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    1896 reviews

    London is full of amazing attractions and history. Hop on hop off bus rides are easily the best way to see as much as possible. London is a huge city comprised of a very diverse populations.

  • 2

    Scottish Highlands

    23 reviews

    Highland has been my favorite part of Scotland. The scenery here is just stunning!

  • 3


    68 reviews

    Growing up with a Scottish country dancer mom, I had to learn at a young age to love bagpipes and all things Scottish. The first time I visited Scotland with her, I was shocked to find out not everyone walks around in kilts, playing bagpipes. Visiting later as an adult, I learned to love the bleakness of the Highlands, the ...

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    Newcastle (Northern Ireland)

    4 reviews

    beautiful scenery and lovely people!

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    55 reviews

    a special place...small and lovely shops, and very nice english

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    44 reviews

    Bristol has an interesting DIY cultural ferment kind of aesthetic. While it's a city, the art scene feels more village-y, and there's room for lots of creativity, especially in the circus/puppetry/burlesque realms. There are some great restaurants (see my review of Lido) and an encouraging eco-emphasis, with cycling being one of the more popular ways to get around and recycling ...

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    6 reviews

    Relasx and enjoy the fresh air and view the natural scene, good to our health.

  • 8


    43 reviews

    England is very popular for tourism but most people traveling to or through the country never leave London. It's understandable, the city has so much to offer, but the English countryside is also beautiful and as quaint as I imagined it to be. This is a country with a rich history and some of the world's greatest artwork. Historically England ...

  • 9


    234 reviews

    Hypothetically, let's say your mom was of Scottish heritage. And then, for fun, let's add in that she was a lifelong Scottish country dancer, named her firstborn son Scott, had a Scottish terrier, and played bagpipe music, at high volume, often, and with gusto. You might think you would hate all things Scottish for life, or you might, eventually, allow ...

  • 10

    Southeast England

    25 reviews

    Southeast UK?! Mostly that would be London. In fact I think London probably the only thing in England or the UK most people see when they visit.

  • 11


    112 reviews

    Forget the red brick that dominates most of Britain and head to this beautiful Georgian town that was once a spa during Roman towns. It's perfect for walking around and has some amazing architecture and history. Don't miss the costume museum!

  • 12

    The Cotswolds

    21 reviews

    Gorgeous countryside an hour and a half outside of London -- small villages, lovely country walks, homey pubs for lunch or a pint, and gardens to visit

  • 13


    55 reviews

    York, city in UK is rich in history and heritage, particularly political events. One of the great Roman emperor was proclaimed in York... Roman Emperor Constantine the Great.

  • 14


    62 reviews

    Very nice sea town in Sussex, only 1h15m away from London. A nice and long seaside promenade and beach with lots of small art shops and fresh seafood stands. Good spot for a spring/summer day out!

  • 15


    60 reviews

    Liverpool is one of those great port cities that has apparently done wonders in cleaning up the blight. I thoroughly enjoyed my time there, and would go back for more in a minute. I would advise anyone visiting to make sure you visit the bombed out St. Lukes Church (bombed by the Nazis), the largest Anglican Church in the world, ...

  • 16


    73 reviews

    Manchester is one of the UK's oldest cities, dating back to 79 AD, when the Romans built a fort here. When you visit Manchester's Old Town Hall, there is a sculpture of the Roman General who founded Manchester, General Agricola, hanging over top of the Hall's front entrance. This majestic building was opened in 1877. Once you've completed your visit ...

  • 17


    47 reviews

    I lived in Oxford on and off for a combined total of about a year, and although I'm a Canadian expat, I consider Oxford to be my "british hometown". It's the first place I lived in the UK, I know it like the back of my hand, and it's my escape from big city life in London. Aside from being ...

  • 18


    9 reviews

    This cute little town is home to the Glastonbury Tor (which many believe was the site of the mythic isle of Avalon), the Chalice Well, and a bunch of new age stores and vegan restaurants.

  • 19


    8 reviews

    My favorite place in Northern Scotland is the Isle of Skye (Portree is the 'capital' with just a few thousand people). There's this cool lunar-like landscape, ridiculously beautiful coastline and Highland 'hairy' cows that are the cutest things you have ever seen.

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    3 reviews
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