Things to do for Spiritual Seekers in Venice and the Northeast, Italy 

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  • 1

    Basilica di San Marco

    98 reviews

    Amazing, iconic architecture that left me breathless. After seeing countless churches that all seem to run together after a while, this unique Byzantine structure really stood out.

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  • 2

    Basilica di Santa Maria Gloriosa dei Frari

    13 reviews

    There are so many beautiful and incredibly impressive churches, basilicas and cathedrals in Italy it can make you head spin.

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  • 3

    Piazza San Marco

    168 reviews

    The main piazza in Venice on the south end near to the center of the island along the grad canal near to all the cities main attractions.

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  • 4

    Palazzo Ducale

    37 reviews

    The Palazzo Ducale, built in Venetian Gothic style, was the residence of the Doge of Venice, the supreme authority of the Republic of Venice. It opened as a museum in 1923. The regular tour of the Doge's Palace is interesting enough. Within this Complex's Gothic civic architecture, every stone, passageway and artwork seemed to evoke the power that the former ...

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  • 5

    Il Ghetto

    17 reviews

    I often have strong literary associations with places that I have visited in Europe. For Venice the obvious connection is the "Merchant of Venice," which in part focuses on the Jewish ghetto in the city. My wife and I visited the ghetto around Christmas and we were intrigued by the site of Menorahs and Stars of David as well as ...

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  • 6

    Chiesa di Santa Maria dei Miracoli

    3 reviews

    A beautiful, very different looking church. I read about it in City of Falling Angels and was delighted to see it in person after finishing the book.

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  • 7

    Bridge of Sighs

    71 reviews

    Ponte dei Sospiri or Bridge of Sighs ... the final walk of prisoners across the water to what was most likely their end. Gayle saw from the outside and walked it from the inside.

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  • 8

    The Lion of St. Mark

    3 reviews

    The winged Lion is another signature sight on St. Mark's square.

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  • 9

    La Pietà

    2 reviews

    I wish we had been able to see a concert at this church, as they are supposed to be great. However, even the exterior is worth visiting.

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  • 10

    St Mark's Campanile

    2 reviews

    Gayle and I got to see the Campanile up close in the Square, from the Ferry, and coming and going on our Cruise ship. It's one of the many signature views of Venice that's hard to miss and shouldn't.

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  • 11

    Canals of Venice

    37 reviews

    One of the best ways to experience Venice is in a boat. I've done it in a taxi and in a Gondola and both were incredible. There's no other way to really see all of the architecture and beautiful decay of this city.

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  • 12

    Peggy Guggenheim Collection

    29 reviews

    At first I didn't want to "waste" my vacation time in Venice by going to this museum. I figured, why the heck should I pay to see some great American artworks after I flew all this way to Italy? Well, if you are a fan of abstract expressionism (in particular Calder or Jackson Pollock), then this museum is a MUST ...

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  • 13

    Chiesa del Santissimo Redentore

    4 reviews

    This votive Church was built in the late sixteenth century, and by votive I mean this Church was dedicated in fullfillment of a vow. In 1575 Venice was decimated by the plague, losing almost 40% of it's population. The Venice governmnent decided to build a Church for those that perished. It was built by the great Palladio!

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  • 14

    Golden Altar Piece at San Marco Basilica

    12 reviews

    The golden altar of San Marco is a must see for anyone visiting Venice. It's simply stunning. Be aware - they say no photography in the basilica... so keep your camera hidden and be stealthy.

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  • 15

    Museo Ebraico

    3 reviews

    I've been here twice in my visits to Venice and did the tour both times. Excellent museum and a lot of very interesting history to be learned about Venetian Jews!

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  • 16

    Scuola Grande Arciconfraternita di San Rocco

    12 reviews

    Come here to see some impressive artwork on the walls and ceiling from Tintoretto.

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  • 17

    Chiesa di Santi Giovanni e Paolo

    11 reviews

    San Zanipolo (as it's known in Venetian dialect) is one of the largest churches in Venice and is categorized as a minor basilica. More than 25 Doges are interned here.

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  • 18

    Chiesa di San Giorgio Maggiore

    9 reviews

    As seen from the top of the Campanile in S. Marco. Incidentally, the best way to get an incredible view of San Marco (and Venice, as a whole) is from the top of the bell tower on San Giorgio Maggiore.

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  • 19

    Castel San Pietro

    5 reviews

    After a visit to San Marco, make your way to San Pietro di Castello 

From Piazza San Marco walk along all of the Riva degli Schiavoni (this is the only crowded part) heading east. Walk all the way up to the Ponte dell'Arsenale (you could catch a vaporetto from Saint Mark's and get off in Arsenale if you did not ...

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  • 20

    Chiesa di San Moisè

    4 reviews

    I wasn't able to go into the Chiesa di San Moise - it seems like I missed going into most of the churches in this area by just a slim amount - but the facade is absolutely gorgeous. It's a great example of baroque art and combined with the busy piazza in front of it and the bustling gondola stand ...

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