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    Arizona, USA
    132 reviews

    Sedona is an interesting little town situated around the gorgeous red rocks and "vortexes" at about 5,000 ft up in central Arizona. Excellent hiking and mountain biking trails surround the town as well as numerous options for camping. Alternative culture, healing, spirituality, and medicine abound here.

  • 2

    Big Sur

    California, USA
    108 reviews

    One of the most beautiful and magical places I've ever seen. The scenery is so beautiful and breathtaking that is impossible to not be amazed by mother nature. Lots of options on things to do, like hiking, surfing, walking at the beach etc. Just the perfect place to unwind and connect with nature.

  • 3


    Oregon, USA
    241 reviews

    From the moment I first stepped off the plane, for me, Portland felt like home. The city is youthful, progressive and forward thinking. It's edgy like Brooklyn yet West Coast laid back. People are open minded and kind. People here are trying to create new ways of living and relating to each other and the planet. I've heard from many ...

  • 4

    Santa Cruz

    California, USA
    129 reviews

    Santa Cruz where the mountains meet the ocean... So many eco-climates in this town it is amazing. World renown surfing beaches, but there are also beautiful beaches for the beach goer who wants calm waters. You can hike in the redwoods, visit a vineyard, and go boutique shopping all on the same day... Santa Cruz has great restaurants many using ...

  • 5


    Arizona, USA
    86 reviews

    The Wellness Tribe will find plenty to celebrate in Tucson, with its plethora of wellness focused resorts like the Miraval, with its spa facilities, healthy food and 'self-discovery' activities. Plus, Memorial Day sees fun athletic events like a ColorVibe 5k run, where you get painted as you race!

  • 6

    San Diego

    California, USA
    647 reviews

    San Diego, sunny and oh so pretty. Forget about all the haters and focus on what this city does best: beaches, fish tacos and laid-back easy living. What really appeals, after you've spent time in SF and LA, is how unpretentious most places are, and how much there is to explore in a low-key kind of way. Edge neighborhoods like ...

  • 7

    Yosemite National Park

    California, USA
    246 reviews

    My ultimate nature porn! One of the most memorable adventure I went on last September for half dome. Why it's nature porn: - woodpecker - fawn - weird quail-ish bird - heard a bear try to brake into the food box at night - deer crossing - snow on the way to the half dome - fog from the river ...

  • 8

    Santa Monica

    California, USA
    139 reviews

    So much fun to play on the gym equipment and hang with the locals

  • 9

    Santa Barbara

    California, USA
    148 reviews

    Red-tile roofs, California mission style, miles and miles of beaches, and a happening wine country. Santa Barbara is one of my fave weekend getaway spots because it's so easy to explore. You hardly need to plan anything -- just reserve a hotel room down by the waterfront or if you want to save money, a motel uptown along State St. ...

  • 10

    Grand Canyon

    Arizona, USA
    294 reviews

    No words nor photographs could describe the awe and the beauty of this place. The trail along the rim is the best if you are not a serious hiker. This is a MUST on any Western US trip. It's majestic, sacred and you will simply say "WOW"....

  • 11


    Hawaii, USA
    296 reviews

    Beautiful beaches all around this island and top tourist destination of all the Hawaiian island. Beaches are filled with people even during low season, for good reason. There is so much to eat, see and do here. A perfect honeymoon destination or just a great vacation getaway with family and friends.

  • 12

    Stinson Beach

    California, USA
    37 reviews

    Gayle, my son and I came out to Stinson Beach via the curvy and scenic Panoramic highway. Gayle's friend and her husband were having their annual Columbus Day/Indigenous Peoples Day/Canadian Thanksgiving party at his long-time family house that is right on the beach. I think someone mentioned that the family bought it in the 1950s for around $3000 furnished! The ...

  • 13


    California, USA
    83 reviews

    This is where I would ideally retire to! It's quiet, safe and puts you in touch with nature. Check out all the local boutiques and even the library is beautiful! A plethora of art galleries!!

  • 14


    New York State, USA
    152 reviews

    Funky and fun! Brooklyn is the place to go for alternative New York City today! My family is from Brooklyn but we didn't visit much when I was growing up because it was so run down. But now it's much more cleaned up and getting better all the time!

  • 15

    Las Vegas

    Nevada, USA
    2073 reviews

    Everyone knows: What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas! That's because it's the place to go to fulfill your wildest dreams, whether it's blowing $700 on a decadent dinner for two, shooting craps with a whole table cheering crazily for you, wearing a costume any night of the week, partying like it's Saturday every night of the week, watching musicals ...

  • 16


    Hawaii, USA
    68 reviews

    Lahaina reminds me of Monterey Cannery Row. Former small fishing town now converted to a tourist town with museums, eateries, crafts shops, little inns, yet still full of history and life. Take a lively stroll along the streets, stop at a shop to check out local craft, sip a mai tai at one of the ocean view restaurants, and watch ...

  • 17

    Yellowstone National Park

    Montana, USA
    152 reviews

    Yellowstone, widely held to be the first national park in the world, is known for its wildlife and its many geothermal features, especially Old Faithful Geyser, one of the most popular features in the park. It has many types of ecosystems, but the subalpine forest is most abundant. It is part of the South Central Rockies forests ecoregion.

  • 18

    Del Mar

    California, USA
    29 reviews

    Where I learned to surf.. quiet, long stretches of beach. You can go to the park area near 15th street or find your way to secluded areas. It can seem crowded when looking for parking because it's quite residential, however, there's plenty of sand to enjoy and you will not regret it. So peaceful, lovely weather, and plenty to eat ...

  • 19


    Texas, USA
    215 reviews

    The lone star state has more to offer than JR and the Cowboys.

  • 20


    Arizona, USA
    194 reviews

    I like Phoenix. It's not my favorite city, but it has its redeeming qualities. It's a slow city. A city that loves its malls and movie theaters (b/c it's way too hot to hang out outdoors!). I give it lots of stars for its beautiful sunsets. I honestly do think Arizona has some of the BEST sunsets in the world.

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