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  • 1

    Grand Canyon

    Arizona, USA
    294 reviews

    i have been here 3 times over a period of 25 years and every time i stand at the edge, i feel the same awe and wonder. The circus around the south rim visitor circus is a bit too "touristy" for me, but anywhere else and especially the more isolated north rim is wonderful.

  • 2

    Yosemite National Park

    California, USA
    246 reviews

    So much to do and see in this beautiful place. Go down to the valley or up to Glacier Point to see the valley from above.

  • 3

    Santa Cruz

    California, USA
    129 reviews

    Relax at the beach, enjoy the out of the box patrons, and hike around in the forest...all in one day. This is a great place to live or visit. Not big in the commercial scene but definitely in love with the surrounding nature. If you get the chance go and see the butterflies when they are migrating.

  • 4


    Arizona, USA
    132 reviews

    Red rocks, great restaurants, and beautiful hotels. This bastion of liberalism is a highlight of Arizona. A good place to hike, eat, and just sit by the pool.

  • 5

    Acadia National Park

    Maine, USA
    64 reviews

    No wonder this is the only NP in New England. Wow! This is worth visiting for the views, hiking and fresh air!

  • 6

    San Diego

    California, USA
    647 reviews

    There is so much to do in this city... if you have a car! The beach, mountains, Mexico are all so close-by! Try some food, there's every cuisine you can imagine. Hiking, camping, surfing, museums.. you name it San Diego has it!

  • 7


    Oregon, USA
    241 reviews

    Eco-friendly and hippie. Great public transit system incorporating buses and a streetcar system. Biker friendly with dedicated bike lanes all over the city. Multiple microbreweries across town make Portland a premier destination for brewery hopping and craft beer enthusiasts.

  • 8


    Washington, USA
    608 reviews

    A great city for a variety of tastes. Music, food, theater, outdoor pursuits and the list goes on. Pike Place is always on my list when visiting this great city. Indulge in a day ferry ride and enjoy the views of both the skyline and the mountains.

  • 9

    Yellowstone National Park

    Montana, USA
    152 reviews

    Yellowstone, widely held to be the first national park in the world, is known for its wildlife and its many geothermal features, especially Old Faithful Geyser, one of the most popular features in the park. It has many types of ecosystems, but the subalpine forest is most abundant. It is part of the South Central Rockies forests ecoregion.

  • 10

    Big Sur

    California, USA
    108 reviews

    Big Sur is a destination not to be missed on the central coast of California. Dramatic cliffs, crashing waves, and scenic shoreline all lead to this little piece of heaven. There are so many places to explore, both shore-side and mountain-side, you can visit over and over and still not see it all. Definitely a nature-lover's paradise.

  • 11

    Key West

    Florida, USA
    186 reviews

    I will call it a dreamland. Beautiful waters, fabulous atmosphere, anything that one can expect of.. Amazing place.. A must watch is sunset!! The best in world!

  • 12

    Santa Barbara

    California, USA
    148 reviews

    Beautiful view from the pier. Today is such a beautiful day too. Park on the pier and get the ticket validated from a wharf merchant for free parking (90min)

  • 13

    Stinson Beach

    California, USA
    37 reviews

    You might hit traffic on Highway 1 to get there and especially so on the weekends, but if you go bright and early you shouldn't run into any problems. Parking is going to be an absolute nightmare, so you've been warned. =)

  • 14

    Death Valley

    California, USA
    39 reviews

    it is a most bizar place, to hot to get out of the car, still we did that, snakes in the bush, did not see any other car on the road. i will never go there again. but for adventures people it should be a real challenge to go there.the views however are like from another planet...

  • 15

    Half Moon Bay

    California, USA
    82 reviews

    Take a stroll down Main Street for a dose of small town California. Shop for gifts, yarn, clothes, books, music, cowboy togs, travel gear or music. HMB also has some terrific restaurants. You can rent a bike and head for the coastal trail, or take a hike on nearby Montara Mountain. At low tide there's miles of state beach to ...

  • 16

    Laguna Beach

    California, USA
    103 reviews


  • 17

    Hawaii Volcanoes National Park

    Hawaii, USA
    86 reviews

    Incredible and best seen from the air by helicopter. You won't see anything by bus and a helicopter virtually guarantees that you will see lava flows from Kilauea. Stunning.

  • 18

    Haleiwa (North Shore)

    Hawaii, USA
    51 reviews

    Everyone is relaxed and friendly out here on the north (wet) side. Small towns to explore with nice casual eating spots.

  • 19

    Mammoth Lakes

    California, USA
    47 reviews

    Some of the best skiing on the west coast. Lots of runs and fresh powder.

  • 20


    California, USA
    125 reviews

    Take a walk along Canney Row, go for a delicious meal at Louie Linguini's, dip your toes in the sea and go and visit the sealions by the marina. There are lots of things to see here and a good trip to pair with Carmel which is just up the road.

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