Villa Cahaya

Jalan Puri Masuka 1 A Ungasan Indonesia 80361

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147 Results
  • 41
    8.62 mi

    Mr. Pancake

    8.62 mi from Villa Cahaya
    2 reviews

    Yep, you guessed it - an all pancake menu plus pasta, steak and sandwiches. And if your dream pancake isn't on the menu, they'll customize it for, sing ken ken (that's Balinese for 'no prob'). Gourmet and delicious - yum yum! Kutabix Mall. 1st floor, Unit 7, Pantai Kuta.

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  • 42
    12.11 mi

    Taco Casa - Mexican Restaurant

    12.11 mi from Villa Cahaya
    2 reviews

    Great simple Mexican food.

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  • 43
    8.65 mi

    Warung Sederhana

    8.65 mi from Villa Cahaya
    2 reviews

    Warung Sederhana has the best Indonesian Porkchop steak with bumbu Bali (bali super spicy spices)

  • 44
    14.4 mi

    Sticky Fingers

    14.4 mi from Villa Cahaya
    2 reviews

    Great little Italian spot with nice fish dishes, pastas and thin crust pizzas. Also a great spot for a morning coffee while watching the surf.

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  • 45
    9.02 mi

    Blue Ocean Seafood

    9.02 mi from Villa Cahaya
    2 reviews

    Fresh seafood cooked to order and dinner by the beach. Good and fast service. Grilled fare excellent. Don't forget to try one of those grilled corn sold by beach vendors. Slather with spicy butter and you're in heaven.

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  • 46
    10.87 mi

    Zappaz Piano Bar & Grill

    10.87 mi from Villa Cahaya
    2 reviews

    Great music and beer!

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  • 47
    8.63 mi

    Dulang Kafe

    8.63 mi from Villa Cahaya
    2 reviews

    Light, clean, eclectic Asian food. Friendly, attentive staff, relaxed ambiance. Th cashew chicken and seafood gado gado were devoured within minutes of being served even though we tried to relish them. The 'Devilish Vojito' (a mojito with vodka instead of tequila) was divine, am told.

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  • 48
    12.2 mi

    Mie 88

    12.2 mi from Villa Cahaya
    2 reviews

    Good traditional Chinese food with Indonesian undertones. Cozy backyard dining area under grass huts and alongside verdant rice paddies. Not my favorite food in Bali, but good, and a very interesting selection of dishes.

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  • 49
    14.31 mi

    Warung Satria

    14.31 mi from Villa Cahaya
    2 reviews

    I love the food but the service is too slow.

  • 50
    5.49 mi

    Jimbaran Beach Cafe

    5.49 mi from Villa Cahaya
    1 review

    hot but beautifull?!

  • 51
    8.63 mi

    Black Canyon Coffee, Discovery Mall

    8.63 mi from Villa Cahaya
    1 review

    My new fav coffee chain! This Thai franchise takes the art of specialty coffee above and beyond Starbucks with standouts such as their green tea frappe, their fresh tomato frost and the chai tea yen plus the usual stalwarts. Their secret is that their Arabica coffee beans are locally grown but the hill tribes in Northern Thailand under the patronage ...

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  • 52
    11.34 mi

    The Junction

    11.34 mi from Villa Cahaya
    1 review

    My favorite restaurant in Bali. Yummy food, beautiful and interesting decor, excellent service.

  • 53
    10.58 mi

    Warung Babi Guling Pak Malen

    10.58 mi from Villa Cahaya
    2 reviews

    Fave place in bali to have suckling pig

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  • 54
    5.76 mi

    Warung Babi Guling (Bundaran Renon)

    5.76 mi from Villa Cahaya

    My city town

  • 55
    11.29 mi

    Waroeng Wahaha

    11.29 mi from Villa Cahaya
    1 review

    If you don't want the long queue of Warung Naughty Nuri's, this is definitely a good alternative especially if you traveling with kids. I found the quality of the rib here is more consistent. At Nuri's during busy time, the rib can be aweful. Of course, the ambience is not as exotic here compare to Nuri's

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  • 56
    9.67 mi

    Ketupat Restaurant

    9.67 mi from Villa Cahaya
    1 review

    This is one of my consistent favorites in Bali. I hate having to visit Kuta but this restaurant is worth it. The atmosphere is exceptional, food quality is high, and the menu is very diverse offering cuisine from all parts of Indonesia. Visit in the evening and reserve a pillow seat at one of the poolside bungalows. Alternatively, if you ...

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  • 57
    12.36 mi

    Ombak Bali, La Plancha

    12.36 mi from Villa Cahaya
    1 review

    A great place to view sunset

  • 58
    10.55 mi

    Ryoshi Japanese Restaurant & Bar

    10.55 mi from Villa Cahaya
    1 review

    Some of the best sushi I've ever eaten at some of the best prices imaginable. Very fresh and traditionally prepared. There is an excellent selection of rolls, sashimi, sushi and Japanese noodle dishes. Decor has a rustic, Japanese feel too it. Great location on one of Seminyak's main drags as well.

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  • 59
    13.75 mi


    13.75 mi from Villa Cahaya

    My food adventures on Bali keep getting better with each passing day. Canteen is my new favorite. Traditional Warung meets trendy surf shack, right in the heart of Canggu. The chicken laksa is nothing short of heaven in a bowl - and addictive at that. Also, try their berry smoothie - amazing. Love the old school surf vibe ambiance, but ...

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  • 60
    12.19 mi


    12.19 mi from Villa Cahaya
    1 review

    One of the best and my favorite restaurant in Bali, fine dining, mainly fish and seafood, and the Sardine comes with an excellent view of rice fields.

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