W Los Angeles - Westwood

930 Hilgard Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90024
20 reviews

The street art event "Revealed" at W LA hosts one Los Angeles street artist each month. The artist takes over the W Living Room and transforms it into their interpretation of LA for one month. Every first Thursday of the month at 6pm. Meet the artist have some drinks and boogie.

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Things to do near W Los Angeles - Westwood for History Buffs

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  • 61
    3.83 mi

    Blind Barber

    3.83 mi from W Los Angeles - Westwood
    10 reviews

    "Don't judge the book by its cover" I got loss finding this place, from the outside it look like those old fashion barbershop . But inside is a very nice bar similar like Wurstküche. Great service and good drink, nice decor with comfy seat.

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  • 62
    4.68 mi

    Santa Monica Stairs

    4.68 mi from W Los Angeles - Westwood
    9 reviews

    Outdoor 'gym' Went up 5 sets of stairs! woot woot! It's a great workout indeed :) Make sure to stretch before, during and after so you won't hurt your self. There area 2 stairs near each other, wooden and concrete. I think the concrete one was a better workout because it seemed longer to go up. Wooden one is popular ...

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  • 63
    1.58 mi

    Giant Robot Store

    1.58 mi from W Los Angeles - Westwood
    6 reviews

    Eric Nakamura is the awesome owner of this store, and he comes up with events all the time. I'm able to catch an event once in a while, and it's always a good experience. The artworks on the walls are crafty and quirky, as well as the merchandise in the store. One of my favorite places to visit in the ...

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  • 64
    3.67 mi

    Bigfoot West

    3.67 mi from W Los Angeles - Westwood
    7 reviews

    Culver City is one of my top places to have a drink. Bigfoot West tops my list. It feels like a cabin filled with trendsetters and endless liberation a to enjoy.

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  • 65
    2.14 mi

    Epione Beverly Hills - Los Angeles

    2.14 mi from W Los Angeles - Westwood
    5 reviews

    They had me with fresh baked cookies. Their office is gorgeous! And you just feel pampered throughout your whole experience. The only damper to my visit was the receptionist - she seemed like she didn't want to be there and treated me as though I was a bother. Everyone else was super nice!

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  • 66
    4.59 mi

    The Misfit

    4.59 mi from W Los Angeles - Westwood
    5 reviews

    Nothing beats a sunny Sunday afternoon at the promenade eating lunch with the scent of the ocean in the air. We got here around lunch time and it was packed, the wait was 30 minutes, but luckily there were seats outside and we decided to just eat outdoors versus waiting for a table to open up for two. However, if ...

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  • 67
    4.05 mi

    Will Rogers State Historic Park

    4.05 mi from W Los Angeles - Westwood
    5 reviews

    #BeWell Take a hike at Will Rogers State Park Canyon Loop/Inspiration Point Trail Distance: About 6 miles round-trip Getting There: Head to Will Rogers State Park in Santa Monica. The main road to the park is just off Sunset Boulevard about a half mile east of Chataqua Boulevard. You can park near the visitor’s center. The hike begins just behind ...

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  • 68
    4.64 mi

    Bryan Kest's Power Yoga

    4.64 mi from W Los Angeles - Westwood
    5 reviews

    #BeWell Keeping in mind that yoga-by-donation does not mean free, this is still a great deal. If you don't live west, you can livestream classes (also by donation).

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  • 69
    4.96 mi

    Tree People Center for Community Forrestry

    4.96 mi from W Los Angeles - Westwood
    5 reviews

    The hike around Tree People (love the name!) is accessible either by parking near Coldwater Canyon Park or at the bottom near Fryman, a more residential area. It is a fairly easy hike, minus the steep grade at the beginning, and you can enjoy some beautiful views of the city from the top. A LOTof people take their dogs here. ...

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  • 70
    3.66 mi

    Oldfield's Liquor Room

    3.66 mi from W Los Angeles - Westwood
    5 reviews

    **GOOD DRINKS IN A PRETTY ATMOSPHERE** I liked this place. A lot. The vintage decor and spacious layout was appreciated. No televisions, thank you. Definitely my scene. Pretty. Romance was in the air. Good energy and vibe. Nice bartenders. Ideal for a date where you can indulge in real conversations. Decent Old Fashioneds for $11. WILL RETURN for their 5-9PM ...

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  • 71
    4.71 mi

    Palisades Park

    4.71 mi from W Los Angeles - Westwood
    4 reviews

    Not many urban parks can offer the feeling of solitude that is possible while concentrating on the views of the beach, pier and ocean.

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  • 72
    1.67 mi

    Max Karaoke Studio

    1.67 mi from W Los Angeles - Westwood
    5 reviews

    Is it just me or don't we all love seeing a place that says no alcohol signs everywhere while people walk right by it carrying tons of alcohol into the joint? Yeah that would be ideal in every circumstance; however it works perfectly in this one. So you have decided to let the world know how poorly you sing and ...

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  • 73
    1.77 mi

    landmark theatres

    1.77 mi from W Los Angeles - Westwood
    4 reviews

    I have to say - I was pleasantly surprised at how nice this theater was. I went for a screening of a movie. Considering they had 2 other screenings going on in addition to actual movies playing at the theaters, it was handled quite well, with the exception of the signs directing people for the screenings being useless and confusing. ...

  • 74
    4.02 mi

    Santa Monica Seafood

    4.02 mi from W Los Angeles - Westwood
    4 reviews

    An outstanding collection of seafood including fresh, raw oysters. Eat in or take home and prepare it yourself.

  • 75
    2.69 mi

    Trader Joe's

    2.69 mi from W Los Angeles - Westwood
    5 reviews

    As busy as this place is it is always clean and well kept. The employees keep this place in top form. It has a good selection of items for a small location. This is the smallest of the TJ's I've been to. Quick checkers make for shorter lines. The parking lot is controlled chaos and has a good turnover.

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  • 76
    1.13 mi

    Playboy Mansion

    1.13 mi from W Los Angeles - Westwood
    3 reviews

    It's actually better than you think it might be.

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  • 77
    3.22 mi

    V Lounge

    3.22 mi from W Los Angeles - Westwood
    3 reviews

    What a fun hidden venue in Santa Monica! I threw a dance battle here and the venue has the perfect dance floor since it was circular shaped and they have stadium style seating so everyone can see! The drinks were strong and decent priced and the staff was great!

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  • 78
    4.57 mi

    The Gourmandise School of Sweets and Savories

    4.57 mi from W Los Angeles - Westwood
    2 reviews

    If you smell, what the Rod, is cookin! I had the great fortune to attend an Intro to French Macarons class at The Gourmandise School of Sweets & Savories. Clemence, the owner, along with her friendly staff, guides us through the entire process, ready to provide assistance when needed. We began by making the macaron dough w/ almond flour, salt ...

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  • 79
    1.76 mi

    Westside Pavilion Shopping Center

    1.76 mi from W Los Angeles - Westwood
    4 reviews

    The Westside Pavilion is a shopping center on LA's Westside. It offers a range of shopping options and restaurants, and is home to a unique Landmark Theatre complex.

  • 80
    1.49 mi

    AMC Theatres - Century City 15

    1.49 mi from W Los Angeles - Westwood
    4 reviews

    I like this theater. It's 3 stories, and you get to pick your own seats when you buy your tickets. It's different than most AMC's I've been to. This is definitely on a higher level in service and quality. You can park in the parking structure with 3 hour free validation from them.

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