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Tre Wilcox
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Executive Chef at Marquee Grill & Bar and Bravo's Top Chef...

Tre's Guide to the Best Restaurants in Dallas

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Executive Chef at Marquee Grill & Bar and Bravo's Top Chef 'All-Star' -- First of all, let me say how proud I am of the newly emerging Dallas food scene that has been happening the last 4 years. We have a city of truly talented chefs and restaurateurs who are committed to providing a real experience with the food we create.

Cane Rosso

Before owner Jay Jerrier opened Cane Rosso, I believe Dallas was lacking in the pizza scene. Now, we have a number of amazing pizza restos, but Cane Rosso is by far the best in Dallas. Jay recently brought on Master Pizzaiolo Dino Santinacola to refine his dough recipe even more. I am not quite sure how...

Malai Thai Vietnamese Kitchen

Malai Kitchen in West Village is serving thai and Vietnamese dishes in a way that I have yet to see in Dallas. Owners Brandon and Yasmin Wages are taking authentic recipes from their travels to Asia and bringing it to the Dallas dining scene. They order fresh baked bread daily from a Vietnamese bakery...


Chef/Owners Avner Samuel and Jon Stevens are known to create unbelievable and consistently fresh dishes. Avner has been in the restaurant business in Dallas for over 30 years. He has seen his fair share of places come and go. NOSH is his creation that is a staple in Dallas. He is expanding to a second...


Tim Byres has created a true niche for himself and his dedication to gourmet Texas smoked meats and fish. He has his own garden on the hill above the restaurant where he can grow his own veggies as well. He is committed to sourcing locally grown and raised ingredients in his dishes. The place feels like a...


Bolsa was really the first restaurant that brought the farm-to-table food trend to Dallas and made it popular. They serve a different menu daily. Jeff Harris (formerly of Craft W) is committed to keeping Dallas on it’s toes by creating a menu that is fresh, organic, creative and amazing. Bolsa is...