Titanic: The Artifact Exhibition

1788 El Prado, San Diego, CA 92101
Becky Mahan's rating:
I believe this is the same exhibition that was on display in Vegas; like the Dead Sea Scrolls, it travels to host cities. I was disappointed I didn't get to see this in Vegas when it was there, so I was excited when it came to my hometown. The Titanic Artifact Exhibition is a wonderful homage to the disastrous tragedy of the ship: it is highly educational, informative in a captivating way, and subtly harrowing. The entrance fee is $27 - a tad pricey, but understand that you are helping fund continued research and recovery projects to the ship. When you first enter, you are given a boarding pass and an information card on a real passenger who was on the ship - complete with a little background on why he or she was on it. The multi-room exhibit takes you through the story of the ship from construction to post-sinking, describing the revolutionary methods used to build her, what life was like onboard for the various classes of passengers, and then how she sank after striking the iceberg. Artifacts lifted from her wreckage are on display in glass cases, with information on who owned them and whether that person survived or not. The artifacts themselves are unassuming, but let your mind wander to the fact that they were owned and used by someone who lived 100 years ago, sank with the most famous ship in history 12,500 feet into the North Atlantic, and sat at the bottom of the ocean for 80+ years before they came to their home in the glass case before you....and suddenly, the steep entry fee becomes far more worth it. In the last room, scan the names on the giant display to discover the fate of your passenger. All in all, despite a slight disappointment that it wasn't as long or as large as I was expecting, the exhibition is a rewarding and profound experience.
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