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Una Vegetariana a Roma

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So you don't eata the meat? Rome can still feed your soul, and belly. There are relatively few dedicated vegetarian restaurants in Rome, but you will usually find numerous options on any normal menu, especially if you eat dairy. Here are some of my picks, based on my years living in the Eternal City. 

Gelarmony Gelateria Siciliana

Amazing Sicilian gelato with a number of options made with soy - wonderful stop for vegans with a sweet tooth.

New Testaccio Market

The *real Rome* is arguably in Testaccio and Garbatella. At the Mercato di Testaccio, you'll definitely hear your fair share of the guttural Roman accent, whether spoken by Romans or Bangladeshis, plus have the opportunity to buy great fresh food of all kinds....

Hotel Raphael

What a gorgeous hotel. It's located in one of the most disarming little ivy covered piazzas in Rome, just behind Piazza Navona, and epitomizes luxury. The rooms are divided into classic and modern, there are Picasso ceramics decorating the lobby, and the service is top-notch....

Arancia Blu

One of Rome's classic veggie spots.

Hotel Campo De' Fiori

The Hotel Campo de' Fiori feels like a really luxurious little hideaway in the middle of Rome. I loved the terrace more than anything, which feels like a little, cozy, private place to hang out while you just happen to be gazing at some of Rome's best roofs (and cupolas, and towers...this is Rome, after...

WRH Trastevere

The WRH Trastevere is a small gem of a guesthouse in one of my favorite Roman neighborhoods. Entering through the heavy Italian door you feel like you're stepping into a classic Roman scene, but once inside, funky modern design dominates. Tiny red tiles cover a curved countertop in the entry, and...

San Lorenzo

San Lorenzo is Rome's student'll find fun bars, impeccable Italian hippie style, and a general relaxed atmosphere.

Forno Campo de' Fiori

One of Rome's most famous places to get some salty, chewy, pizza bianca, Forno is open early in the day and is usually deservedly packed with Romans. Not only a cheap but a delicious place to grab a snack while wandering the streets.

Il Margutta RistorArte Vegetariani dal 1979

An institution in Rome's tiny vegetarian scene, Il Margutta RistorArte features seasonal set menus with primi, secondi and contorni at different price points...and even one for vegans.

The Beehive

The best hostel experience you're gonna get in Rome. This place is clean, run by an American couple with 3 cute kids. There is a vegetarian cafe' in the basement-a rarity in Rome. It used to be pay what you want, but that nice touch has been relegated to just the snacks. Still, worth staying here if you...