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    0.75 mi

    Heroes' Square

    Budapest, Hősök tere, Hungary
    0.75 mi from Trófea Grill Étterem
    60 reviews

    Hero Square is one of the more prominent landmarks in Pest. The monument in the center depicts the original Magyar chieftains who conquered the Danubian plain and founded Hungary. The statues along the surrounding arcade are images of Hungaria kings and other notable historic figures. In front of the monument is Andrassy Avenue while behind the square is one of ...

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    0.8 mi

    Museum of Fine Arts

    Budapest, Dózsa György Way 41, Hungary
    0.8 mi from Trófea Grill Étterem
    4 reviews

    The Museum of Fine Arts (Hungarian: Szépművészeti Múzeum [ˈse̝ːpmyːve̝ːsɛti ˈmuːzeum]) is a museum in Heroes' Square, Budapest, Hungary, facing the Palace of Art. It was built by the plans of Albert Schickedanz and Fülöp Herzog in an eclectic-neoclassical style, between 1900 and 1906. The museum's collection is made up of international art (other than Hungarian), including all periods of European ...

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    0.64 mi

    Mucsarnok Art Gallery

    Hősök tere, Budapest, BU 1146 Hungary
    0.64 mi from Trófea Grill Étterem
    1 review
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    0.62 mi

    Széchenyi Gyógyfürdő

    1146 Budapest, Állatkerti körút 11, Hungary
    0.62 mi from Trófea Grill Étterem
    25 reviews

    The Szechenyi Baths are one of Budapest's most worthwhile experiences. Budapest has a handful of thermal springs that were converted into baths by the Romans and have served that purpose ever since. Szechenyi is located in City Park. The building itself is a handsome Fin de Siecle palace leftover from the Habsburg era. You can rent a locker or a ...

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    0.63 mi

    Budapest Zoo & Botanical Garden

    Allatkerti korut 6-12, Budapest 1146 Hungary
    0.63 mi from Trófea Grill Étterem
    16 reviews

    Amazing zoo. You'll have to spend a whole day to see everything here (from ugly bugs and snakes to polar bears). It's a must.

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    0.56 mi

    Vajdahunyad Castle

    Budapest, Városliget, Vajdahunyadvár, Hungary
    0.56 mi from Trófea Grill Étterem
    8 reviews

    Another attraction based in Városliget City Park. It is based on a Transylvanian Castle, and houses the Agricultural Museum. It is a very enjoyable family day out.

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    0.56 mi

    Durer Kert

    Ajtósi Dürer 19-21, Budapest Hungary
    0.56 mi from Trófea Grill Étterem
    1 review
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    0.55 mi

    Magyar Mezőgazdasági Múzeum

    Budapest, Vajdahunyad vár, Hungary
    0.55 mi from Trófea Grill Étterem
    1 review
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    0.55 mi

    Széchenyi thermal bath

    1146 Budapest, Állatkerti körút 9-11, Hungary
    0.55 mi from Trófea Grill Étterem
    1 review

    This bath in Budapest is pretty great. The water feels clean and lovely, and when we were there, it wasn't too crowded. They give you towels and the dressing rooms are in great shape. There are massages and other services available, but we did not partake in them. The outside area is huge and comfortable, lots of chairs and lounging ...

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    2.33 mi

    Parliament Building

    1 Kossuth Lajos ter, Budapest, BU 1055 Hungary
    2.33 mi from Trófea Grill Étterem
    80 reviews

    The Hungarian Parliament, along with the Chain Bridge, is one of Budapest's most recognizable landmarks. Combining contrasting tones of red and white with innumerable spires the building is majestic and haunting at the same time. The Parliament is the site of outdoor concerts in the summertime and is also frequently host to protesters of government policy. If you take a ...

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    2.94 mi

    Fisherman's Bastion

    Hunyadi Janos Ut, Budapest, BU 1011 Hungary
    2.94 mi from Trófea Grill Étterem
    50 reviews

    I love this place and its one of the most popular sites in the city. The present day lovely lookout towers / decorative fortification of Fisherman’s Bastion were built in the 19th century to serve as a lookout tower for the best panoramic views in Budapest. High up from the castle walls you can take fantastic photos of the city.

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    1.94 mi

    Opera House

    Andrassy utca 22, Budapest 1061 Hungary
    1.94 mi from Trófea Grill Étterem
    20 reviews

    I saw the National Ballet perform at the Opera House in Budapest. This is a grand opera house in the old world style. Glamourous, traditional, with the act of attending feeling as important as what's happening on stage. I loved the gilt and red carpets everywhere.

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    2.82 mi

    Chain Bridge

    Budapest, Jégverem Street 6, Hungary
    2.82 mi from Trófea Grill Étterem
    44 reviews

    This is one of my favourite works of architecture because it is engraved with all the names of the labourers who were involved in the building. If you're crossing between Buda and Pest and want a pleasant walk this is the way to do it and also see some amazing work.

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    2.43 mi

    River Danube

    Downtown, Budapest, BU 1052 Hungary
    2.43 mi from Trófea Grill Étterem
    28 reviews

    I saw the danube river on the Vienna side. Its one of the longest rivers in europe. However I think the scene from the budapest side is a lot prettier, perhaps due to the old bldgs along this specially the intricate Parliament bldg.

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    2.56 mi

    The Little Princess

    Vigado ter, Budapest, BU 1051 Hungary
    2.56 mi from Trófea Grill Étterem
    5 reviews

    The Duna Corso in Pest is lined with several interesting statues. Closer to Parliament you'll find the likeness of the famed poet Attila Jozsef. The Little Princess is closer to Vaci Street and makes a fantastic foreground for shots of Buda Castle and Gellert Hill.

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    2.02 mi

    Danube tour

    22 Bathory utca, Budapest 1054 Hungary
    2.02 mi from Trófea Grill Étterem
    13 reviews

    The Danube divides Budapest into Buda, Pest and Obudai, which all used to be separate cities. As Danube tour is an excellent way to take in the city as most of the major monuments are visible from the water: Buda Castle, Gellert Hill, the Parliament Building and the Chain Bridge. When I visited Budapest I took a Danube cruise up ...

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    2.84 mi

    Castle District

    Budapest, Hungary
    2.84 mi from Trófea Grill Étterem
    14 reviews

    The Castle District comprises the region of Buda from the Chain Bridge up to Fisherman's Bastion, Saint Matthias Cathedral and Buda Castle. These are some of the most important buildings in the city and ground zero for a first time visitor.

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    2.92 mi

    Buda Castle

    Palota Utca, PALOTáS 1014 Hungary
    2.92 mi from Trófea Grill Étterem
    51 reviews

    Buda Castle is not looked on by Hungarians with the same fondness as the Chain Bridge or the Parliament Building. The medieval structure was destroyed during the recapture of Budapest from the Turks and the current incarnation was built during the period of Habsburg Domination. It reached its current grandeur during the reign of Maria Theresa. Buda Castle is best ...

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    3.95 mi


    Budapest, Prielle Kornélia St 45, Hungary
    3.95 mi from Trófea Grill Étterem
    23 reviews

    Buda is where the museums are, Pest is where it's at. Still, you should walk across the Chain Bridge, take the funicular up the steep hill and scope out Buda Castle.

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    2.19 mi

    Great Synagogue

    Dohany utca 2, Budapest 1074 Hungary
    2.19 mi from Trófea Grill Étterem
    19 reviews

    The Great Synagogue is stunning in both size and interior design. I love the area as well - lots of great restaurants and cafes.

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