Volt Sunset Cafe

2401 N Glassell Street
1 review

The Volt Sunset Cafe services the Volt Corporate Park with internal catering and an on campus facility. The food is at a reasonable cost, slightly lower than going off campus. In addition their menu varies throughout the week. The food is not particularly outstanding, just somewhat average. The service team is very personable and curteous. A lot of our staff ...

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  • 61
    4.19 mi

    NCH Wealth Advisors, Inc.- Income Tax Service

    1661 East Chapman Avenue, Fullerton, CA
    4.19 mi from Volt Sunset Cafe
    1 review

    Awesome Tax and Wealth Advisors. Everyone here is super nice and they do a great job. If you wanna make money and keep your money, call them up. It was super easy to do my taxes this year and they do so much more.

  • 62
    3.9 mi

    Tai & Yul Spazio

    165 E City Pl Dr, Santa Ana, CA 92705
    3.9 mi from Volt Sunset Cafe
    1 review

    Yul works wonders with the mop of hair I have on my head! I wish I could just shrink him down, put him inside my pocket and take him out every morning before work to let him style my hair haha! He gives great hair massages while shampooing and I love the location of his salon! Do yourself a favor ...

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  • 63
    3.75 mi

    University Cheveron

    2950 Nutwood Ave Fullerton, CA
    3.75 mi from Volt Sunset Cafe
    1 review

    I like chevron gas because it's better for my car (yay techron), but I don't like the fact that most of the time chevron is way way more than anyone else. But not here, some of the cheapest gas around (at least for me) a good 20-30 cents cheaper than where I live (irvine), so I always fill up after ...

  • 64
    3.61 mi

    Hurley HQ

    1945 placentia ave, Costa Mesa, California
    3.61 mi from Volt Sunset Cafe
    1 review
  • 65
    2.35 mi

    Hapa Cupcakes

    1210 North Jefferson Street, Anaheim, CA
    2.35 mi from Volt Sunset Cafe
    1 review

    It's true that biracial couples produce the most adorable offspring and that mixing concept rings true in the dinning realm as well. Korean BBQ tacos, hot dogs with Japanese ingredients, the ethnic flavor combinations are endless, but what happens when you combine an adult beverage with a dessert traditionally celebrated at a child's birthday? You get an epic party in ...

  • 66
    4.13 mi

    Discovery Science Center

    2500 N Main St, Santa Ana, CA, United States
    4.13 mi from Volt Sunset Cafe
    1 review

    Great science museum – fun for the whole family!

  • 67
    1.73 mi

    Concourse Family Bowling Center

    3364 East La Palma Avenue, Anaheim, CA 92806-2814
    1.73 mi from Volt Sunset Cafe
    1 review

    Bought a kickass Goldstar ticket for Sunday Bowling Brunch for $10 (+$3 service fee) x2 for myself and my BF which we went to this past weekend. Our time slot was from 10 am - 12 noon so we arrived at 9:40 am to get our grub on prior. Wow they had a great buffet spread! -Scrambled Eggs (fluffy!) -Bacon ...

  • 68
    3.97 mi

    Lucky Strike Lanes

    20 City Boulevard West # G2, Orange, CA, United States
    3.97 mi from Volt Sunset Cafe
    2 reviews

    I give 5 stars to Trivia night on Tuesdays. So much fun. No buy in - so there is no large cash prize but you do get a $50 gift card for Lucky Strike if your team wins. Also there is a special question in the middle of the round where you can get a round of drinks for your ...

  • 69
    3.41 mi

    Neighborhood Pawn

    608 West Chapman Avenue, Placentia, CA
    3.41 mi from Volt Sunset Cafe
    1 review

    Talk about a hole in the wall... and they don't even serve food!!! This pawn shop is one of the smallest that I have come across. However they carry several distinct items; Jewelry, Power Tools, Musical Instruments, and Movies. Those four categories made up 95% of the items that they had for sale at this shop. Literally this must be ...

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  • 70
    4.73 mi

    Riverview Golf Course

    Santa Ana, CA
    4.73 mi from Volt Sunset Cafe
    1 review

    Riverview is actually a fantastic golf course, provided you catch it during the right conditions. Located IN the Santa Ana Riverbed, there are some absolutely AMAZING holes for a municipal golf course, specifically #4! The slope rating on this course is off the chain, with elevated tees, to elevated greens with LOTS of OB. You can get a deal for ...

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  • 71
    1.5 mi

    Capri Flowers

    1419-C North Tustin Street, Orange, CA
    1.5 mi from Volt Sunset Cafe
    1 review

    Ils avaient des fleurs jolie ici... thas frenchish for you pagens whu dun spak da langwage of luvies... it means they have pretty flowers here! This place is kinda not where you would expect it to be. Its also weird in that its on the edge of a strip mall on Tustin avenue and the entrance is in the front ...

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  • 72
    1.49 mi

    CVS/pharmacy | Photo

    1535 East Katella Avenue, Orange, CA
    1.49 mi from Volt Sunset Cafe
    1 review

    I NEED DRUGS!!! SERIOUSLY!!! THESE PEOPLE WILL GIVE YOU DRUGS!!! YAY! There is only one caveat... you need a perscription to get the druggies... So I had just utilized the minute clinic here and needed the drugs to fight whatever was ailing me... and while there was a short line (like 3 people) to drop off the Rx, it went ...

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  • 73
    2.09 mi

    Orange Pawn Shop

    829 North Tustin Street, Orange, CA
    2.09 mi from Volt Sunset Cafe
    1 review

    So I am bored at lunch yet again and decide let's see what other fun crazy chit I can discover near my office. So I am driving around and see a pawn shop sign!!! I'm thinking TIOOOOGHT! So I cruise on in and check the joint out. So in I stroll... My very first thought, "Dayem it's bright in here". ...

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  • 74
    2.82 mi

    Valero Corner Store

    818 West Orangethorpe Avenue, Placentia, CA
    2.82 mi from Volt Sunset Cafe
    1 review

    This has been my go to station in placentia as they take credit cards and have traditionally been $.01 or no difference to the local Arco stations. They also have diesel without being under an awning so no roof issues. And as a helpful hint, if you rent a UHaul down the street you can get either a quick early ...

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  • 75
    2.65 mi

    Tobacco & Gift Shop

    1057 N State College Blvd, Anaheim, CA
    2.65 mi from Volt Sunset Cafe
    1 review

    So I found this little joint right after having gone to the bank… and stater bros… I really have enjoyed trying to find new places to get lotto tickets. Places like this are making it a lot of fun. This is yet another great shop with super friendly customer service. I was able to go in and without ...

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  • 76
    1.55 mi

    Dromo One

    1431 North Main Street, Orange, CA 92867-3403
    1.55 mi from Volt Sunset Cafe
    1 review
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  • 77
    3.97 mi

    Cohiba Cigar Lounge

    20 City Boulevard West #801, Orange, CA, United States
    3.97 mi from Volt Sunset Cafe
    1 review

    You ever smell that smell.... that smell that transports you to another time and place? I was passing by Cohiba @ Santana row the other day and smelled it the sweet smell of burning vanilla on a sunny day birds were singing and girls were winking And then it was socal days all over again. The place where I discovered ...

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  • 78
    4.8 mi

    Quill Lounge

    1630 Mabury Street, Santa Ana, CA, United States
    4.8 mi from Volt Sunset Cafe
    1 review

    Quill is a cool little dive bar with very cheap drinks! I came here last night with several friends after dinner to get a few drinks. A friends that lives in the area suggested it so we agreed to check it out. At first I wasn't sure what to think of this place. It is very small and the crowd ...

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  • 79
    2.86 mi

    Orange Army Navy Store

    131 South Glassell Street, Orange, CA, United States
    2.86 mi from Volt Sunset Cafe
    1 review

    Ok so you want some dungarees or perhaps need some new OD threads... wanna dress up as GI Joe for an event? Love to go camping well this is the kinda place to get your butt down to. They have definitely had an upgrade from the dingy nasty smelly Surplus stores that I remember going to in my childhood. This ...

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  • 80
    4.82 mi

    Ross Department Store, santa ana

    2200 E 17th St
    4.82 mi from Volt Sunset Cafe
    1 review

    I was very pleasantly surprise when I went to this Ross. I was greeted by 3 different employees. The store wasn't a mess like most Ross stores. The selection seemed pretty decent although I only browsed the store since I was looking for a certain item.

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