Villa La Massa

Via della Massa 24, Candeli 50012, Italy
5 reviews

This 16th Century Mansion is perfect if you love the idea of exploring Florence but don't want to be in the city. Located on a hilltop overlooking the city it is a romantic alternative to the city central hotels. It is open seasonally April-October to take advantage of the gorgeous Tuscan weather. The rooms are exquisite with lush furnishings but ...

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  • 1
    0.46 mi


    Via di Rimaggio, 12/24, Bagno a Ripoli, Italy
    0.46 mi from Villa La Massa
    1 review

    Good restaurant. 2 km from the house.

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  • 2
    4.15 mi

    Trattoria dei Quattro Leoni

    Via dei Vellutini, 1r, Florence 50125 Italy
    4.15 mi from Villa La Massa

    their Fiocchetti was the best meal we had for the entire duration of our trip; I LOVED it. So much so, that my friends and I went back a second time!

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  • 3
    3.99 mi


    Piazza della Repubblica, 39, Florence, Italy
    3.99 mi from Villa La Massa

    Perfect breakfast spot. Stand at the bar, enjoy a coffee and a brioche. Looks touristy but full of locals. A Florentine institution.

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  • 4
    3.38 mi

    Caffè Cibreo

    Via Andrea del Verrocchio, 5-red, 50122 Florence, Italy
    3.38 mi from Villa La Massa
    8 reviews

    Gorgeous little cafe in Santa Croce. The outdoor seating doesn't get the best views but the inside is stunning. Old school lovely with good coffee and desserts. One of the few cafes in Florence where you might be tempted to waste the day.

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  • 5
    4.11 mi

    Ciro & Sons - Antica Pizzeria dell'Arte

    Via del Giglio, 28-red, 50123 Florence, Italy
    4.11 mi from Villa La Massa
    3 reviews

    I was so excited when I found Ciro and Sons, which has a pretty extensive gluten-free menu. They have gluten-free pastas, gluten-free bruschetta, gluten-free pizza crust (freshly made in restaurant), and even gluten-free dessert crepes. I was wanting pizza, but I was informed that you have to reserve your seats a few hours in advance if ordering gluten-free pizza, as ...

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  • 6
    3.93 mi

    Osteria dei Baroncelli

    Chiasso dei Baroncelli, 1, 50122 Florence, Italy
    3.93 mi from Villa La Massa
    1 review

    Our tour manager arranged for us to have a small group dinner to try the type of steak that Florence is famous for. It's called Bistecca alla Fiorentina and is a T-bone steak served char-grilled but rare. Once grilled, they season it with salt, pepper, and olive oil. I once had a 'Fiorentina' steak at Carnevino in Las Vegas and ...

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  • 7
    4.02 mi

    Vecchio Forno

    Vie Guelfa 30, Florence, Italy
    4.02 mi from Villa La Massa
    1 review

    Gorgeous little spot selling panini, focaccia and other baked goods. No outdoor seating but a great place for a quick bite or take away. A real gem.

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  • 8
    3.94 mi


    3.94 mi from Villa La Massa

    The balsamico was one of the best sandwiches I've had in my life. Fantastic. The atmosphere here is incredibly charming. This one is a must visit for Florence. Exceptional.

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  • 9
    3.92 mi


    Via del Campanile, Florence, Italy
    3.92 mi from Villa La Massa

    This global chain serves up consistently good product. I prefer mom and pops but these guys do a great job in a pinch.

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  • 10
    3.51 mi


    Via San Giuseppe, 22r, Florence 50122 Italy
    3.51 mi from Villa La Massa
    3 reviews

    NB all the DRIVING distances indicated in this guide are much bigger than WALKING distance which has no compulsory itinerary

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  • 11
    4.15 mi

    Buca Lapi

    Via del Trebbio, 1r, Florence 50123 Italy
    4.15 mi from Villa La Massa

    Unbelievable! Best food we had in Florence by a long shot. This place was recommended by an Italian friend and did not disappoint. We had the hand made pasta with fresh fennel sausage (so good I almost wept) and the bisteak Florentine, which weighted nearly a pound, was beautifully prepared and delicious. Service was great, wine was great. We were ...

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  • 12
    4.15 mi

    il magazzino s.a.s. di Cai Luca

    Piazza della Passera, 50125 Florence, Italy
    4.15 mi from Villa La Massa
    2 reviews

    Located in a great and lively place, this restaurant offers a wide selection of typical tuscan dishes, and its specialty is the trippa dish. Prices are very cheap for the quality offered.

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  • 13
    3.38 mi

    Il Cibreo

    Via dei Macci, 118r, Florence 50122 Italy
    3.38 mi from Villa La Massa

    Expensive, successful and unusual restaurant. NB all the DRIVING distances indicated in this guide are much bigger than WALKING distance which has no compulsory itinerary

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  • 14
    3.39 mi

    Il Pizzaiuolo

    Via dè Macci, 113, 50122 Florence, Province of Florence, Italy
    3.39 mi from Villa La Massa
    3 reviews

    one of the best pizza in town NB all the DRIVING distances indicated in this guide are much bigger than WALKING distance which has no compulsory itinerary

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  • 15
    3.68 mi


    Vivoli, Via Dell'Isola delle Stinche, 7r, 50122 Firenze, Italia
    3.68 mi from Villa La Massa
    1 review
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  • 16
    3.74 mi

    Gelateria Dei Neri Di Vivoli Maurizio

    Via dei Neri, 22, 50122 Florence, Italy
    3.74 mi from Villa La Massa

    Fabulous gelateria! Not that we found much bad gelato, this was just a great one! Not too impressive from the outside, but worth it.

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  • 17
    3.82 mi

    All'Antico Vinaio

    Via dei Neri, 65, Florence, 50122 Italy
    3.82 mi from Villa La Massa
    6 reviews

    Amazing little wine bar and deli. Tables on the street, a deli where they make sandwiches fresh from fresh bread and mouthwatering cheeses and dried meats they carve as you watch. Selve serve bruschettas of all kinds - truffles, sheep cheese, spicy peppers and meat. A massive selection of wines, all reasonably priced. This place is always packed, and when ...

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  • 18
    4.19 mi


    Via Faenza 95, Florence, Italy
    4.19 mi from Villa La Massa
    6 reviews

    This is a pretty large establishment and the menu is pretty extensive. However, if you see FRIED LAMB on the specials menu, get it. Otherwise the pizzas are fantastic and you can do no wrong with their pastas.

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  • 19
    3.75 mi

    Acqua al 2

    Via della Vigna Vecchia, 40r, Florence 50122 Italy
    3.75 mi from Villa La Massa
    5 reviews

    Really great Italian food but make a reservation. It is a great place to take family when they visit. The meat is delicious.

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  • 20
    4.03 mi

    Trattoria Mario

    Via Rosina, 2, 50123 Florence, Italy
    4.03 mi from Villa La Massa
    5 reviews

    Went in with few expectations, left with a full stomach full of smiles. This is a family place and it feels like a Ragu commercial. Staff is friendly and can probably make any smile. Food is awesome, there's no fancy presentation - but who cares!

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