Vosges Haut-Chocolat

3500 South Las Vegas Boulevard, Las Vegas, NV, United States
6 reviews

This is a definite must for any gourmet chocolate lover. The rich flavored tastes of their chocolate is amazing. The prices are manageable, the customer service is great and it also makes a great gift for anyone.

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    0.14 mi

    Serendipity 3

    0.14 mi from Vosges Haut-Chocolat

    Always make it a point to stop here and get some spiked frozen hot chocolate! Their food portions are pretty big, and everything tastes great. Beware the wait to get seated!

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  • 2
    0.11 mi

    Max Brenner -- CLOSED

    0.11 mi from Vosges Haut-Chocolat

    I have loved Max Brenner since the first time I had in New York, so I was very excited to see one now open inside the Forum Shops at Caesars. The fondue is amazing with three different kinds of dipping sauces and a small flame for roasting the marshmallows too. Their frozen hot chocolate is delicious too. I also love ...

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  • 3
    0.03 mi

    Hash House A Go Go - Las Vegas Blvd. South

    0.03 mi from Vosges Haut-Chocolat

    This was my second time here, and it was more disappointing than the last. My first time here I ordered the Andy's Sage Chicken (the Man vs. Food favorite), and I thought it was ok. Nothing spectacular at all. But my friends seemed to have enjoyed their meals a lot. My friend is a Platinum member of Total Rewards so ...

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  • 4
    0.21 mi

    Oyster Bar

    0.21 mi from Vosges Haut-Chocolat
    14 reviews

    Is it over rated??? Maybe just a bit but they do have the freshest Oysters!! Located inside Palace Station Casino. A bar that sits about 12-15 people. No one under 21 available. So if you have kids, make sure you send them to the room because along with your wait and time cooking and eating the food, you need minimum ...

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  • 5
    0.12 mi

    Mesa Grill

    0.12 mi from Vosges Haut-Chocolat
    13 reviews

    i had the steak here and it was awesome. completely unexpected but so delicious.

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  • 6
    0.05 mi

    Bacchanal Buffet

    0.05 mi from Vosges Haut-Chocolat
    13 reviews

    This is the KING of buffets!! 25,000-square-foot buffet extravaganza. It is SO worth it to eat here. =) Lines can get long here so get here early. So many varieties of different foods here that its unbeatable & unbelievable. 9 live stations (chefs cook it live): seafood, Asian, Mexican, Italian and dessert, that present hundreds of daily items. My faves: ...

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  • 7
    0.09 mi

    Margaritaville Las Vegas

    0.09 mi from Vosges Haut-Chocolat
    17 reviews

    Okay restaurant and food, but remember it is a chain. If it's nice out, ask to eat upstairs for the view of the strip.

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  • 8
    0.24 mi


    0.24 mi from Vosges Haut-Chocolat
    9 reviews

    My first sushi dinner! The restaurant had a great atmosphere and EVERYONE was SO nice! My friend Tracy had the miso soup to start. We shared the sashimi tiradito yellowtail jalapeƱo and lemongrass (great texture and a good sauce), the seabass and miso skewer with peruvian corn (which AMAZINGt!!!!), the crispy taquitos served with spicy aji panca sauce and fresh ...

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  • 9
    0.19 mi

    Carnegie Deli

    0.19 mi from Vosges Haut-Chocolat

    This New-York style Deli is right in the middle of the Mirage casino and offers really well made sandwiches and burgers, exactly what you would expect from the name and for a completely reasonable price.

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  • 10
    0.16 mi

    Restaurant Guy Savoy

    0.16 mi from Vosges Haut-Chocolat
    6 reviews

    Just one of the best restaurants I've ever eaten at period. Fine french dining with great service and the works. You won't have any regrets eating here

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  • 11
    0.23 mi


    0.23 mi from Vosges Haut-Chocolat
    6 reviews

    We came here on Friday night and it was so much fun! I heard that the same person who designed XS, also designed Drai's - which makes sense because I found the two layouts very similar. The club was easy to walk around and the dance floor was huge, though we never made it since we just danced at our ...

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  • 12
    0.2 mi

    Payard Patisserie and Bistro

    0.2 mi from Vosges Haut-Chocolat

    the muffin taste great i <3 it (^3^)

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  • 13
    0.18 mi

    Trevi Italian Restaurant

    0.18 mi from Vosges Haut-Chocolat
    8 reviews

    Just fantastic deep dish pizza at Trevi in Caesars Palace. A must try.

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  • 14
    0.19 mi


    0.19 mi from Vosges Haut-Chocolat
    7 reviews

    Wolfgang Puck's Spago is widely considered to be the spark that ignited the Las Vegas foodie revolution. While it may not have the same reputation as some of Puck's other restaurants, a meal of this top-notch American cuisine with international touches is a great place to start any food-centered tour of the city.

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  • 15
    0.25 mi

    Beijing Noodle No. 9

    0.25 mi from Vosges Haut-Chocolat
    4 reviews

    Modern design, food was delicious. Try the Beijing Soup Dumplings (careful they are hot), a little overpriced.

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  • 16
    0.25 mi

    Cravings Buffet - Mirage

    0.25 mi from Vosges Haut-Chocolat
    5 reviews

    I honestly think this buffet is underrated and need to be recognized. I remembered eating with my parents here for dinner and it was delicious. There was a wide selection of food and I was able to eat most of them. Their dessert section was good. I have to say I even think it is better than Wynn buffet, which ...

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  • 17
    0.06 mi

    Sushi Roku

    0.06 mi from Vosges Haut-Chocolat
    5 reviews

    Try the foie gras wrapped in yellowtail. Baddass!

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  • 18
    0.11 mi

    Gordon Ramsay Bar & Grill

    0.11 mi from Vosges Haut-Chocolat
    4 reviews

    Excellent food menu. Scallops were perfectly cooked and every dish was complex. I'd recommend the oysters, herb Caesar salad, truffle chips, scallops, and pork belly.

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  • 19
    0.07 mi

    Joe's Seafood: Prime Steak & Stone Crab

    0.07 mi from Vosges Haut-Chocolat
    3 reviews

    If I had to choose my last meal, it would be at Joe's!

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  • 20
    0.1 mi

    PJ Clarke's

    0.1 mi from Vosges Haut-Chocolat
    3 reviews

    Countless bold men have made the journey from East to West, from Lewis & Clark, who pretty much discovered the whole damn region, to the 49ers, who recently discovered what a chump Josh McDaniels is. Now a great classic pub with a man's name is doing the same: PJ Clarke's. A cheery departure from the nonstop glitz of most Vegas ...

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