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  • 1

    Hagia Sophia

    216 reviews

    An absolute must visit and my personal favourite in Istanbul. Layers upon layers of history laid bare. This is Istanbul in a nutshell.

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  • 2

    Blue Mosque

    155 reviews

    The cascading domes and six slender minarets of the Sultanahmet Mosque (better known as the "Blue Mosque") dominate the skyline of Istanbul. In the 17th century, Sultan Ahmet I wished to build an Islamic place of worship that would be even better than the Hagia Sophia, and the mosque named for him is the result. These two great architectural achievements ...

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  • 3

    Grand Bazaar

    126 reviews

    Very cool place to go shopping while you are in Istanbul. It has everything your heart could desire. Don't be afraid to haggle or walk away if the price is too high, whatever you are looking for you will find 100 of them in the Grand Bazaar. For me it is a little toursity and there are plenty of other ...

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  • 4

    Topkapı Palace

    106 reviews

    Wow proper museum, found things that I thought I'd never see, so much history. worth visiting for sure

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  • 5

    The Spice Bazaar

    98 reviews

    When I came to Istanbul, I was a little more excited about the Spice Bazaar than the Grand Bazaar because I came in search of some good Turkish tea. I ended up leaving with a lot more tea than I expected to leave with... oh and some delicious Turkish delights. It's a great place for photography because there are stands ...

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  • 6

    Basilica Cistern

    86 reviews

    Spooky! This huge underground water system was built by the Byzantines in the 6th century, and even though it's just flooded with tourists now, it's still very cool and atmospheric--all shadowy and filled with enormous columns that reflect in the water. It's one thing to see all the amazing buildings from that period--it's somehow even more impressive to see this ...

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  • 7

    Bosphorus Bridge

    75 reviews

    Fiquei aqui em Istambul, ótimo lugar, hotel muito agradável! faz você se sentir em casa! Ah, ótima comida!

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  • 8

    Taksim Square

    75 reviews

    This is the place to be in Istanbul. No visit to this city would be complete without heading over there. The night life, the shops, and the food caters for every taste.

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  • 9

    Galata Tower

    68 reviews

    Whenever you come to Istanbul, don't miss the panorama balcony of Galata Tower. To seeing great viewed of Istanbul, the Bosphorus and also you can see the Asia continent while you're still standing in Europe. It's cool!

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  • 10

    Galata Bridge

    56 reviews

    The first time I walked across this bridge, it was teeming with fishermen with their poles hanging over the edge, bait for sale, and was quite a scene. the setting sun created quite an ambiance, and beautiful views of the skyline across the Bosphorus. On the Sultanahmet side of the bridge you can buy fish sandwiches right off the boat, ...

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  • 11


    48 reviews

    Most popular and most crowded shopping and entertainment area. One should visit here when in İstanbul .

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  • 12

    Sultanahmet Square

    51 reviews

    There are many surrounding around Sultanahmet Square such as Blue Mosque, Hagia Sophia, Topgapi Palace, Hippodrome, Constantine Column, etc. I stayed around the Sultanahmet old city, it's very close the square so every day I have to walk pass the Sultanahmet Square. Last time in April, there are a plenty of colorful tutips. It's interesting to sit and look around ...

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  • 13

    Dolmabahçe Palace

    41 reviews

    Styled after Western Europe in Baroque architecture, stepping onto the grounds of Dolmabahçe Palace feels like you are leaving Istanbul. It is a stark contrast to Topkapi palace in Sultanahmet. This palace was the main administrative center from 1856 to 1922. If you have seen Topkapi it is important to see Dolmabahçe as well, contrasting the Golden period of the ...

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  • 14

    Historic Areas of Istanbul

    36 reviews


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  • 15

    The Princes Islands

    28 reviews

    The whole experience from reaching the islands, to spending the full day there had been exceptional. One of the places that I look forward to visiting again.

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  • 16

    The Bosphorus Strait

    29 reviews

    we went on a cruise here. Pretty good.

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  • 17

    Istanbul Modern

    30 reviews

    The Istanbul Modern Art Museum is a museum of contemporary art in the Beyoğlu district, first opened in 2004, and featuring the work of Turkish artists. The museum, located on the Bosphorus in a converted warehouse, is the first of its kind in Turkey. It also contains a shop and restaurant, together with a cinema and arts library.

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  • 18

    Göreme Open Air Museum National Park

    29 reviews

    See lots of churches hewn out of rock by the large Christian population of the area. You can crawl around in a lot of them although you can't take pictures in most of the places where there are paintings. Definitely worth a visit!

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  • 19


    30 reviews

    Eminonu is the general area at the southeastern end of the Galata Bridge. It spans the old and the new Istanbul. A hundred buses leave its terminal every hour, to destinations far and near. A dozen ferries are launched from its piers, a short distance across the Bosphorus to the Asian side of the city or farther up the strait. ...

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  • 20


    29 reviews

    Istanbul is surrounded by water and therefore it is not surprising to see a lot of boat activity taking place on the Bosphorous, the Marmara Sea and the Golden Horn. The principal ferry dock on the European side is Eminönü. There are four piers with various destinations including: Bosphorus (Boğaz), Golden Horn (Haliç), Kadıköy and Üsküdar. Another important dock is ...

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