Le Pigalle

22 boulevard de Clichy
Natasha B's rating: 4
This huge new bar (and restaurant) is located on the bustling street just outside of the Pigalle m├ętro station. It has several areas. On the main floor you will find a room decorated with vintage leather chairs and books that reminds you of a old bookstore or study with a large bar serving wine, beer and creative cocktails (happy hour is until 8pm and cocktails are 5 Euros) and to the other side an airy veranda styled room with plants. Downstairs you will find a piano and couches just outside the unique washrooms (I dont even know how to describe the tap)! Finally, go up to the second floor where you enter a boudoir-like room with plush circular couches, a purple neon lit bar, DJ turntables and even stripper poles! Defintely worth a visit!
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