Ubung Cafe

Jalan Bukit Permai, Jimbaran, Indonesia
1 review

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189 Results
  • 21
    4.02 mi

    Kopi Bali House

    4.02 mi from Ubung Cafe
    1 review

    Are you coffee lovers? You must buy some coffee here. Just sit down and enjoy the crowd of activities on Gajah Mada street.

  • 22
    3.98 mi

    Deja Vu Kitchen

    3.98 mi from Ubung Cafe
    1 review

    Rooftop yoga may sound like the last thing you'd expect at a restaurant. But, the morning yoga at Deja Vu is a must, along with great food including fresh seafood morning, noon and night in a wonderful location.

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  • 23
    4.23 mi

    Warung Kuta

    4.23 mi from Ubung Cafe
    1 review

    Where else in Kuta can you get fresh juice served with jelly? Jelly as in gelatin, I mean. I know it sounds weird but there's nothing quite like a little texture to your drink to give it that full bodied flavor, is there? Anyway, Warung Kuta is a fine example of authentic Balinese cuisine located just off the hustle and ...

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  • 24
    3.69 mi

    Segara Asian

    3.69 mi from Ubung Cafe
    1 review

    Cozy restaurant to enjoy Asian food and sunset, next to Kuta beach.

  • 25
    4.45 mi


    4.45 mi from Ubung Cafe
    1 review

    Nice place to chill out. International food at good price. Try the Ocean Soup, seafood lovers will love it!

  • 26
    2.2 mi

    Kat's Kitchen

    2.2 mi from Ubung Cafe
    1 review

    Delicious, traditionally-cooked Thai cuisine. Good food selection, great prices.

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  • 27
    4.7 mi

    Blue Heaven Bali Restaurant

    4.7 mi from Ubung Cafe
    1 review
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  • 28
    4.44 mi

    Sardinia, Bali

    4.44 mi from Ubung Cafe
    1 review

    Good food

  • 29
    3.01 mi

    Bebek Goreng H. Slamet

    3.01 mi from Ubung Cafe
    1 review
  • 30
    1.56 mi

    Stop Makan Yuuuk!

    1.56 mi from Ubung Cafe
    1 review
  • 31
    3.93 mi

    Gabah Bar Restaurant

    3.93 mi from Ubung Cafe
    1 review

    Very pleasant poolside atmosphere with unpleasantly high prices. The food was fair to middling but the the breeze was refreshing.

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  • 32
    1.62 mi

    Damar Terrace, Ayana Resort

    1.62 mi from Ubung Cafe
    1 review

    Very nice place and good service, food is average though and very pricey...!

  • 33
    4.29 mi

    Sultan Kebab

    4.29 mi from Ubung Cafe
    1 review

    Turkish food, doner kebab, falafel, pizza, burger - it's all pretty much summed up there on the marquee. The catch is you have to pass the gauntlet of restaurant pimps lining the food court to get there. Just off of Poppies Lane 1 on Kuta Beach Road.

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  • 34
    4.09 mi


    4.09 mi from Ubung Cafe
    1 review

    Tao offers an expected menu with something for everything. The food is just average in my opinion- nothing outstanding or well seasoned. While the food is not bad at all, the food did not excite me at all

  • 35
    1.83 mi

    Furama Cafe, Jimbaran

    1.83 mi from Ubung Cafe
    1 review
  • 36
    4.02 mi

    Pepito Bali

    4.02 mi from Ubung Cafe
    1 review

    This place won't be my first choice for restaurants to pick in Kuta unfortunately

  • 37
    3.54 mi


    3.54 mi from Ubung Cafe
    1 review
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  • 38
    7.11 mi

    Potato Head Beach Club

    7.11 mi from Ubung Cafe
    28 reviews

    The location is not in Nusa Dua - it's located in Legian area. Excellent choice for dinner as the concept is al fresco, by the beach

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  • 39
    6.53 mi

    KU DE TA

    6.53 mi from Ubung Cafe
    21 reviews

    Trendy beachclub

    Popular withLuxuryTrendstersNightlife
  • 40
    19.54 mi

    Bebek Bengil - Dirty Duck Diner

    19.54 mi from Ubung Cafe
    17 reviews

    Love the crispy duck served with excellent Balinese sambal. Love the ambiance too.. Especially if you can get the bale hut near by the rice paid field. There are several other restaurants inUbud that serve similar dish, but I like Bebek Bengil's the best.

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