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The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas
3708 Las Vegas Blvd South, Las Vegas, NV 89109
Hanae's rating: 4

It's like sex in the city puked all over this place with pink, glitter and sexiness. I am also in love with their unqiue furnitures, especially the game themed section near the secret pizza place.

There's always a reason to come to this hotel when I'm in vegas. Either for Marquee, the secret pizza place, fun photoshoots with girlfriends, the buffet or just to gamble.

I heard theres a new "speakeasy" lounge where they have some pretty amazing performance and unique pricey food. I need to check it out...

It's a bit of a walk if you stay in the middle of the strip. We always take a cab there.

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Ultra Music Festival
1075 Biscayne Blvd, Miami, FL
Hanae's rating: 4

So much fun! Was a bit annoyed people kept massaging me with the assumption that I was on drugs. Also my phone reception sucked so much. The food/drinks inside is a rip off, but that's normal at all day festivals like these.

Other than that, the weather was perfect and the line up was great. The event ended early but the after parties kept us going.

Security is a hit or miss. Some will let you in with an unopened pack of gum then there's some that chucks it into the trash.

- Bring light jacket just in case you need it (you're near water so it may get chilly if you are sensitive like me)
- Bring cash! They don't take credit cards
- compy shoes
- portable battery chargers are a life saver
- avoid walking home if the path is not lit or if not many people are walking in that direction....very ghetto

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Half Dome
Yosemite National Park, California
Hanae's rating: 5

Climbing up the half dome wasn't THAT hard (kinda). The hike to get there was MISERABLE and GORGEOUS.

My boyfriend entered the raffle around March and found out he got 6 permits a month later to climb the half dome. Permit is required but we didn't see a ranger to check them when we got there.

We started on the Mist trail and ended with Muir trail (lots of horse poop).

Yosemite is the ultimate earth porn that I have ever experienced:
- Saw a woodpecker peck
- Sunrise (we started a little before 5:30am)
- Waterfalls
- Frost to snow as I went up higher
- Trees dripping from the melting snow
- Mist coming from the river when the sun came out
- LOTS of squirrels
- etc

- Have your permit ready on your phone or printed! Internet really sucks once you're in Yosemite.
- Bring warm clothes. It's freezing up there when you start around 4-5am.
- Do some weight lifting
- Stairmaster wearing a heavy backpack is recommended for training
- 3 liters is safe, make sure to get some electrolytes
- Bring food or energy bars
- Get the cheap garden gloves for $5 from rite aid...or use the ones in the pile near the cables

The view on top of the sub dome and the half dome were breath taking. Being on top of the half dome was magical. I still can't believe I was up there.

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Girl & the Goat
809 West Randolph Street, Chicago, IL 60607
Hanae's rating: 4

Girl and the Goat was a sweet dinner surprise thanks to my bf :)

As much as I loved the restaurant, it made me feel like I was in Los Angeles... something about the artsy-hipster feel really felt like LA.

We checked this place out because the name was unique and our friends recommended this place.

We showed up near Valentines day so the place was pretty packed unless this is how it is all the time?

Service: semi slow but she was busy

Branding: Adorable! I couldn't stop staring at it :)

The entres I remember ordering:
Pig Face: Everyone was raving about this, it's the most popular face but I was not impressed. It's not bad...but I expected something that would have WOW'd me. It's meat with egg on it. Pretty fatty/heavy.

Tender scallop with curry sauce: really good and I think this was my favorite dish

Pepper with miso: not bad, it's a filler. Too much to share for a party of two

Onion bread: I liked the bread a lot, maybe because I was hungry.

Beef tongue: another favorite dish, it was very light and refreshing.

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the office
955 W Fulton Market Chicago, IL 60607
Hanae's rating: 5

One of the best speakeasy themed bar I've ever been to. It's not just about the "exclusiveness" and the concept but the bartender who made our day very unique and memorable.

I don't think I've ever had a bartender like Julia before. We were fortunate enough to sit at the bar in the tiny room below Aviary and get to know her and talk about food.

The Office: It was actually an office before Aviary took over. They decided to change it into a bar that seats about 15-20 people. Your way in is to get the number from a server or someone who has been here and make a reservation. The room is dim and relaxing. You need a key to come back in if you step out for a restroom break.

The Drinks: $20/cocktail, I know it's pricey but it's worth it. The bartender will custom make your drinks (watching her create the piece was very entertaining). She noticed that one of the customer was a lil cold so she warmed up a cocktail by mixing the drink while it was on fire. She created a very unique whiskey drink where she put several drops of truffle oil on the ice ball. When the ice ball rolls the layer of oil sits on top of the whiskey.

Bartender: LOVE HER. She's gorgeous, sweet, humble and she loves to experiment with drinks. She's also a foodie so she recommended several places we should try.

Food: pricey but you should try something from their menu. Their sundae ice cream kit looked fun but I knew it was too big for a party of two. We got the foie gras spread instead.

The Office doesn't serve the cocktail drinks that are on the Aviary menu but because it was our anniversary/valentines day/my birthday, they brought on drink down for me that I was really curious about. Not sure what it is called but I call it slingshot. The drink comes with a sling shot on top which you use to break open an ice ball full of cocktail.

I can't wait to come back to this bar when I am back in Chicago!!!!

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the office
955 W Fulton Market Chicago, IL 60607
Hanae's rating: 5

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Marugame Monzo
329 E 1st St
Hanae's rating: 4

1st visit
- Lunch time, 30 min before they closed (2:30)
- Didn't get to see the guy make the noodle :(
- Grdered carbonara and squid butter signature entre: both were savory and delicious. Glad we shared 2 different entres and not get sick of eating only one. I also ordered a side off deep fried soft boil egg cuz I never had it. It was ok. My favorite dish was the carbonara sauce (cheeeessse).

- Made a reservation for my family (thank god, it got really crowded)
- Finally got to see a guy make their famous handmade udon at the bar behind the window! it's really cool to see how they were made :)
- My parents said this is the best udon they have ever had. The noodle isn't mushy and the soup is splendid.
- Ordered: curry udon, tempura don, meat udon, kake udon and carbonara.

A+++ they were very attentive and sweet :) they were cool about letting us change our reservation last minute.

- the signature entre is amazing but the sauce will distract u from the quality of the noodle
- the traditional udon, you can focus on the noodle and the soup/broth
- make a reservation because this place gets crowded
- they close at 2:30pm then opens again at 5pm
- i think the lunch price is the same as dinner, so best to go during dinner time

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Portola Coffee Lab
3313 Hyland Ave, Costa Mesa, California
Hanae's rating: 4

mmmm Mocha ice coffee on a sunny day :) unlike starbucks, the dark chocolate didn't over power the coffee and it wasn't too sweet.

The baristas in their lab coat added a nice touch to their coffee 'lab'.

Located inside OC Mix, not hard to look for parking. I'll def come back and check out their side cafe, Theorem :)

To be honest I wasn't as impressed with the place because I had some high expectations for this place. But it wasn't bad. Smaller than I imagined and not as lab-y.

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Equator Cafe
22 Mills Pl, Pasadena, California 91105 USA
Hanae's rating: 4

It looks like they have some sort of special everyday. Great place to start off a Sunday Funday. The place is located in a non-busy street/alley across a pizza shop.

Our friend reserved the lounge couch in the corner for our bottomless $10mimosa outing. The mimosas kept on flowing and we could choose three flavors which are apple (don't get it), lychee (best one) or the orange. There are other flavors if you pay an additional $4 (?), such as the pineapple or the blue one (fruit punch?).

Food special for Sunday are $3dim sum. All the dishes we ordered were delicious. I really enjoyed the shrimp and pork shu mai.

The ambience is really relaxing and casual. I'm in Love with the wall covered in chalk art with clever drunk quotes.

Service was great, she kept our bottles of mimosas filled and checked on us constantly.

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Midtown Hotel
220 Huntington Avenue, Boston, MA 02115
Hanae's rating: 4

Stayed here for few days for work. I was a little worried about this place because the place looked so outdated.

Overall it was a decent hotel. No bed bugs, clean room, good customer service.

The location is in South end and it's 5minutes walk to the mall/hynnes convention center. It's also walking distance to some tastey restaurants and cafes.

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Cosmetic Acupuncture Center Inc.
14307 Ramona Blvd, Baldwin Park, CA, United States
Hanae's rating: 5

My mother was against western medicine. She sent me to an old Chinese acupuncturist in Torrance when I was in high school in the late 1990s... It was a bit awakward. He made me feel uncomfortable and he was very demanding and over priced.

Chuck was not like that at all. When the opportunity came to get a procedure done I gave acupuncture another chance. He is very patient, professional and passionate about his career. He genuinely cares about his patients health and he' ll take his time to go over the procedures, diet plans, etc so they'll understand what is going on. There is no such thing as a stupid question.

Is about guiding the body back to its natural state of balance so that the body can heal itself. It is not something that will happen overnight and sometimes you need to change your life habits (or diet plans) in order to heal your body(depends on what the acupuncturist suggests).

Yes, you will feel some pricks but it will be worth it in the end. Every time I leave the clinic my body feels stress/pain free and my mind is relaxed and ready to be productive.

:: Clinic ::
Very clean, quiet and the music is soothing. You won't have any trouble looking for parking. Safe neighborhood.

- Drink plenty of water and snack a little before the session.
- Wear shorts, so you do not have to take them off.
- Other than healing, they also specialize in weight loss and enhance the ability to think clearly.
- They have people who speaks Spanish or Thai.
- My sessions usually last about an hour.

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Rock N Roll McDonald's
600 North Clark Street, Chicago, IL
Hanae's rating: 4

Couldn't say no to visiting McDonalds in Chicago. It's one of the biggest one I've been in (and they have an escalator).

Why this one is special:
- Convenient location after a bar outing
- it's 24hours
- The furnitures are clean and modern
- Plenty of space to lounge around
- The second floor is covered in history of McDonald

Second Floor:
I love the timeline they have upstairs! Each era had McDonald merchandise and advertisements. Some were pretty nostalgic to me...which made me feel old.

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DoubleTree by Hilton Boston Downtown
821 Washington Street, Boston, MA, 02111
Hanae's rating: 3

My first night in Boston!

HOTEL ROOM was clean and cozy with fast room service. The room isn't as outdated as I thought. We got a one bedroom with a small window view of the streets. Not much of a view but I can't complain for staying one night.

LOCATION makes a big difference when you don't have transportation. The hotel is close to the Train station, chinatown and a walkable distance to Boston Commons.

Warm chocolate cookie is always a bonus!

Two things I didn't like was the entrance with stairs and the very slow elevator. I didn't see an elevator so I hauled my butt up those stairs with my luggage.

Tip: I heard people who stay there has access to the YMCA gym.

Overall I think it's an affordable and convenient place to stay in Boston.

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2121 East 7th Place, Los Angeles, California
Hanae's rating: 4

My friends took me here for my birthday. Didn't realize how popular this place is because it wasn't easy making a reservation at 7pm unless it's weeks in advance.

Bestia is located in a location that looks a bit sketchy. The entrance and valet is located in the lit alley. If you want to save money on parking then there's street parking.

The interior is very industrial-hipster. SUPER crowded. Reservation is highly recommended. They have few seats at the bar for walkins but a lot of people will lounge around for that.

::Memorable dish for me::
:Bone marrow: my very first bone marrow! It came with spinach gnochi instead of bread.Very flavorful.
:Beef cheeks pasta: the menu didn't mention they're topped with peanuts. Hopefully they fixed that.
:Beef heart tar tar: very savory
:coffee donuts: popular dessert, I liked it :) especially with the home made whip cream.

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Robert vargas gallery
620 Main St, , Los Angeles, California
Hanae's rating: 4

Great art gallery located in downtown LA. Walked past the window on the way to a restaurant and the artsy storm troopers helmet display caught my attention. The art gallery wasn't open yet so we decided to stop by after brunch.

We showed up right before it opened and there was already a line for the "star wars legion" art show.

The art show was created in celebration for May the fourth. There's were tons of unique interpretation of the iconic helmet. Loved it so much I couldn't stop taking pics of all of them.

Free admission and the inside was air conditioned and spacey.

Parking might be a pain. Look for street parking and read the parking signs carefully. Or pay for a structure and have some foodie venture afterwards.

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Lawry's the Prime Rib - Beverly Hills
100 N La Cienega Blvd, Beverly Hills, CA 90211
Hanae's rating: 3

Here for dinela.

Forgot how crowded it gets during this time. My boyfriend planned ahead and made a reservation two months in advance for Friday night.

We got the prime Rib with lobster plus a side of mash potatoes. We started with some healthy salad and ended it with three kinds of dessert. Creme Brule, chocolate pudding and trifle (least favorite).

Don't get the watermelon monitor. It wasn't bad but not memorable.

-Everyone wants the meatballs while they wait in the waiting room, make sure to leave room for those.
- valet is $6, come early to look for free street parking after 6pm. Please read the parking sign.
- American express has a special double deal online. Google around. It's $20 off if you spend $100 plus $5off dinela special. You have to register before you use it.

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