San Diego Zoo

2920 Zoo Drive, San Diego, CA 92101-1646
Becky Mahan's rating: 5
Ah, the world famous San Diego Zoo. It's enormous, it has thousands of animals, the food is overpriced, and they'll try to sell you a souvenir cup everywhere you go. Personally, a zoo is a zoo to me, but in the end I will judge it by the quality of its animal care and facilities, and the caretakers themselves. In this regard, the SD Zoo ranks very high with me - they maintain a fabulous reputation for their animal care, they run worldwide rescues and preservation of endangered species, and the caretakers and trainers are rigorously educated/trained. As an animal-rights advocate, I approve. And the establishment itself makes for an enjoyable day -- but don't plan an itinerary that has you moving through the exhibits mechanically. Enjoy the variation - witness the elephant feeding, walk a moving elevated sidewalk right into the trees of monkeys, and if you must, wait in the atrociously long lines for the world famous pandas. And don't forget to ride the skyride for beautiful views as you journey across the natural canyons within the park. If you can swing the extra dough, get one of the expeditions where you can personally interact with the animals - feed the giraffes, bathe the rhinos, hold a baby gorilla. Otherwise, just enjoy a day among the animal kingdom in the San Diego sunshine.
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