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Belmont Mansion

1900 Belmont Boulevard, Nashville, TN, United States
This grand home of Adelicia Hayes Franklin Acklen Cheatham is the largest private residence museum in Tennessee, and is part of the campus of Belmont University. After a large life filled with independent wealth, perhaps Adelicia just wasn’t quite ready to part with her stately home. Adelicia and her second husband built the home between 1849 and 1853. It is not only the largest home museum in Tennessee, but also one of very few 19th homes that revolved around the life of a woman. Adelicia passed away after she had moved from Nashville to Washington DC, and was buried at Mt. Olivet Cemetery in Nashville. Students at Belmont have reportedly seen a woman wandering the halls of the house at night, looking out windows. A staff member has also come face to face with the ghost lady.
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