Volt Sunset Cafe

2401 N Glassell Street
1 review

The Volt Sunset Cafe services the Volt Corporate Park with internal catering and an on campus facility. The food is at a reasonable cost, slightly lower than going off campus. In addition their menu varies throughout the week. The food is not particularly outstanding, just somewhat average. The service team is very personable and curteous. A lot of our staff ...

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  • 1
    0.13 mi

    A-1 Deli

    0.13 mi from Volt Sunset Cafe
    1 review

    So this joint is near my office and I needed a quickie bite to eat. So I raced in and ordered a bbq beef sammie. Normally this is a very safe easy lunch item. Often the tastiest hot sammie on the menu... Well here it was extremely ummm pedestrian, average, or unremarkable. I love sammies and was really looking forward ...

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  • 2
    0.51 mi

    Orange Tree Deli

    0.51 mi from Volt Sunset Cafe
    2 reviews

    HOLY HELL BATMAN THERE IS FREE FOOD INSIDE!!! Isnt it wonderful when you get free grub due to Yelp? I absolutely love it, check me in and give me a free drink or chips or cookies... and those COOOKIES are so dayem good... lets just say... dont tell Cookie Monster about them or somebodys gonna get hurt... sadly it would ...

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  • 3
    0.93 mi


    0.93 mi from Volt Sunset Cafe
    1 review
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  • 4
    0.93 mi

    Zena's Lebanese Cuisine

    0.93 mi from Volt Sunset Cafe
    1 review

    The best Lebanese restaurant around! It's family owned and you can't go wrong with anything you order. My favorites are the fattoush salad, fried eggplant, the chicken kabob and their baklava is homemade and better than any others I've tried.

  • 5
    0.91 mi

    Maples Pizza & Chopankabob

    0.91 mi from Volt Sunset Cafe
    1 review

    So while on the quest for a great lunch, my coworker and I ended up here at Naples. I had first found this place while on a taco hunt and there is a taco place next door to it. However I saw the sign for pizza and was intrigued. So one day we said screw it lets get some pizza ...

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  • 6
    0.9 mi

    Trader Joe's

    0.9 mi from Volt Sunset Cafe
    1 review

    When it comes to grocery, TJ's is usually my preferred place to go so I'm happy this one is close to home. For our BBQ, I was tasked with finding a dessert. There are lots of bakeries in the area but unfortunately, they close early so I came here to find something. The baked goods section isn't all that big ...

  • 7
    0.93 mi

    Pho Company

    0.93 mi from Volt Sunset Cafe
    1 review

    I would also go for a 3.5 star if I could... So I gave them the rounding bump up... I went here a number of times when it was Pho 99 years ago. However I just got a new job in the area so met one of my friends here for lunch one day. A lot of similar feel to ...

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  • 8
    0.51 mi

    Taqueria Guadalupana

    0.51 mi from Volt Sunset Cafe
    1 review

    So I was cruising around at lunch and not hungry really... had stopped by the bank, jamba juice, and wanted to stay away from the office for my whole lunch break... and I somehow ended up at Thrift Store Row at Chapman and East Grove in Orange. So I see this lil swanky hole in the wall taqueria that isnt ...

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  • 9
    0.62 mi

    Hello Noodle

    0.62 mi from Volt Sunset Cafe
    1 review

    So I stopped in at this boba/Vietnamese joint as it was close to my office and I had just stopped in at the quaint little thrift shop next door. I am stoked I did as there was a very attractive girl working the counter and making the boba for all the patrons there (only me it was about 1:30-2 on ...

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  • 10
    0.98 mi

    Taqueria LA Poblana

    0.98 mi from Volt Sunset Cafe
    1 review

    So I randomly came across this handy dandy lil taqueria as I was roaming around at lunch yet again... Was really in the mood for a chorizo taco but they dont have them here... Instead I ended up with Pollo, Carne Asada, and Al Pastor. Its a nice little storefront with inside and outside eating. A lot of Latino patrons ...

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  • 11
    0.88 mi


    0.88 mi from Volt Sunset Cafe
    1 review

    Tikiyaki… So is this just another bowl o rice with some kinda carnivorous treat resting upon it? Or is this something new exciting fresh and different? How about both! Yeah I know you are thinking WTH is this dork talking about. It either is or it isn’t. Well it really is both and here is why: The basis for the ...

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  • 12
    1.0 mi

    King Lobster Palace

    1.0 mi from Volt Sunset Cafe
    4 reviews

    Dim Sum Review...more like 3.5 stars =) Pros: NO Long lines here =) u get seated right away...+1 Dim Sum quality is good & hot...but .limited variety of food but they do have all the basic dishes for Dim sum... =) Restaurant is CLEAN & nice decor, I like that...+1 $13.95 for their House Special Baked Lobster lunch special at ...

  • 13
    0.83 mi

    Olive Garden

    0.83 mi from Volt Sunset Cafe
    1 review

    Food and service are good, but this location seems to always be extra crowded with long waits.

  • 14
    0.79 mi

    Todai Restaurant

    0.79 mi from Volt Sunset Cafe
    1 review

    Asian buffet - lots of seafood and sushi. Fish is fresh, with lots of options. It can get crowded on weekends with birthdays and other large groups.

  • 15
    1.0 mi

    Darya Restaurant

    1.0 mi from Volt Sunset Cafe
    1 review

    This was an interesting stop off for lunch. One of my co-workers stated that this was one of her favorite destinations for a good lunch. So I was like, I'm in and lets go... So we pull up to a mini strip mall and lo and behold they had a fancy green awning in front... so in we go... And ...

  • 16
    0.72 mi

    Roadside Cafe

    0.72 mi from Volt Sunset Cafe

    Reasons to come to the roadside cafe: 1 The hot blonde 2 the chicken 3 the hot blonde 4 the coupon deals 5 the hot blonde 6 the sandwiches The good here is pretty good but the blonde who takes your orders is very nice and rather attractive as far as blonds go. I always seem to get the broaster ...

  • 17
    0.91 mi

    Taco Time

    0.91 mi from Volt Sunset Cafe
    1 review

    So I was excited to find another taco joint while I was driving around and lo and behold it was this one... Taco Time... seriously these guys must be about the tacos I am thinking. Great they have menus outside so I grab one. Almost everything is a combo... then I find the taco's out of a combo... $1.25 ea... ...

  • 18
    0.52 mi

    La Casita LC

    0.52 mi from Volt Sunset Cafe
    1 review

    Well I finally needed to do a review for this place. I know that some people love it and some hate it. I think it is about average. However it is a twist on your typical Mexican faire as it is truely TexMex. I think that it is a bit pricy for what you get... Some of the food is ...

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  • 19
    0.9 mi

    China Wok

    0.9 mi from Volt Sunset Cafe
    1 review

    This little dollar style chinese joint has been there forever. I had driven past it and eaten next door to it for years... So I finally decided to go there randomly on a whim. I was rewarded with completely average almost entirely. One thing wasnt, the salt and garlic pork. That was pretty tasty. I hadnt ever heard of it ...

  • 20
    0.85 mi

    restaurant 5 n 2

    0.85 mi from Volt Sunset Cafe
    1 review

    I have driven past this joint for like the last year and always considered going in and finally did. This place is the weirdest combination of foods that you will ever come across just about. They serve breakfast, lunch, and dinner. However they carry: Mexican, Burgers, Sandwiches, Japanese, and Sushi. So if you are indecisive, you definitely do not want ...

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