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    3 Jan 12, 2013

    We had a party of 5 and we all ordered filet mignon: three with black pepper sauce, one with liver sauce, and one stuffed with ham and cheese. One also ordered the pad thai because.. I don't know... I don't know why anyone would order pad thai at a non thai place.

    My friend ordered the garlic bread because of the good reviews. It was pretty good.. crispy and soft at the same time, flavorful. But... I usually don't order bread at restaurants if I feel it can easily be made at home.

    The liver sauce is actually made with pate! I love pate but hate liver. If I had known, I would've ordered it too.
    The black pepper sauce is pretty strong. I thought it was overwhelming the meat flavors. I should've got garlic butter.
    The ham and cheese was not stuffed in the steak, but the ham is rolled with american cheese inside, and they put it on top of the steak. I love anything with cheese!! but that was disappointing.

    The pad thai was soggy and bland. But then why would you order pad thai here?

    I ordered a taro milkshake which was just alright. The red rice was dry. I enjoyed the macaroni more.

    Sooo overall, I did not particularly enjoy my meal here.. I don't think I would go back.

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