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Yen Phan
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Love to play in the ocean, on land, and up in the mountains....

Travel & Stay Connected

Some of us travel to get disconnected, but there are times when you want to skype, upload pictures, search for information, or just check-in for specials. Here are some places with free or low cost wifi.

Apple Store Ala Moana

It's always busy here! Lots of Apple product fanatics as well as people just playing with the electronics while their significant other is shopping at the mall. The workers are very knowledgeable and always ready to help and answer questions for you....

Island Vintage Coffee

A nice place for a break after shopping, strolling Waikiki, or beach activities. You can order a cup of local coffee or a yummy bowl of acai. If you grab a seat at their lanai around 6pm and you'll enjoy the free entertainment at the Center.

Yogur Story

One of my go-to places for wifi or work meetings. There's plenty of seating downstairs and upstairs. The food here is good, a bit pricey for a yogurt/coffee type of shop, but the service is good, and the wifi is fast. I sometimes stay upstairs working for hours, and they usually come around once in a...


A cool coffee shop that's 24 hours! Come here for some refreshing drinks, hot cup of joe, or sandwiches, any time of the day. I like that they have books and magazines for you to browse. There's no parking except for meteor spots on the street or Ala Moana Mall across the street....

Bambu Desserts & Drinks

I'm so excited Bambu opened in Honolulu! I love this place from San Jose. The desserts are authentic with so much fruit and jelly options to choose from, like basil seed, lotus, pandan jelly, and red tapioca. I can't get enough sweets and this will just lead me faster to diabetes, hehe....

Capital One 360 Cafe

A great place for a coffee, tea, snacks, and internet break. It is located at the beginning of Waikiki. Besides being a cafe, it is also used for meetings for nonprofit and educational talks. If you are looking for financial advice, you can ask any of the baristas about investing with Capital One as...