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  • 1

    Piazza San Marco

    165 reviews

    On Christmas Eve 2008 my wife and I were able to get seats for Midnight Mass at San Marco. It was a rare opportunity to see the interior of that gorgeous catheral at night with the candles lit and the golden ceiling dimly gleaming. Living in Istanbul at that time we had a unique appreciation for San Marco in that ...

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  • 2

    Grand Canal

    81 reviews

    The Grand Canal is the widest waterway in the city. It's crossed by three bridges, the most famous of which is the Rialto. There are also small gondola ferries that will take you across for a few Euro. The best way to get oriented, if you're coming in from the train station, is to take the Vaporetto all the way ...

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  • 3

    Basilica di San Marco

    94 reviews

    The Patriarchal Cathedral Basilica of Saint Mark (or Basilica Cattedrale Patriarcale di San Marco) is a signature Church among many in Venezia. It is the most famous of the City's churches and one of the best known examples of Italy-Byzantine architecture. You can't miss it from the eastern end of the Piazza San Marco, adjacent and connected to the Doge's ...

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  • 4

    Al Vaporetto

    27 reviews

    This is definitely the most convenient way to get around Venice, and after walking everywhere it's probably also the least expensive.

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  • 5


    43 reviews

    Island of great food and great color! There is a fabulous gift shop for alcohol and sweets, as well as pasta sauces and Italian delicacies right on the main strip of the island. I can't remember the name of it right now, but I will come back to it.

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  • 6

    Gondola Service

    55 reviews

    The gondolas are one of the most potent symbols of Venetian culture. These small boats offer guided tours of the city for a hefty price. It's worth it to see the expert oarsmen stand up there in designer clothes with an oar in one hand and a cell phone or cigarette in the other. A good tip is to take ...

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  • 7

    Peggy Guggenheim Collection

    29 reviews

    We loved this museum that sits directly on the Grand Canal of Venice. The artwork is housed in her former home, offers a fabulous mix of artists, and the overall experience feels very personal. The sculpture garden was filled with really interesting pieces that the kids especially enjoyed.

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  • 8

    Lido Island

    15 reviews

    The Lido is the large barrier island that protects the Venetian Lagoon. The sandy beaches of the Lido open onto the Adriatic Sea. I was here on Christmas day in 2008. The vaporetto ride to and from Lido was enjoyable and gave excellent views of the whole city. On the island itself was walked around for an hour or so ...

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  • 9

    Rialto Bridge

    95 reviews

    The most iconic bridge in Venice - Rialto Bridge - is one of the four bridges spanning the Grand Canal and is the oldest one. It is beautifully designed as a stone arch bridge and is the most popular - and crowded - in Venice, also due to the Rialto Market. Careful here for pickpocketers or higher prices, as it ...

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  • 10

    Canals of Venice

    35 reviews

    Do you know why Venice is surrounded and infused by water? The city was originally a creation of the Byzantines, who tried to reconquer Italy during the 6th century AD. Eventually the Byzantines were flushed out and the colony of Venice, which was then located on the mainland, was isolated. At the onset of the Lombard invasions the Venetians realized ...

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  • 11

    Il Ghetto

    17 reviews

    I often have strong literary associations with places that I have visited in Europe. For Venice the obvious connection is the "Merchant of Venice," which in part focuses on the Jewish ghetto in the city. My wife and I visited the ghetto around Christmas and we were intrigued by the site of Menorahs and Stars of David as well as ...

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  • 12

    Museo Correr

    4 reviews

    The Museo Correr is often overlooked because of its very central location at San Mark's Square. Visitors are likely to bypass it for the other grand museum on the Square. Nevertheless, the arts house within is worthy of a visit as is the building itself which is a work of art.

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  • 13

    Campo Santa Margherita

    15 reviews

    A lovely large (in Venetian terms) square with lots of local families and their children taking lunch away from the tourist hordes. It's located at the heart of the Dorsudoro district, and also has a weekly market, and a nearby university. We spent a very pleasant hour at an outdoor table at one of the cafes on the square, with ...

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  • 14

    Palazzo Ducale

    36 reviews

    An incredible site with a rich history. Be sure to visit the museum and the courtyard!

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  • 15

    Rialto Markets

    27 reviews

    This incredible market is a highlight of Venice. Everything is remarkably fresh and the market seems to go on forever!

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  • 16

    Scuola Grande Arciconfraternita di San Rocco

    12 reviews

    The Scuola di San Rocco was established in 1478 by a group of wealthy Venetian citizens, next to the church of San Rocco, from which it takes its name. Around 1570 Tintoretto was commissioned to paint the Scuola: you could find here really astonishing masterpieces.

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  • 17

    Basilica di Santa Maria Gloriosa dei Frari

    11 reviews

    This church, a minor Basilica, is one of the most amous in Venice. It was built around 1300 after a century of works. It is in gothic style and contains really noticeable works of art. Inside it there are several tombs. Th heart of Antonio Canova is here and Tiziano Vecellio was buried inside the church.

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  • 18


    7 reviews

    Giudecca is one of the many islands in the Venetian lagoon. It sits just south of the main island and can be easily seen from most areas of Dorsoduro. It is, in fact, considered part of the Dorsoduro sestiere.

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  • 19

    Museo Ebraico

    3 reviews

    I've been here twice in my visits to Venice and did the tour both times. Excellent museum and a lot of very interesting history to be learned about Venetian Jews!

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  • 20

    Chiesa di Santi Giovanni e Paolo

    11 reviews

    our gang 15 to 20 of us eat lunch across from this famous statue every year. Peter Weller (Robo Cop) who holds a doctorat in art history always explains the significance of this staue. We kid him all the time

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