W San Francisco

181 Third St., San Francisco, CA 94103
71 reviews

Many cool parties and events here. Very modern trendy contemporary type hotel rooms. Expensive place to stay but definitely a very nice experience.

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    0.68 mi


    0.68 mi from W San Francisco
    13 reviews

    What do you expect from the group who brought you Bourbon and Branch? This place is obviously class all the way down. No need to make a reservation at this location (unless you want a booth), though. I really enjoyed the decor and the vibe it brings to the bar. The bartenders were ALL really fantastic and really helpful (the ...

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  • 62
    0.81 mi

    Golden Gate Fortune Cookie Factory

    0.81 mi from W San Francisco
    16 reviews

    This fortune cookie establishment resides in an alleyway. I've gotten free samples for being part of the Miss Chinatown USA Pageant. Nice, hard-working people.

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  • 63
    0.46 mi

    Chinatown Gate

    0.46 mi from W San Francisco
    18 reviews

    You won't really understand San Francisco, until you walk through Chinatown. Visit the fortune cookie factory, stop for tea, eat dim sum, and watch the men playing chess in the park or practicing tai chi. It is a short walk from Union Square and yet a world away.

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  • 64
    0.66 mi


    0.66 mi from W San Francisco
    15 reviews

    Swig has a great location near Union Square, and has a fun vibe with lots of space to sit in comfy chairs. Another plus is that the bartenders definitely pour generously and make great drinks. I hate gin and I thoroughly enjoyed the gin greyhound they made me. If you're near Union Square - make a stop at Swig, you ...

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  • 65
    0.55 mi

    The Warfield

    0.55 mi from W San Francisco
    16 reviews

    so many live acts in a very small amount of time. some good and some bad but all made a strong impact on my taste in music. december 16th 1997- portishead- this would become one of the greatest live shows i have ever seen and would change my life in music forever. it made me feel when it came to ...

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  • 66
    0.61 mi

    Redwood Room

    0.61 mi from W San Francisco
    17 reviews

    Swank and hip, but just a little overpriced. I had three cocktails here and ended up paying $50. Overall pleasant experience though.

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  • 67
    0.95 mi

    15 Romolo

    0.95 mi from W San Francisco
    16 reviews

    When you're around Broadway and Columbus area, this is a great watering hole to stop by for a drink. It is in a little ally off Broadway, called Romolo, among the strip clubs. Make sure you go into the right door way! :-)

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  • 68
    0.79 mi

    Trocadero Club

    0.79 mi from W San Francisco
    10 reviews

    White glasses, white ales and thoughts of white sandy beaches

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  • 69
    0.29 mi

    Whole Foods Market (4th Street)

    0.29 mi from W San Francisco
    12 reviews

    Great gourmet supermarket with everyone you would want, but definitely not cheap.

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  • 70
    0.82 mi

    City Beer Store

    0.82 mi from W San Francisco
    11 reviews

    Beer lovers unite! City Beer Store—now expanded, double in size and with three times more beers on tap—is your destination if you're even a mild beer connoisseur. With a library of bottled beers and rotating taps to try, there is something for everyone. Ask the friendly staff if you have a question. They are extremely knowledgeable and friendly. City Beer ...

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  • 71
    0.88 mi

    Cable Cars - California Line

    0.88 mi from W San Francisco
    12 reviews

    For two years, I would take this line to and from work. Running at a schedule more reliable than MUNI, I was always able to get from Van Ness to Market Street in a reasonable amount of time. I've always seen this line as more a "commuter" line in comparison to the Cable Cars running to Powell Street. The cars ...

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  • 72
    0.79 mi


    0.79 mi from W San Francisco
    13 reviews

    Bloodhound is a great neighborhood bar! A friend of mine lives right around the corner, so we come in a lot. It has a similar feel to rickhouse in that it's a very woodsy and rustic feel. The crowd that comes in pretty mixed. The drinks here are good and in my opinion it's one of the better bars in ...

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  • 73
    0.41 mi

    Magic Bus

    0.41 mi from W San Francisco
    9 reviews

    If you're looking for a city tour that is out of the ordinary, then check out the Magic Bus! It's a groovy 2-hour bus tour led by Antenna Theater. Learn interesting facts about SF in the 60s as you take a trip on this psychedelic bus. Artemis was our tour guide and she was extremely animated and kept the vibe ...

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  • 74
    0.58 mi

    The Endup

    0.58 mi from W San Francisco
    11 reviews

    When your night ends up at The Endup, you commit to going all out. Ok that was corny. But I always have a blast here even if the bar closes by 2am and the partygoers start to get stinky. It has great house music and the faithful house lovers still go here.

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  • 75
    0.81 mi

    Cowgirl Creamery

    0.81 mi from W San Francisco
    9 reviews

    BEST. CHEESE. IN. THE. CITY. Get won't be disappointed.

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  • 76
    0.65 mi

    Blanc et Rouge

    0.65 mi from W San Francisco
    10 reviews

    Great selection of wines, friendly and helpful staff. All of their dishes are tasty

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  • 77
    0.48 mi

    Burritt Room

    0.48 mi from W San Francisco
    11 reviews

    Nice atmosphere. Not very much seating, particularly if you've got a big group.

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  • 78
    0.67 mi

    Lucky Strike

    0.67 mi from W San Francisco
    11 reviews

    I was here with my company for an outing. They had food and drinks for us on the tables -- we just had to wait a bit for some of the food to be replentished. The bowling ambiance is nice -- kind of like galaxy bowling with the lighting. Lots of people come here in place to be!

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  • 79
    0.31 mi

    Bristol Farms - Westfield San Francisco Centre

    0.31 mi from W San Francisco
    13 reviews

    *sometime sunday morning after LOVEFEST man...I'm hungry. *heads outside where the hell am I.....o, I'm kind of by Bloomingdale's. so I went here sunday morning for some food after a really long night..hell a really long weekend. too bad i lost my phone...i kept thinking of people that would be cool to go eat breakfast with...oh well. on the flip ...

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  • 80
    0.86 mi

    Comstock Saloon

    0.86 mi from W San Francisco
    9 reviews

    Good vibe, skilled bartenders, cozy wooden interior. Surprisingly easy street parking as well. And pizza slices just around the corner. Wins on all counts.

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