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    North Carolina, USA
    64 reviews

    Aesthetically and culturally, Asheville is my second favorite city in the US (FYI, my favorite is Seattle). How can one city be home to that many artists and yummy restaurants? You can visit the Blue Ridge Parkway, Biltmore Estate and eat the best fried green tomatoes in NC.

  • 42

    Santa Cruz

    California, USA
    129 reviews

    One of the most traveler friendly coastal spots. Cliffs and beaches not to be missed. Stay at one of several vacation rental homes. Live like a local for a week. Get on your beach cruiser catch a sunset and watch the surfers.

  • 43

    Gulf Shores

    Alabama, USA
    26 reviews

    Beautiful place! We had a wonderful time on a girl's trip last October. White sand, shopping, great restaurants and much to do!

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    California, USA
    33 reviews

    Some very good restaurants are located around the Cal Berkeley campus.

  • 45

    South Lake Tahoe

    California, USA
    58 reviews

    A must-visit location year-round. Enjoy both water and snow sports, shopping, spas, dining, exercise and the nature that surrounds. There are a number of hotels and rental homes, great for a romantic getaway or vacation with family and friends.

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    Santa Rosa Beach

    Florida, USA
    3 reviews

    love it, cant wait to retire here

  • 47


    California, USA
    36 reviews

    ehhh its nice i guess. didn't have fun as much as people say it is. its like where the 40yr singles hang out.

  • 48

    Pigeon Forge

    Tennessee, USA
    57 reviews

    Went there last October with my family and we are going back this October we are all so excited we love it!!! It was like Vegas for the kids!!

  • 49


    California, USA
    33 reviews

    Don't believe everything you've heard about Oakland, full of great people, neighborhoods, a lot of culture and booming small businesses. Public transportation is easily accessible and just a train ride away from the city.

  • 50

    Fort Lauderdale

    Florida, USA
    174 reviews

    I lived in Lauderdale so I didn't have time for all the fun thing's. But the beaches on the east side of FL. are ugly compared to the west side and the Gulf of Mexico.

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    Oregon, USA
    27 reviews

    Bend is a great place for outdoor activities of all sorts, especially those involving snow.

  • 52


    Hawaii, USA
    14 reviews

    Nestled just under the crater, its full of amazing views, cool air, farms and ranches.

  • 53


    Colorado, USA
    40 reviews

    This place is amazing. I couldn't afford to stay here. So, I was only site seeing. But, I would recommend it. If, you can afford it ? Do it !!

  • 54


    Florida, USA
    41 reviews

    My favorite place to be!!! Siesta Key Beach is wonderful! The sands are white as snow, its like walking on baby powder its so soft and the water is incredible!! A must go to again and again!!!!

  • 55


    Florida, USA
    202 reviews

    Wonderful city.Had the advantage to spend a couple week protesting with the 99% .Night and day experiencing the city's people including the out side citizens and the helpful and understanding Tampa Pd.

  • 56


    Arizona, USA
    86 reviews

    The Wellness Tribe will find plenty to celebrate in Tucson, with its plethora of wellness focused resorts like the Miraval, with its spa facilities, healthy food and 'self-discovery' activities. Plus, Memorial Day sees fun athletic events like a ColorVibe 5k run, where you get painted as you race!

  • 57

    Newport Beach

    California, USA
    63 reviews

    It's a beautiful place to lazy around...I love hanging out at Balboa Fun Zone...a lot of goodies and yummies. We'd hang out by the porch and watch different interesting people passing by us. My husband loves all the sexy girls pass by and my younger brother too, haha. These turtles are my fave. If you happen to cruise by Balboa ...

  • 58

    Santa Fe

    New Mexico, USA
    94 reviews

    Ah, Fanta Se. I grew up in Albuquerque, so this city was always the place we rolled our eyes and said, "What-ever" about. It's a little bit twee, but it does have the tremendous advantage of being *beautiful*, and the contemporary art scene that has developed in the last couple of decades adds a bit of an edge that this ...

  • 59


    Illinois, USA
    997 reviews

    What a beautiful city with incredible architecture and food on every corner. The city is so clean and diverse. In the spring they host some of the largest outdoor music festivals in the nation and is home to one of the most beautiful parks in the country.

  • 60


    Hawaii, USA
    47 reviews

    The price of living in paradise is its not easy to get away. When we need a short break we go to Hana. Swimming at seven pools, camping at Kipahulu, hiking the bamboo forest, trekking up to Fagan's cross, buying ice at Hasegawa General Store, fruit stands, waterfalls, bridges, tropical flowers, black sand, red sand, caves, it all or ...

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