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    The USA's most populous state is like a small country of its own. Geographically, culturally, and ecologically diverse, it's a place with wild variety -- the glitz of West LA, the crunchy counterculture vibe of San Francisco's Haight-Ashbury, the gnarly slopes of Lake Tahoe in winter, the stunningly rugged national parks of Yosemite, Sequoia and Kings Canyon, and beaches from ...

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    SNOWKITING: So often there seems to be a connection between water sports and snow sports. Enjoy one? You will likely take a shine to its winter sister-sport in the off-season. This point is proven once again with snowkiting. Similar to kitesurfing, the basic requirement for this airborne sport is a power kite (complete with harness, etc.). From there, as long ...

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    Delaware gets 4 stars for its beaches. The rest of the state is kind of a desolate dump, but the beaches are amazing. Yes, they THAT GOOD that they compensate for all the nothingness beyond.

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    As the last frontier of the continental US Oregon is has incredible natural beauty.

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    Adrian Chang said it all. Florida is horrible. Florida is wonderful. The pockets of unbelievable tropical beauty make all the rest of it worth it. Florida is home.

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    I've only been to Washington a couple times passing through Seattle. From what I've seen it seems like it might be a nice place to live. People from there always tend to be nice and friendly.

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    New Hampshire

    12 reviews

    Really beautiful, the first time I went camping was up on a farm in New Hampshire. If you have a chance to visit New England it is really beautiful in the autumn as the leaves start to change!

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    10 reviews

    I hope to come back and visit sometime. Check out the great city of Chicago!

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    116 reviews

    Nowhere else in the world can one see active lava pouring into the ocean or walk right up to molten rock as it creeps across land! The lava has been PUMPING lately - red rivers - and we love watching it in our backyard! It is truly magical watching the Big Island grow bigger here in our home of Kalapana! ...

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    12 reviews

    There is more to this state than Las Vegas, but you have to go looking and driving for it. There is some beautiful scenery in the Eastern Sierras and plenty of old mines in the North of the state.

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    New York State

    59 reviews

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    North Carolina

    31 reviews

    The most underrated state in the US, in my opinion. Wide sandy beaches on the eastern side; gentle sloping mountains in the west; and an interior piedmont filled with high-tech cities, down-home small towns, and a surprising number of vineyards; North Cackalacky is a little bit of everything.

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    Big, vast, sprawling, hot, dry...just a few words that come to mind when I think of Texas. Texas is a driving state and expect a three to four hour road trip between major cities. Dallas, Austin, and Houston all have their own unique character, and you can smell the oil when you head through Luling. There is nothing quite like ...

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    11 reviews

    Massachusetts is very diverse. Most people who travel to MA most likely visit Boston which is a great cultural and historical city.

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    29 reviews

    Amazing State. America's vast remaining wilderness. A world treasure.

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    New Jersey

    29 reviews

    What can I say, I'm a Jersey girl born and raised. I have a love hate relationship with my home state and in general it is a place that people love to hate. But really it ain't so bad. Jersey has everything! And even though the natives complain of boredom there is a lot to do... You've got mountains in ...

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    Proud to have been raised in such a beautiful place! Though it lacks some of the touristic appeal of coastal states, Colorado has all the variety and more of much larger states. Whether fancy dining or designer shopping or gold mine tours or craft beer drinking or downhill biking is your scene, there is plenty of opportunity scattered throughout Colorado. ...

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    23 reviews

    With temperate weather and plenty of southern hospitality Virginia seems like a lovely place to live.

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    Pennsylvania is very diverse stretching from the Northeast out to the Mid-West. I've spent most of my time around the Philadelphia are which has great cultural and historical significance. I've also been to the Amish country and the mountains. There is a lot to see in PA.

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