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    • Starbucks - Pike Place Market1912 Pike Place, Seattle, WA 98101
      Keane recommended Starbucks - Pike Place Market
      This is the first ever Starbucks ever to have existed. (Excuse my passive voice, it's actually quite exciting!) Street performers dance in front of this cafe that looks quite unlike any other ... read more
      Starbucks. It has a lot of character. It reminds us that, despite its current domination of the coffee world, Starbucks started as a small shop.
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      You kind of have to visit the original Starbucks :)

    • Caffe Umbria320 Occidental Avenue South, Seattle, WA
      Keith Preble recommended Caffe Umbria
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      Keith Preble

      I love their coffee! If you're a coffee drinker, stop by and try their coffee. You can even bring some back with you, too. I buy from them all the time on their web site!

    • Armandino's Salumi309 3rd Avenue South, Seattle, WA 98104
      Pro 2014
      Sara Benson recommended Armandino's Salumi
      Rule #1: Get there before 11:30AM if you don't want to run the risk of not getting a sandwich because they've run out of bread. Chef Mario Batali's father's salumeria and Italian deli is *that* ... read more
      popular. Rule #2: The staff with NY attitude ara hilarious, but be prepared for some joshing around. Rule #3: Definitely take the free samples that they're handing out while you wait in the long, long line to avoid being famished by the time you get to the front. Rule #4: Take the sandwich makers' advice about which cheese to pair with which of the house-cured meats. Not that they aren't all awesome, but some go together better than others.
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      Sara Benson

      Great local fave, if you have time for the long line out the door.

    • Columbia Center701 5th Ave # 4000, Seattle, WA, United States
      Alix F recommended Columbia Center
      Get all the same great views (depending on the weather, of course) for about a third of the price of the Space Needle. And did I mention there are no lines or crowds? Highly recommended.
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      Alix F

      Not sure if you are also looking for things to do, but I highly recommend checking out the Columbia Center.

    • Dick's Drive-In111 Ne 45th St, Seattle, WA 98105
      Alix F recommended Dick's Drive-In
      I heard this was the "In-N-Out of Seattle" and it was open really late, so naturally we had to try it out. The smoothies and fries really hit the late-night spot. This place has been a fast food ... read more
      staple in the area for over 50 years, and it's worth stopping in if you have the time.
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    • Green Leaf Vietnamese Restaurant2800 1st Ave, Seattle, WA, United States
      Alix F recommended Green Leaf Vietnamese Restaurant
      Really excellent Vietnamese restaurant. The location is a little strange -- in a basement in an otherwise unassuming building -- but it's worth seeking out. This is the second branch (the first is in ... read more
      the International District/Chinatown) of a very popular Seattle favorite.
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    • Pike Place Market1501 Pike Pl, Seattle, Washington
      Sveta Berlyant recommended Pike Place Market
      Nice, colorful place. See " flying fish" attraction! Try to catch- fish could be free for you? Many places to eat in there
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