large groups. I think the food is excellent. Bartenders are real nice and service outstanding. Tapas style I recommend: flatbread was very good carne asado tacos pork belly All natural skirt steak sliders excellent! I also had the salad, I totally forgot what it ...

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  • 94
    18.83 mi

    Plums Cafe & Catering

    18.83 mi from Toys
    10 reviews

    I'd give this breakfast, brunch and lunch spot 5 stars, but had to knock one off for how amazingly overpriced it is. Still, just about everything sweet that the kitchen turns out is delicious, and a lot of the savory side of the menu ain't bad either. Go for the daily specials, which really deserve the name. Anything crazily creative ...

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  • 95
    14.87 mi

    Banh MI & Che Cali Bakery

    14.87 mi from Toys
    8 reviews

    Do not be afraid to get in line and order. The key is to stand in the line nearest to the register and to bring cash. Do not be afraid to yell out your order if prompted. The best deal is the #1, buy 2 for $5 and get one free. Three sandwiches for $5! All the sandwiches come with ...

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  • 96
    11.2 mi

    Santouka Ramen

    11.2 mi from Toys
    7 reviews

    So amazing. Delicious!!!

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  • 97
    12.13 mi

    Sam Woo Restaurant

    12.13 mi from Toys
    9 reviews

    Dim sum = gross Fast food side = good, but way too oily and way too much MSG.

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  • 98
    16.37 mi

    AFTERS Handcrafted Ice Cream

    16.37 mi from Toys
    7 reviews

    Warning: AFTERS have been opened for only 3-4 weeks and there is a 40+ minute wait for ice cream. 40 minutes. The line wraps around in front and the Hallmark store next door complains to AFTERS patrons to not block their door. So it's essentially ice cream sandwiched in between glazed (or non-glazed) donuts, called an AFTER'S Milky Bun ($5). ...

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  • 99
    15.2 mi

    Blackmarket Bakery

    15.2 mi from Toys
    7 reviews

    BAKERY: Clean, organized. I love how they made it a point to put everything out in the open. You can see what ingredients they use and there are no secrets. PARKING: Shared lot with all the other shops around here. Apparently it's not that bad in the morning. I've parked here later at night for Mesa and it wasn't that ...

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  • 100
    11.36 mi

    Carolina's Italian Cuisine

    11.36 mi from Toys
    6 reviews

    This place is DANGEROUS and should be illegal! =) It's too close to me and they have delicious Italian food (one of my top 5 comfort foods) delicious food and big serving. Also they advertise their almost 300 beers, and you go there and it's true! They also have a booklet with the beers organized by country (pretty useful and ...

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