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  • 1
    0.2 mi

    Sorchetteria Doppio Schizzo

    Via Cernaia 49/A, Rome, Italy
    0.2 mi from Vacation Rentals
    1 review

    Open 24 hours, this place is perfect for late night (or early morning) munchies and espressos. It's near Termini if you're waiting for a train and don't mind a brief walk.

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  • 2
    0.81 mi

    Pizzeria Leonina Snc

    Via Leonina, 84, 00184 Rome, Italy
    0.81 mi from Vacation Rentals
    2 reviews

    Thin, crispy pizza, birra chiara (lager) and some fritti (little fried snacks like our favorite zucchini flowers stuffed with mozzarella) will fill you up for under €20 at Pizzeria Leonina, a Roman classic.

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  • 3
    0.77 mi

    Ciuri Ciuri

    Via Leonina, 18, 00184 Rome, Italy
    0.77 mi from Vacation Rentals
    5 reviews

    Ciuri Ciuri serves up excellent Sicilian-style gelato. One of the top in Roma.

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  • 4
    0.78 mi

    Al Vino Al Vino

    Via dei Serpenti, 19, 00184 Rome, Italy
    0.78 mi from Vacation Rentals
    2 reviews

    Al Vino al vino is in one of my favorite Roman neighborhoods, Monti. It doesn't disappoint, with one of the best Roman quality/price ratios I've seen in terms of a wine list. The Ciro' by Librandi casa is only 4 euro and many other wonderful vintages are just as affordable by the glass. The salumi and formaggi plates are great ...

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  • 5
    0.81 mi

    Formula 1

    Via degli Equi, 11, 00185 Rome, Italy
    0.81 mi from Vacation Rentals
    1 review

    Tucked into Rome's student neighborhood of San Lorenzo, Formula 1 serves ridiculously cheap and stunningly tasty pizza, as well as an array of fritti, the fried snacks commonly eaten as a prelude to pizza in Rome. An added bonus for racing afficionados is the "Formula Uno" themed decor.

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  • 6
    0.27 mi

    Pinsere Roma

    Via Flavia 98
    0.27 mi from Vacation Rentals
    1 review

    I don't even know how to describe how much I loved the pizza (or "pinsa") from this place! They make personal oblong shaped pizzas that range from 3-4 Euros made fresh and served straight out of the oven with a crispy but light crust and loaded with tons of delicious toppings. The place is bustling with Italians on their lunch ...

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  • 7
    0.59 mi

    Trattoria Monti

    Via di San Vito, 13, 00185 Rome, Italy
    0.59 mi from Vacation Rentals

    I first came here years back with a couple Roman friends. It's a very affordable, dependable little trattoria with food from the Marche (on Italy's east coast.) A Roman standby and a bit unique in its neighborhood (close to Piazza Vittorio, which has since become Rome's Chinatown.

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  • 8
    0.84 mi

    Caffe del Quirinale

    Via XXIV Maggio 49 Roma
    0.84 mi from Vacation Rentals
    1 review

    Convenient to the Quirinal Palace. Probably the best cappuccino in Rome. Good pastries too and cheap for location. Hole in the wall gem which is worth a look in.

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  • 9
    0.99 mi

    RIstorante Santi

    Via Daniele Manin 55
    0.99 mi from Vacation Rentals
    1 review

    simple menu. satisfying meal. 2-course lunch for €10; 3-course dinner €20

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  • 10
    0.83 mi

    Palazzo del Freddo di Giovanni Fassi

    Palazzo del freddo - Via Principe Eugenio, 65, 00185 Rome, Italy
    0.83 mi from Vacation Rentals

    This place considers itself the oldest Gelato factory in Rome - it is one of the best. A huge place with more than a fair amount of gelato for the price with a wide selection of flavors. Can get busy with locals and tourists but worth the wait.

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  • 11
    0.26 mi

    Er Buchetto

    Via del Viminale, 2F, Rome 00185 Italy
    0.26 mi from Vacation Rentals
    4 reviews

    Great spot for truly Roman porchetta panini. Er Buchetto is cheap, the service is prompt and it's located conveniently close to Termini. I feel like I had a different experience from those who recommended it to me, as they described getting freshly sliced and curated porchetta panini. While my panino was tasty, he simply handed it to me from a ...

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  • 12
    0.26 mi

    Ristorante "Il Sorriso"

    Via Flavia, 63, Rome, Italy
    0.26 mi from Vacation Rentals
    3 reviews

    Read the reviews on here so visited tonight. Couldn't have been more friendly and helpful - they even took a table and chairs out because we wanted to sit outside - just go there you'll love it.

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  • 13
    0.99 mi


    Viale delle Milizie, 116
    0.99 mi from Vacation Rentals
    1 review
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  • 14
    0.99 mi


    Piazza dei Santi Apostoli, 58, 00187 Rome, Italy
    0.99 mi from Vacation Rentals
    1 review

    Lovely eatery, set in a square just back from the main road and the Piazza di Venezia. We regularly ate lunch here, and found the service impeccable. In addition to the expected tourist trade, it was also very popular with local business people.

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  • 15
    0.92 mi

    Pizzeria Mariotti

    Vicolo del Bottino 6/8, Rome 00187 Italy
    0.92 mi from Vacation Rentals
    1 review

    Mariotti serves pizza in one store and gelato in the other. I came here expecting nothing, as it's located right outside of the Metro, but I was pleasantly surprised. I had a slice with arugula, a ton of veggies and tuna. It had good flavor and texture, and it didn't cost me a lot. Not bad.

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  • 16
    0.95 mi

    Da Michele

    Via dell'Umiltà 31, Rome 00187, Italy
    0.95 mi from Vacation Rentals
    1 review

    Da Michele is located two blocks away from the Fontana di Trevi, making it less crowded than the other pizzerie nearby. Their ingredients are listed on the menu board, and there are very few: flour, salt, water and a two others I can't remember. Bottom line: This pizza is classically made. While it isn't a perfectly refined slice, they certainly ...

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  • 17
    0.8 mi

    Da Milvio

    Via dei Serpenti 7, Rome 00184 Italy
    0.8 mi from Vacation Rentals
    1 review

    Not the best pizza, but they serve a nice variety of slices and other items, and the workers seem to all be really sweet, old Italian ladies. They even understand a bit of English, and they are happy to help foreigners. The spot is large with both a bar area and seating space. Great place for a quick slice or ...

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  • 18
    0.55 mi

    Shawarma Station

    Via Merulana 271, Rome 00185 Italy
    0.55 mi from Vacation Rentals

    I was pleasantly surprised with Shawarma Station. The food was tasty, the space is nice and there's entertainment playing on the television. It's a really comfortable place to grab a bite to eat with a group or solo. With lots of options, most notably the shawarmas, there's something for everybody. Prices are reasonable. My simple shawarma came stuffed with meat ...

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  • 19
    0.82 mi

    Il Gelato di San Crispino - Trevi Fountain

    Via della Panetteria 42, Rome 00187 Italy
    0.82 mi from Vacation Rentals

    Lots of gelato places in Rome, but this one is in a scenic, even epic, location. You'll pay for that, but some times you just want an ice cream on a hot day!

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  • 20
    0.69 mi

    Gelateria Fatamorgana - Monti

    Piazza degli Zingari 5, Rome 00184 Italy
    0.69 mi from Vacation Rentals

    Up for some crazy gelato flavors? Then this is the place to go! I had the deep chocolate and the basil/honey/walnut (yes, basil) and both were delicious. I had a hard time choosing though since the range is so wide from classic mint and chocolate to lobster and vodka (no really!). A bit hard to find as it's in a ...

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