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    New York City

    New York State, USA
    861 reviews

    The Best City In The WORLD!!! There is nothing you can't find here... Great Food...Entertainment...Museums...Nightlife...Fashion...NYC Has it all!!

  • 2

    New Orleans

    Louisiana, USA
    430 reviews

    New Orleans is my favorite city in the US, and we've been to a lot of cities. It's friendly, open and the culture is so unique. I'm proud to be from a country that produced such an odd and fascinating place and people. There's so much to do here and nearby, indoors and out, so much good food, vegan and ...

  • 3


    Illinois, USA
    998 reviews

    I don't really know much about Chicago, in that I've only been there twice. But the two times I was there, I couldn't help but notice that certain parts of the city were very interesting, while others not so much. I'm looking forward to an extended visit this year were I will be in a better position to make a ...

  • 4


    Georgia, USA
    95 reviews

    There's so much to do and see here. You could eat your way or drink your way around town. Lots of shopping and art too. And the architecture is fabulous. Not the most bike friendly town but there's no shortage of tours and tour buses as well as ordinary buses to jump on - well worth a few days here!

  • 5


    Oregon, USA
    241 reviews

    Portland is a wonderful food city! I love it. Tax-free shopping, lots of fun sites to visit and an amazing food scene. I drive down here from Seattle a few times a year just to hang out and enjoy a new restaurant. Highly recommended for people who also love Seattle and Vancouver!

  • 6

    San Diego

    California, USA
    647 reviews

    There is so much to do in this city... if you have a car! The beach, mountains, Mexico are all so close-by! Try some food, there's every cuisine you can imagine. Hiking, camping, surfing, museums.. you name it San Diego has it!

  • 7

    Washington, D.C.

    District of Columbia, USA
    597 reviews

    The nation's capital, Washington D.C. offers a lot to travelers. The mall area is perfect place to start. One of the best places to go is Smithsonian museums in the mall. All are free, open for public. The collections are amazing. The Washington Monument, the White House, the Capital Building... world's most important places is right here.

  • 8

    Santa Monica

    California, USA
    139 reviews

    So much fun to play on the gym equipment and hang with the locals

  • 9

    Santa Cruz

    California, USA
    129 reviews

    Relax at the beach, enjoy the out of the box patrons, and hike around in the forest...all in one day. This is a great place to live or visit. Not big in the commercial scene but definitely in love with the surrounding nature. If you get the chance go and see the butterflies when they are migrating.

  • 10


    New York State, USA
    152 reviews

    GQ rates Brooklyn the coolest city on the planet. Visit Brooklyn for great food, bars, mom and pop boutiques, and stellar views of Manhattan. Though many parts of Manhattan have been mall-ified, Brooklyn retains its character -- even if the mantra of organic, free range, gluten free, artisinal yada yada can be a bit overbearing. New Jersey doesn't make it ...

  • 11

    Las Vegas

    Nevada, USA
    2073 reviews

    Las Vegas is a city that is surround by many suburbs that make of the city. Las Vegas has really grew by leaps and bounds since 1984. Las Vegas has many different activies other than gambling and recrectanal needs for anyone.

  • 12


    Washington, USA
    608 reviews

    What a beautiful city! I am so glad that I live here because the summers alone are worth the rain. There are many parks in the city where views like this can be seen. Lake Union is also a popular destination for kayakers, boats, paddle boarders, etc.

  • 13

    Los Angeles

    California, USA
    501 reviews

    There's SO much to do in LA, go outside of your comfort zone & try something new!

  • 14


    Massachusetts, USA
    254 reviews

    This place is full of things to do. So many history, foodieventures and etc. The weather is weird here. Their saying is if you don't like the weather then wait 4(?) minutes... Which is true because it was pouring rain when we were out and about... Then it stopped all of the sudden. Boston is a great place to relax ...

  • 15


    California, USA
    29 reviews

    The university campus offers a wonderful place to walk or bike. There are museums, galleries, architecture to enjoy.

  • 16

    Santa Barbara

    California, USA
    148 reviews

    My older brother lives by UCSB with his family. Its a really fun area whether you're into beach/aquatic activities, partying, or just hanging out with your friends or family- its a great place to live or even visit.

  • 17

    San Antonio

    Texas, USA
    177 reviews

    Travel + Leisure readers have always loved the Alamo city’s chili-sauced Tex-Mex, but some of its emerging barbecue has a cutting-edge style. At the Granary ’Cue & Brew, within the rehabbed Pearl brewery, the menu features classic brisket and house-made sausage, along with grilled quail, root beer–sautéed scallops, and Texas toast glazed with a mixture of brisket drippings, butter, and ...

  • 18


    Florida, USA
    70 reviews

    Seaside is one of the nations first "planned communities" and was even the back drop for Jim Carrey's "The Truman Show". Take an afternoon to visit the local shops, music stores, old time generals store and more! Whether you want to take a stroll through the town or check out the local music scene, Seaside has it!

  • 19


    North Carolina, USA
    65 reviews

    The Louvre Museum in Paris (France), one of the largest and most famous museums been on shame on this one !

  • 20


    New Hampshire, USA
    36 reviews

    Portsmouth is a big city located by water, but has a charm of small town. Local handcraft shops, independent coffee shops and cute restaurants attract both tourists and locals. As the third oldest cities in USA, there are a lot of historic markers around the city. It is walkable, like many European cities. There are good breweries, such as Portsmouth ...

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