Help Yvette T. with their trip plan: Viva La Mexico!

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Troy Howard recommended Coyoacán market
Coyoacán market Aguayo & Allende
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Troy Howard

Great spot for great grub Yvette.

Evan Roth-Howe recommended Museo Nacional de Antropología
Museo Nacional de Antropologíaav. Paseo de la Reforma y Calzada Gandhi, Mexico City, Mexico
One of my favorite museums anywhere. You could spend days here and still not see everything. Endless galleries of Aztec and Mayan artwork, sculptures, jewelry, and artifacts.
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Wanugee recommended San Juan Teotihuacan
Teotihuacan is about an hour or so outside of Mexico City. This is the site of the massive ruins of the pre-Columbian period indigenous people of Mexico. The ruins are spectacular and fascinating to ... read more
see, with the large scale city that used to be here. The pinnacle of these ruins are the two large pyramids built here. The Sun and the Moon Pyramids. You can take guided tours of the ruins, and you can climb up the Pyramids to the top. But be careful, because you are already over a mile above sea level, so climbing up the Sun Pyramid can take its toll out of you, especially if you are not young or in good health.. There is a guide rope that you can hang on to to help you make the journey up. Great views of the entire complex from the top.
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Wanugee recommended Basílica de Nuestra Señora de Guadalupe
Basílica de Nuestra Señora de GuadalupePlaza de las Americas, Mexico City, MEX 54092 Mexico
The Basilica of Guadalupe is one of the most cherished places for the Roman Catholic faithful in Mexico. The small little original Basilica is there, but the later iteration of it ( I believe the ... read more
third) is next to it, where you can go inside and see the picture of Guadalupe in her Golden Frame. Many devout Mexican Catholics get on their hands and knees and cross the large cobbled square to the Basilica, praying with each movement toward it, and climbing up its long staircase on hands and knees, such is their devotion.
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Guadalupe, a must if you are Roman Catholic

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