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    116 reviews

    Great, all around place, though can be pricey. Each island is very different! If you're only here for a week, you may want to stick to just one island, rather than island hop (by airline, about $180 RT or so depending on current prices). There's usually more than enough to do on one island at a time for a week.

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    23 reviews

    I had been to every state in New England except Vermont until a recent road trip to Montpelier and Burlington. Vermont has none of the rocky, loneliness of New Hampshire or Maine. It's hills are wooded and dotted with dairy farms, snow and ski slopes. And, lest we forget, the greatest maple syrup in the world come from here.

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    110 reviews

    Everything you could ever need, and sometimes more than you would ever want; California is the greatest state in the US. I have never been one to want to settle down and make any one place my home, but if I had to choose it would be right here in California. With such a vast amount of space and a ...

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    23 reviews

    Virginia is not just for lovers like the bumper sticker says but fun with or without your family. Virginia is blessed with not just Historical towns like Jamestown,Fredricksburg,Williamsburg and Richmond. But it is blessed with places like Norfolk home to the worlds largest US Navy Base, 2012 NHL champions The Admirals,Doumar's Cones and Barbecue (home to the worlds first ice ...

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    19 reviews

    Sunny, hot, so much to see and do. I love the landscape, the water believe it or not, and the Native American culture.

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    New Jersey

    28 reviews

    Visited once and is a beautiful place. Lovely people and places Its great that it connects to New York city and can reach by Ferry.

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    7 reviews

    Delaware gets 4 stars for its beaches. The rest of the state is kind of a desolate dump, but the beaches are amazing. Yes, they THAT GOOD that they compensate for all the nothingness beyond.

  • 8


    78 reviews

    Adrian Chang said it all. Florida is horrible. Florida is wonderful. The pockets of unbelievable tropical beauty make all the rest of it worth it. Florida is home.

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    13 reviews

    lived there awhile saw the first farmaid there in chillcthy ican remember how to spell

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    12 reviews

    There is more to this state than Las Vegas, but you have to go looking and driving for it. There is some beautiful scenery in the Eastern Sierras and plenty of old mines in the North of the state.

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    10 reviews

    I mostly go to Illinois for looking at deer and hunting. Last time I went we seen about 250 deer!

  • 12

    New York State

    59 reviews

    Lots to see and do in the great state of New York, even when you go outside of New York City. Beautiful beaches and Niagra Falls await...

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    46 reviews

    I was born and raised there. It's a great place, especially if you like the farm life. I grew up in a small town and helped my friends out with the harvest every year, and I loved every minute of it.

  • 14


    31 reviews

    Big, vast, sprawling, hot, dry...just a few words that come to mind when I think of Texas. Texas is a driving state and expect a three to four hour road trip between major cities. Dallas, Austin, and Houston all have their own unique character, and you can smell the oil when you head through Luling. There is nothing quite like ...

  • 15


    27 reviews

    There's something about the blue skies and the clean air that just put you in a good mood. That John Denver was right... the Rockies really are irresistible.

  • 16


    13 reviews

    Southern hospitality at its best. Humming birds, a hammock and Georgia peaches. What more could you ask for?!

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    22 reviews

    SNOWKITING: So often there seems to be a connection between water sports and snow sports. Enjoy one? You will likely take a shine to its winter sister-sport in the off-season. This point is proven once again with snowkiting. Similar to kitesurfing, the basic requirement for this airborne sport is a power kite (complete with harness, etc.). From there, as long ...

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    11 reviews

    Massachusetts is very diverse. Most people who travel to MA most likely visit Boston which is a great cultural and historical city.

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    11 reviews

    Some beautiful scenery, saw over 20 whitetail deer.

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    18 reviews

    As Charlie Daniels wrote in a song Alabama could be heaven if the lord was there

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