Trouthunter Bar & Grill

3427 N Highway 20, Island Park, ID 83429
4 reviews

Great food for breakfast lunch and dinner Also has good appetizers and beverages. Relax and watch the snake river flow by.

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Things to do near Trouthunter Bar & Grill

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  • 1
    3.92 mi

    Harriman State Park

    3.92 mi from Trouthunter Bar & Grill
    1 review
  • 2
    10.56 mi

    Mesa Falls Scenic Byway

    10.56 mi from Trouthunter Bar & Grill
    5 reviews

    Beautiful set of falls on the snake river. Follow the byway from Island Park to Ashton, the largest seed potato growing area in the US. See beautiful scenery, the falls, and some of the most beautiful farmland with the Tetons in the background.

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  • 3
    12.06 mi

    Big Springs

    12.06 mi from Trouthunter Bar & Grill
    4 reviews

    Headwaters of Henry's Fork of the Snake River. Feed the large trout from the bridge. Beautiful area. Home of the historic Johnny Sacks Cabin. Very picturesque. Bring your camera.

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  • 4
    6.18 mi

    Island Park Reservoir

    6.18 mi from Trouthunter Bar & Grill
    2 reviews

    Large recreational reservoir. Fishing, boating, kayaking, water skiing.

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  • 5
    7.09 mi

    Island Park Cabins | Eagle Ridge

    7.09 mi from Trouthunter Bar & Grill
    1 review

    Horseback riding, archery, fishing at ponds, small events.

  • 6
    9.86 mi

    Island Park Chamber of Commerce

    9.86 mi from Trouthunter Bar & Grill
    1 review

    The Island Park Chamber can provide maps and information on local and surrounding businesses.

  • 7
    11.68 mi

    Sawtelle Peak Rd

    11.68 mi from Trouthunter Bar & Grill
    1 review
  • 8
    11.67 mi

    Island Park Builders Supply

    11.67 mi from Trouthunter Bar & Grill
    1 review
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  • 9
    11.92 mi

    Sawtelle Peak Rd

    11.92 mi from Trouthunter Bar & Grill
    1 review

    In the summer hike or atv up this mountain to the top of the world. In the winter you can snowmobile.

  • 10
    30.15 mi

    Grand Prismatic Spring

    30.15 mi from Trouthunter Bar & Grill
    32 reviews

    This is one of the most gorgeous places on earth. Absolutely mesmerising. Even better if you climb up the hill opposite and look down. Simply incredible.

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  • 11
    30.37 mi

    Midway Geyser Basin

    30.37 mi from Trouthunter Bar & Grill
    7 reviews

    This is where Prismatic Geyser is which is one of the park's iconic sights, and so definitely a must see.

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  • 12
    32.26 mi

    Fountain paint pot

    32.26 mi from Trouthunter Bar & Grill
    5 reviews

    The fountain paint pot trail is just wonderful. In a short walk along a wooden bridge, you are greeted with geysers, the emerald green fountain paintpots, bubbling mudpots and mists from the hotsprings. It almost feels like you are walking into a world made from mist, at one point, it's impossible to see more than a few inches ahead. On ...

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  • 13
    28.52 mi

    Sapphire Pool

    28.52 mi from Trouthunter Bar & Grill
    5 reviews

    One of the most scenic attractions in the park, yet often overshadowed by Prismatic, and Old Faithful in the same area.

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  • 14
    28.56 mi

    Biscuit Basin

    28.56 mi from Trouthunter Bar & Grill
    4 reviews

    I really adore the whole Yellowstone NP, so also this spot is in my opinion fantastic. The Basin is part of the Upper Geyser Basin and includes some different small thermal fetures, such as pools and geysers. The most famous is Sapphire Pool, which has an incredible color.

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  • 15
    29.2 mi

    Old Faithful Visitor Education Center

    29.2 mi from Trouthunter Bar & Grill
    4 reviews

    If you're traveling with inquisitive children, this is actually a really good place to check out. Lots of informative exhibits.

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  • 16
    29.28 mi

    Old Faithful

    29.28 mi from Trouthunter Bar & Grill
    2 reviews

    A definite sight to see !!! Dress in layers, weather can change fast. Bring a snack while waiting for the geyser to erupt. Be ready with your cameras. The predicted eruption time is in the visitor center lobby which is helpful so you can shop around before waiting and sitting outside by the old faithful.

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  • 17
    32.45 mi

    Firehole Falls

    32.45 mi from Trouthunter Bar & Grill
    2 reviews

    Firehole Falls is a waterfall on the Firehole River in southwestern Yellowstone National Park in the United States. The falls are located approximately 0.5 miles (0.80 km) upstream from the confluence of the Firehole and Gibbon Rivers at Madison Junction. Firehole Falls has a drop of approximately 40 feet (12 m). The falls are located within Firehole Canyon on Firehole ...

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  • 18
    33.04 mi

    Madison Information Station

    33.04 mi from Trouthunter Bar & Grill
    2 reviews

    Just south of the Road to west this scenic station overlooks the confluence of the Gibbon and Firehole. It is supposedly the site where the idea of Yellowstone park was born (and thus the whole National Park system) Bison were everywhere. We saw lots of folks fly fishing. This is the Junior Ranger headquarters and we listened to a very ...

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  • 19
    30.18 mi

    Fairy Falls

    30.18 mi from Trouthunter Bar & Grill
    1 review

    The falls themselves are not that impressive. However the trail out is quite pleasant, meandering through a pine forest, and be sure to climb the hillside on the way in or out for the most impressive view of Prismatic Geyser.

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  • 20
    32.32 mi

    Steamboat Geyser

    32.32 mi from Trouthunter Bar & Grill
    1 review

    This is the tallest and active geyser in the world and you will find only In Yellowstone on the trail of Norris Geyser Basin.

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