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    116 reviews

    The reefs and beaches of the South Pacific, yet the infrastucture of America. Great asian-Hawaiian fusion food. Do some island hopping, there is waaaay more than just Waikiki.

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    112 reviews

    The USA's most populous state is like a small country of its own. Geographically, culturally, and ecologically diverse, it's a place with wild variety -- the glitz of West LA, the crunchy counterculture vibe of San Francisco's Haight-Ashbury, the gnarly slopes of Lake Tahoe in winter, the stunningly rugged national parks of Yosemite, Sequoia and Kings Canyon, and beaches from ...

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    New York State

    59 reviews

    You got to love this place. The mountains of the Adirondacks to the skyscrapers of Manhattan. This state has a true variety of places to see and visit.

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    22 reviews

    It is an ackward balance between the prescriptive mormons, and outdoor adventure seekers. One of the most beautiful states in the union, but a hard place to get a good beer.

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    25 reviews

    very under populated state, very beautiful with french styled houses. zero to none night life, great place for nature seeing

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    16 reviews

    Where I grew up! What can I say, Portland and most of the cities are really great places to live. People are nice and enjoy each other. The only down thing is the weather : ( But from May to September it's great!

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    15 reviews

    I have not gone much around here, all that I remember is the swamp. Louisiana is a completely different state for me. I can feel the hospitality and the friendliness of the people.

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    12 reviews

    There is more to this state than Las Vegas, but you have to go looking and driving for it. There is some beautiful scenery in the Eastern Sierras and plenty of old mines in the North of the state.

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    10 reviews

    I hope to come back and visit sometime. Check out the great city of Chicago!

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    78 reviews

    Personally I love warm, tropical weather so Florida is place I like to be. Lot so people from New York, New Jersey and all over the Northeast head south for the more agreeable weather.

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    31 reviews

    Big, vast, sprawling, hot, dry...just a few words that come to mind when I think of Texas. Texas is a driving state and expect a three to four hour road trip between major cities. Dallas, Austin, and Houston all have their own unique character, and you can smell the oil when you head through Luling. There is nothing quite like ...

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    North Carolina

    31 reviews

    Gorgeous views and plenty of fun activities. My only complaint is all the winding roads.

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    New Jersey

    29 reviews

    What can I say, I'm a Jersey girl born and raised. I have a love hate relationship with my home state and in general it is a place that people love to hate. But really it ain't so bad. Jersey has everything! And even though the natives complain of boredom there is a lot to do... You've got mountains in ...

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    11 reviews

    Massachusetts is very diverse. Most people who travel to MA most likely visit Boston which is a great cultural and historical city.

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    27 reviews

    There are few other states that can claim close to the variety of outdoor activities, natural beauty, historic heritage and oddball culture of Colorful Colorado. Colorado is the US's most mountainous state, with over 50 14,000 foot peaks to climb. The mountains are also home to the nation's best skiing and the ghost towns of the Gold Rush. Despite the ...

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    23 reviews

    I had been to every state in New England except Vermont until a recent road trip to Montpelier and Burlington. Vermont has none of the rocky, loneliness of New Hampshire or Maine. It's hills are wooded and dotted with dairy farms, snow and ski slopes. And, lest we forget, the greatest maple syrup in the world come from here.

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    23 reviews

    With temperate weather and plenty of southern hospitality Virginia seems like a lovely place to live.

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    19 reviews

    Flying over the north part of the state, so much can be seen, canyons as big as Grand, meteor craters, petrified forests, painted desert, and a lot of undeveloped, pristine space

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    25 reviews

    I've only been to Washington a couple times passing through Seattle. From what I've seen it seems like it might be a nice place to live. People from there always tend to be nice and friendly.

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    46 reviews

    I've been all over the state of Indiana, and I love just about the whole state, excluding the upper north-west quadrant which includes the city of Gary. If you can, avoid Gary like the plague. It is a crime-infested cesspool of a city in decline, where almost every other house is nearly or almost completly in a state of collapse.

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